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What are the top Medtech trends of 2020?

The medical device industry has experienced a monumental change in 2020. With the sudden surge of demand for critical devices like ventilators, as a result of COVID-19, medtech continues to experience radical shifts.

Essential Science: How robotics is reshaping surgical practice

A key advance with medical technology relates to the introduction of robots to assist with surgical procedures, helping surgeons to make assessments and to perform procedures with greater accuracy.

Advanced robot developed for sampling human blood

A new robotic device has been designed to take blood samples and the test results indicate that the machine can undertake a superior job for sampling blood compared with humans. The robot has recently undergone a clinical trial.

Scottish hospital pioneers robotics for keyhole surgery

Edinburgh - A hospital based in Scotland has become the first in Europe to use a robot to perform keyhole surgery. The first trial using a machine for surgery is reportedly a success and may lead to further use of surgical robots.

Five medtech startsups in running for 'innovator of 2019'

From some eight hundred entries, MedTech Innovator, a nonprofit startup for accelerator, has picked five finalists to compete for the title of MedTech Innovator 2019. We look at the finalists.

Q&A: Patient monitoring sensors are set to improve healthcare Special

VivaLNK, who are developing remote patient monitoring sensors, has shaken up the digital health market by opening up its platform for health tech solution providers to develop a new generation of wearable health items.

Major investment in AI to support UK health service

The U.K. National Health Service has announced a major plan to establish a national artificial intelligence lab. This will include seeking digital advances to improve the detection of diseases and to predict which people are most likely to develop them.

Leading health tech innovator awards showcase well-being tech

London - Health technology continues to advance at a rapid rate and several of these advances were celebrated at the AXA Health Tech & You Awards 2019. Winners included a digital coach to address anxiety and a home epigenetic testing kit.

Digital innovations for transforming healthcare

A new report surveys the continuing innovations with digital technology in the healthcare space, focusing in trends with artificial intelligence and machine learning. The survey has a focus towards genetic testing.

Q&A: New technology to assist with breast cancer survival Special

Richard Carreon, managing director and CEO, ImpediMed discusses how BIS technologies can address lymphedema and other complications arising from breast cancer. The technology aims to boost survival rates.

Q&A: Health tech for diagnosing peripheral artery disease Special

By utilizing biomarkers and clinical variables found and analyzed by AI, health tech company Prevencio are able to diagnose peripheral artery disease in diabetic patients with 95 percent accuracy. Rhonda Rhyne, President & CEO, Prevencio explains more.

AI technology improves kidney analysis

Boston - A further advancement of medical artificial intelligence technology has been announced with the use of an AI platform to help medical staff to assess kidney disease. The technology is designed to assist, and to not to replace, medical professionals.

A.I. assistive and rehab solutions: Interview Special

State-of-the-art technology like artificial intelligence and robotics are changing the way healthcare clinics and professional medical services operate. Bionik CEO Dr. Eric Dusseux provides an overview of recent developments.

Real-time digital health assessments for Winter Olympians

Assessing the health of athletes is important in the world of modern sport. The Winter Olympics offers a chance to test out some of the latest digital health innovations.

Multicolored MRI scanners improve disease detection

A new generation of MRI scanners are being developed to improve the detection of diseases and thus improve patient diagnosis. These scanners use multicolored light for this improved sensitivity and detection.

FDA embarks on digital health pilot

Bethesda - The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has begun to select participants for a new digital health software pilot program. The commencement of the scheme signals the importance that digital health is to play in U.S. healthcare.

New healthcare technology to reduce diabetes costs: Interview Special

Many employers and health plans are looking to integrate coverage for innovative healthcare technology solutions. One platform is provided by WellDoc, which has partnered with a leading analytics company to address diabetes management and costs.

Is the U.K. ahead with the digitalization of healthcare?

London - The British health service continues on its path towards digital health, with a new round of leading health trusts being named. The digitalization project presents opportunities for technology companies.

Brain controlled app designed for children with ADHD

A new app, modeled on a computer game, has been launched for children who have been identified with a type of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). The app takes the form of a game.

New hospital metrics system wins 'Most Wired Innovator Award'

A new electronic health record, implemented at the Lehigh Valley Health Network in Pennsylvania, has aided the management of patients and scooped a major health technology award,

Digital pathology market set to expand in 2018

A new report predicts a growth in the digital pathology market, with 33 companies set to produce products for hospital laboratories, and with the market value expected to reach in excess of $4 billion.

Digital healthcare requires new workforce skills and strategy

Digital healthcare represents a fast-moving field. However, as a new survey indicates, job skills are creating unevenness within the field — and problems for the industry overall.

Medical technology startups in running for major award

The Best Medical Technology Award is a major event where startups and major players compete for the coveted title. Aside from the prestige, the award puts new technologies on displayed and allows for business-to-business opportunities.

Essential Science: New perspectives needed for digital health

This week's Essential Science takes a different approach. We cast an eye over developments in digital health, focusing on patient centered technology and the need for what are, at times, neglected areas of science.

Micromotors created for drug delivery

University of California-San Diego researchers have successfully tested out drug-delivery micromotors to deliver a therapeutic agent to treat bacterial infections of the stomach.

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This infographic describes the elements of Digital Health.
This infographic describes the elements of Digital Health.
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