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marine biology News

Scientists make first recordings of blue whale heartbeats

Marine biologists have made the first recordings of a blue whale's heart rate. The activity was slow and tricky. The recordings reveal that blue whale hearts are operating at extremes.

Essential Science: New reef atlas gives baseline for coral health

The health of corals is important for ensuring the biodiversity of the oceans. The health of corals provides a key performance indicator of the health of the planet, especially in relation to climate change. A new digital map illustrates this importance.

Mysterious orca found, after many years, in the southern ocean

Marine biologists have discovered a mysterious killer whale, one that was previously alluded to but never formally identified. Based on genetic tests the orca is a new type and it is the largest new animal discovered in many years.

Op-Ed: ‘Alien’ creatures found off Australian coast

Sydney - The ‘aliens’ are unusual creatures which look like jellyfish, mushroom-shaped and don’t fit any group of animals. They’re called Dendrogramma. There’s a very Cambrian-like look to these creatures, and have baffled scientists looking for answer

Video: Unknown sea creature devours massive shark

Scientists had tracked a healthy and massive shark in the waters around Australia. They were terribly shocked when their tracking device showed up on an Australian shoreline.

New Whale Week festival spotlights Scotland’s rich marine habitat

Tobermory - Believed to be the first event of its kind in Scotland, the inaugural Whale Week festival, highlighting the importance of Scotland’s west coast, peppered with islands and inlets, as a habitat for cetaceans, kicks off on Sunday, June 8.

Climate change to cause major loss of marine life by 2100

Southampton - Using advanced climate modelling, new research predicts climate change will have a profound impact on deep-sea marine life. Even the most remote ecosystems in the ocean deeps are likely to be affected by climate change, says a new study.

Mysterious melting sea stars raise concerns in US and Canada

Seattle - There have been recent reports of starfish that appear to have melted in bodies of water located in Washington state and British Columbia. Biologists are not yet sure about what is causing these creatures to die in such an unusual way.

Australia presses for international ban on geoengineered oceans

Sydney - Australia is pressing for a ban on geoengineering the oceans with iron sulfate, a process which came to prominence last year after an attempt was made to augment salmon stocks off the Canadian Pacific coast by adding chemicals to ocean waters.

John Kerry fighting a different Cold War as Arctic Council meets

Kiruna - Secretary of State John Kerry was engaged in a different type of Cold War last week as he met with representatives of nations bordering the Arctic at the conclusion of Sweden’s two year chairmanship of the Arctic Council.

What is killing the giant ‘Ocean Sunfish’ off the coast of Chile?

Iquique - Several specimens of Ocean Sunfish have washed ashore along the coast of Chile in recent months. The gigantic fishes, always in solitary, cast aground on sandy beaches and the cause of their death remains a mystery to researchers.

Pioneering marine research into cetacean life in Scottish waters

Tobermory - Based in Tobermory, Island of Mull off Scotland’s west coast, the Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust (HWDT) recently announced details of 2013 surveys into the lives of whales, dolphins and porpoises along Scotland’s varied west coast and islands.

Report: Deep-sea fisheries unsustainable

An international team of marine scientists and experts have recommended the cessation of most deep sea commercial fishing, calling those operations unsustainable, and urging a swift move towards fishing nearer consumers where waters are more productive.

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