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Egypt investigates alleged gang rape at luxury hotel

Apo - Egypt's public prosecutor said Wednesday it has ordered an investigation into a gang rape allegation at a luxury hotel in Cairo in 2014 that surfaced on social media last month.

Harvey Weinstein is sentenced to 23 Years in landmark #MeToo case

Disgraced Hollywood titan Harvey Weinstein has been sentenced to 23 years in prison. The announcement was made on Wednesday morning.

Review: ‘The Assistant’ bears everything that brought about the MeToo era Special

‘The Assistant’ is a real-life horror docudrama portraying a young woman made to feel helpless to stop the daily abuses of power she witnesses.

Guilty verdict overturned in S. Korea #MeToo case

Seoul - A former prosecutor who was tried following groping allegations that fuelled South Korea's #MeToo movement walked free on Thursday after his conviction was quashed by the country's top court.

Greek hologram billionaire told to pay $58m in harassment case

Los Angeles - Greek billionaire Alkiviades "Alki" David was ordered to pay $58 million damages to a Hollywood assistant in one of the largest sexual harassment awards in US history, her attorney said Monday.

Q&A: After #MeToo, more is needed to address workplace harassment Special

It’s been 2 years since #MeToo went viral. While harassment remains a reality, more people are speaking up every day – and this includes at work. However, a new survey by HR Acuity finds many workers are concerned about not being taken seriously.

Court orders French #MeToo founder to pay damages for defamation

Paris - A Paris court on Wednesday ordered the woman behind France's answer to the #MeToo campaign to pay thousands of euros in damages for defaming the man she had accused of sexual harassment in a viral Twitter post.

Victim-blamers have empathy, but it's mostly for perpetrators

Washington - You may have seen it among your own friends: a high-profile #MeToo case triggers responses that assign some or all the blame on a victim of sexual harassment, with men more likely than women to side with an accused male.

Head of UN labour agency backs anti-harassment measures

Geneva - The head of the International Labour Organization on Monday urged the agency to approve new rules to stop violence and harassment in the workplace, despite some concerns from employer representatives.

Periods and 'dick pic' posters ignite feminist firestorm in Pakistan

Lahore - "Anything you can do I can do while bleeding," read one defiant poster at a recent women's march in Pakistan, while another demanded: "Keep your dick pics to yourself". Then came the backlash, including rape and death threats.

Review: 'Rocking the Couch' is a powerful #MeToo and #TimesUp documentary Special

"Rocking the Couch" (Avail Films) is a very informative and compelling documentary on the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements. Digital Journal has the scoop.

Andrea Evans discusses #MeToo film 'Rocking the Couch' on Amazon Special

On February 12, Emmy-nominated actress Andrea Evans chatted with Digital Journal about serving as executive producer of the documentary #MeToo film "Rocking the Couch" (Avail Films). It can be streamed on Amazon Prime and on Vimeo.

Outcry as French orchestra hires conductor at centre of #MeToo row

Paris - A soprano who claims she was molested by veteran conductor Charles Dutoit has condemned the French National Orchestra for hiring him for a concert on Sunday.

S. Korean's #MeToo initiator welcomes jailing of man she accused

Seoul - The woman who started South Korea's #MeToo movement said Thursday she hoped other victims will take heart from the jailing of the senior prosecutor she accused of assault.

South Korean prosecutor jailed in #MeToo case

Seoul - A former senior South Korean prosecutor was convicted of abuse of power and jailed for two years on Wednesday in connection with a high-profile case that triggered the country's #MeToo movement.

#MeToo takes fight for gender equality to new heights: UN Women chief

Islamabad - The global #MeToo campaign has taken the battle for women's rights to "where we have never been before", the head of the UN's agency for gender equality told AFP during her first official visit to Pakistan Friday.

Op-Ed: Google vs women? Something sane might happen!

San Francisco - The recent global walkout of Google’s female workforce underlines a major legal issue, as well as corporate malaise. Some of the walkout issues are in-house, some are much more significant. This is #WeToo, in many ways.

China investigates top Buddhist leader for sexual assault

Bejing - The former head of China's government-run Buddhist association is under criminal investigation for alleged sexual assault, the country's top religious authority said Thursday.

#MeToo takes a hit in Asia Argento underage sex case

New York - The #MeToo campaign has proved an irresistible force since emerging from the carnage of Hollywood's abuse and harassment scandal -- dominating the conversation on sexual misconduct.

Rape victim takes on Chinese police over stalled probe

Bejing - A Chinese graduate student has become a social media sensation in China after attempting to sue police for dismissing her rape report, giving the country's fledgling #MeToo movement a new cause.

#MeToo activists use blockchain to skirt China censors

Bejing - Attempts to silence a student who drew attention to sexual abuse allegations at a Chinese university have inspired tech-savvy activists to use blockchain technology to dodge censors and keep the fledgling #MeToo movement alive.

Review: Fast-paced Second City show nails all today’s big social targets Special

Toronto - It’s strange that, with all the easy material they could get from Donald Trump or Doug Ford, Second City’s cast chooses mostly to stay away from political satire in its new Toronto revue. But that doesn’t mean that the show isn’t timely.

Ex-Samsung maverick becomes S. Korea's #MeToo champion

Seoul - The ground for the wave of #MeToo accusations sweeping socially conservative South Korea was laid by a defiant saleswoman who took on the corporate might of Samsung, won a harassment case against her boss and changed career to become a lawyer.

Hollywood director Gilliam hits out at #MeToo 'mob rule'

Paris - Hollywood director Terry Gilliam said Friday that the #MeToo movement has morphed into "mob rule", claiming that while some women suffered, others used Harvey Weinstein to further their careers.

S. Korea abuse MP quits as poet's exhibition dismantled

Seoul - A South Korean member of parliament resigned Monday after being accused of sex abuse, the latest target of a spreading #MeToo campaign in the country, as an exhibition to an accused poet was dismantled.

Op-Ed: Oscars 2018 — Predictions, personal picks and random commentary

Yes, I’m aware that we don’t need another column about the Academy Awards. Even if there weren’t much more pressing issues in the world, we already get our fill of obligatory Oscar hype from critics who are actually paid to care about it.

South Korea's top poet under fire over sexual abuse scandal

Seoul - A top South Korean poet regularly tipped for the Nobel prize for literature has been accused of sexual abuse by another famed writer -- in the form of a poem.

Review: ‘Delicate Balance’ holds up as a study of bourgeois hypocrisy Special

Toronto - It’s hard to review Soulpepper’s production of “A Delicate Balance” without bringing up the recent allegations of sexual misconduct against former artistic director Albert Schultz. Even though they have nothing to do with the play.

Professor sacked as #MeToo reaches China

Bejing - A professor at a prominent Chinese university has been sacked after a former student's accusations of sexual harassment went viral.

Hong Kong athlete says coach abused her as teen

Hong Kong - A top Hong Kong hurdler Thursday accused her former coach of sexually assaulting her when she was a schoolgirl, the first high-profile woman in the socially conservative city to tell of abuse as part of the #MeToo movement.
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