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New species of frog unearthed in Peruvian Amazon jungle

- A new species of marsupial frog has been discovered in Peru's Amazon jungle, the state service for natural protected areas said on Monday.The new species belongs to the Gastrotheca genus of tailless frogs found in South and Central America.

Brazil's Bolsonaro under pressure ahead of climate summit

Rio De Janeiro - A coalition of environmental groups and agribusiness companies urged President Jair Bolsonaro's government Thursday to set "more ambitious" goals to curb Brazil's emissions and protect the Amazon rainforest at this month's US-organized climate summit.

Environmentalists dismayed by Ecuador presidential candidates

Quito - Environmental activists will feel stuck between a rock and hard place on Sunday when forced to choose a new president.

Beef-addicted Uruguay aiming to make farming greener

- Rotating cattle to keep the grass long, synching cows' pregnancies and improving bovine diet are just some of the tactics Uruguayan farmers are using to mitigate the impact of cattle on climate change.

Colombia's apiarists say avocado buzz is killing bees

Armenia - For the second time in two years, Gildardo Urrego is scooping up piles of dead bees after an invisible evil invaded his hives in northwest Colombia, wreaking havoc among his swarms.

Scientists and indigenous people unite to save Colombian condor

Dosquebradas - Rosendo Quira silently shakes a medicinal plant to attract a condor to the bait. The bird of prey glides through the clouds over Colombia towards a mountain pass some 3,200 meters above the sea.

Escaped caimans captured after scaring Paraguayan townsfolk

Asunci - Seven caimans escaped an overflowing lagoon in Paraguay, invaded a nearby town center and terrified residents for hours before being captured in a risky operation by volunteer firefighters, officials told AFP Thursday. The toothy reptilians, between 1....

Nicaragua operation rescues two endangered jaguar cubs

Masaya - When a post on social media exposed animal traffickers who planned to illegally sell two young jaguars abroad, Nicaragua zookeeper Eduardo Sacasa had a narrow chance to save the cubs.

Wildfire ravages massive section of Argentine forest

Buenos Aires - A wildfire raging in the south of Argentina has consumed a vast swathe of forestland in three days, local authorities said Wednesday -- an area half the size of Liechtenstein.

Mexico City plastic ban poses challenge for virus-hit firms

Mexico - Mexico's ban on single-use plastic in its capital, one of the world's most populous metropolises, has delighted environmentalists but dismayed some businesses struggling to cope with the coronavirus pandemic.

Rare white tiger born at Nicaragua zoo

Masaya - A rare white tiger, named "Nieve" (snow in Spanish) was born at the Nicaragua zoo, and is being raised by humans after its mother rejected it, the director of the zoo told AFP.

Amazon community files lawsuit against Chinese firm over gas flaring

Puerto Francisco De Orellana - Indigenous Waorani from Ecuador's Amazon filed a lawsuit Thursday against state-owned Chinese oil company PetroOriental, accusing it of contaminating their ancestral lands by burning off natural gas from oil wells in a process known as flaring.

Record fires ravage Brazil's Amazon and Pantanal regions

Bras - A record high number of fires scorched Brazil's Amazon and Pantanal wetlands last month, official data showed on Sunday, as deforestation and climate change wreaked havoc on some of the planet's most valuable ecosystems.

Chile celebrates successful breeding of endangered frog

Santiago - A critically endangered species of frog seems to have a bright future after conservationists in Chile launched a rescue campaign that has produced 200 offspring.

Amanaci, the Jaguar that symbolizes environmental destruction in Brazil wetlands

Corumba De Goias - Amanaci used to roam freely around Brazil's Pantanal region until an outbreak of fires in this paradise of biodiversity left the jaguar with scorched paws.

Ecuadoran indigenous activist recognized by Time for fighting for her jungle

Quito - Nemonte Nenquimo is desperate for her five-year-old daughter to inherit pristine ancestral lands in Ecuador's Amazonian jungle region.It's this tenacity that earned her a spot on Time magazine's list of 100 most influential people in the world in 2020....

Bolsonaro faces growing pressure to green Brazil economy

S - As the destruction of the Amazon rainforest and Pantanal wetlands bruise Brazil's international image, bankers, business executives and even agribusiness firms are calling for a greener economy, adding to pressure on President Jair Bolsonaro.

Environmental groups, big ag unite for Amazon in Brazil

Bras - An unprecedented coalition of 230 environmental groups and Brazilian agrobusiness companies have sent an open letter to President Jair Bolsonaro urging him to fight deforestation in the Amazon rainforest.

As Brazil's wetlands burn, rain is 'only hope'

Matupa - Lieutenant Silva's face is grim as he watches his firefighters try -- and fail -- to control one of the thousands of wildfires ravaging Brazil's Pantanal, the world's biggest tropical wetlands."It needs to rain. We've got low moisture, intense heat.

Desperate race against fires in world's biggest tropical wetlands

S - The smell of burnt vegetation and the red glow of flames welcome visitors these days to the Pantanal, the world's biggest tropical wetlands -- a biodiverse paradise that is now partly reduced to ashes by record wildfires.

'Superfungus' threatens last Panamanian golden frogs

Panama - Cocooned from the outside world, some 200 critically endangered golden frogs are living a sheltered existence in Panama, protected from a devastating fungus that threatens to wipe out a third of the country's amphibian species -- a situation scientists...

Fleeing California wildfires '10 times harder' during epidemic

Clovis - It is not the first time that Leanna Mikesler has evacuated her home in the California mountains because of wildfires, but during an epidemic it is "10 times harder.

Bolsonaro slams 'cancer' of environmental NGOs

Bras - Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaro has slammed environmental NGOs as a 'cancer' and denounced what he said was an international conspiracy accusing him of being responsible for devastating Amazon wildfires."You know that NGOs don't have a voice with me....

Colombia close to resuming aerial spraying of coca crops

Apo - Colombia's government said on Monday it will resume the controversial practice of aerial spraying of coca plantations following a spike in gang-related violence.

Brazil indigenous protesters defy court, resume roadblock

Terra Nova - Indigenous protesters in Brazil defied a court order Tuesday and resumed a roadblock of a key highway through the Amazon rainforest, demanding help against the new coronavirus and an end to illegal mining and deforestation.

Brazil indigenous protesters demand help against virus

Terra Nova - Brandishing bows and arrows, dozens of indigenous protesters blocked a main highway through the Brazilian Amazon Monday, demanding help against the new coronavirus and an end to illegal mining and deforestation.

Argentine marshland threatened by worst fires in decades

Rosario - Ravaged by drought, the Parana Delta in Argentina, one of the largest and most biodiverse in the world, has been burning like never before since the beginning of the year.

Brazil firefighters race to contain wetland blazes

Pocon - A tractor cuts a firebreak through the vegetation of the Pantanal, the world's biggest tropical wetlands, as firefighters race to contain the blazes that have been devastating one of the most biodiverse regions on Earth.

Study finds dangerous mercury levels in Amazon fish

S - Nearly one-third of the fish in the Brazilian Amazon state of Amapa have such high levels of mercury caused by illegal mining that they are dangerous for human consumption, according to a new study.

Body of missing environmentalist found in Honduras

Tegucigalpa - A missing environmentalist who recently said he feared for his life has been found dead in Honduras, a country considered high-risk for human rights and environmental defenders, humanitarian groups said Tuesday.
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