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Fungi used to create 'leather-like' materials

A new biofabrication technology, using fungi, can succeed in developing a leather-type material. This includes the upcycling of low-cost agricultural and forestry by-products.

'Green' process developed to create valuable graphene

Scientists have developed a new process to create valuable graphene in large quantities from waste food, plastic and other materials. The technology has a low environmental impact and has further green credentials by reprocessing waste.

Combining wood fibers and spider silk for new materials

A combination of wood fibers and spider silk could create a new type of material that can rival plastic in terms of versatility but without the negative impact upon the environment, new research shows.

Essential Science: Transparent wood can transmit light

Technologists have developed a transparent wood that has grabbed attention as a future material for green construction. The material is also remarkably energy efficient, in terms of its ability to release heat, thereby lowering energy costs.

New material discovered to power electronics in new ways

The functionality of electronics are set to improve due to the discovery of a new material. The material can function in two different ways, simplifying the number of materials required to be used in electronic devices.

Scientists apply AI to predict material properties

Researchers from Singapore, the U.S. and Russia have developed artificial intelligence that can be applied to materials science, in order to predict and engineer material properties. This could lead to creating new materials with special properties.

4D-printed materials created as stiff as wood or soft as sponge

Scientists from Rutgers University have engineered new smart materials that can change shape as temperatures change. The potential for materials that can alter shape and texture is considerable.

New innovations with graphene-like materials

From special magnets that can aid next generation quantum computers to bulletproof armour, to a coating that can keep spacecraft cool to making more effective electronics — each innovation is based on materials with graphene-like properties.

3D printed glass achieved on scale

Technologists have developed a platform for printing molten glass which combines digitally integrated three-zone thermal control system with four-axis motion control system for industrial-scale production.

The big graphene innovations you need to know about

Every month a new development using the ‘wonder material’ graphene is presented. Digital Journal has picked three recent research highlights that showcase the growing potential of graphene.

AI used to accelerate materials design

Researchers have demonstrated how artificial intelligence can be used to outline in a single chart information from thousands of scientific papers. This technique has been used to assist with optimal design of materials.

Tunable graphene can aid future electronic devices

Cambridge - Graphene, the material with many useful properties, including strength, transparency and conductivity, can be ‘tuned’ and this new ability has a potential use with next-generation electronic devices.

How close is the new graphene wave?

Graphene is a relatively new material with many interesting properties. However, despite a range of science papers explaining application possibilities, the widespread use of graphene has yet to be realized.

New form of electronic matter discovered

Chicago - The existence of new form of electronic matter has been reported by scientists. This new phase is called called quadrupole topological insulators, previously predicted as part of theoretical physics.

Self-healing fungal concrete developed

A new concept in self-healing fungal derived concrete could provide sustainable solution to crumbling infrastructure, according to new research. The material is low polluting and low cost.

Triboelectrics: a new form of energy harvesting

Triboelectrics is a new area of science and technology, a field that investigates an alternate form of energy harvesting and a type of self-healing material. One potential is to generate a wave energy; another is with self-healing rubber.

Physicists discover new form of matter

Physicists have demonstrated, for the first time, the existence of a new form of matter called excitonium. This material has perplexed scientists since it was first theorized, some 50 years ago.

Digital transformation leads to efficient materials cycles

A new report suggests digital transformation can pave the way for resource-efficient materials cycles. The study looks at the German economy and notes only 14 per cent of the raw materials used in industry are recycled. Digital technology can change this.

Has a new phase of matter been discovered?

Particle physicists have put forward the notion that possibility that some types of glass may exist in a new state of matter at low temperatures.

Essential Science: New material generates low-cost electricity

A new material promises the potential to generate sufficient power to allow cooking pan to produce sufficient energy to charge a cell phone within a few hours. The new material is cheap to manufacture and works by using hot and cold air.

Spider's unique spinning technique inspires tougher materials

The special spinning technique used by a type of venomous spider is the basis for new scientific developments designed to improve materials needed for space travel, according to new research.

Tightest material knot ever is achieved

Manchester - Materials scientists have made the most tightly knotted physical structure ever. This feat could lead to a new generation of advanced materials being manufactured.

Pulsed light technique promises flexible electronics

A new process, using pulsed light, could provide the basis for a new generation of flexible electronic devices. The new technique involves varying the density of the treated conductive material.

Graphene-based aircraft promises new generation of flight

Manchester - The world's first graphene-enhanced aircraft has been produced. The craft, called Prospero, is the first aircraft to incorporate a graphene skinned wing. The craft has recently had its maiden flight.

Your sofa could soon contain skin pigments

Chemists are researching whether the addition of the skin pigment melanin to sofas is of benefit. This is not to alter the color of the material, but to strengthen the material.

German police find 'explosive' materials in Syrian man's flat

Berlin - German police found "highly explosive" materials Saturday in the apartment of a wanted Syrian man who is suspected of preparing a bomb attack.

Moore's Law continues as IBM announces new smaller computer chips

IBM has announced that it has successfully halved the size of the smallest components on today's computer chips to create the fastest processor ever seen using a circuit of the same area. The development continues Moore's infamous law.

Super alloy bounces back to shape, again and again

Materials scientists have created an alloy that pops back into shape even after it has been bent over 10 million times. The alloy has broken all existing records.

Leak reveals LG's leather-clad G4 smartphone in all its colours

A dedicated microsite to the upcoming LG G4 has been uncovered online. On it, the flagship smartphone is pictured in full for the first time and is shown to be something unique and clad in a variety of different colours of leather.

Leak reveals LG's leather-clad G4 smartphone in all its colours

A dedicated microsite to the upcoming LG G4 has been uncovered online. On it, the flagship smartphone is pictured in full for the first time and is shown to be something unique and clad in a variety of different colours of leather.
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A molecular Gordian Knot  based on a strand of 192 atoms coiled around a triple loop which crosses i...
A molecular Gordian Knot, based on a strand of 192 atoms coiled around a triple loop which crosses itself eight times. It’s the most complex molecular knot ever created and might usher in a new class of super-strong materials.
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