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lidar News

New laser scanner finds unmarked graves

The laser based technology LiDAR might be more commonly associated with the development of autonomous cars, but it has another application of interest to pathologists: finding unmarked graves.

Interview: Autonomous vehicles are being trained to "see" faster Special

Scale API has announced the launch of Sensor Fusion Annotation API, for advanced 3D perception including LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) and RADAR (Radio Detection and Ranging). This enables self-driving cars to process images in real time.

Will agile sensor technology surpass LiDAR?

The competitive race to develop the optimal vehicle sensor technology for self-driving vehicles could be embarking on a new course with ‘agile sensor technology’, which is presented as more accurate, efficient and safer than LiDAR.

New high resolution LiDAR becomes more affordable

The company Velodyne has unveiled a LiDAR sensor that has improved resolution, range, and field of view. The system consists of 128 laser beam and it could become the new industry standard.

Essential Science: The man who helps cars to see

LiDAR technology can serve a critical role in terms of obstacle detection and avoidance, allowing vehicles to navigate safely through environments. As autonomous cars become a pressing reality, this technology is leading the way forward.

The use of LIDAR over Met Masts is a cost-effective technology

LIDAR (light detection and ranging) has become the technology of choice for offshore wind projects, in turn, saving millions of dollars, thanks to innovative developers, manufacturers, and the Carbon Trust’s Offshore Wind Accelerator.

UK to deploy volcanic ash detector network around the country

London - A network of ash detectors is being installed across the United Kingdom which will help prevent volcanic ash clouds from shutting down European airline service.

London testing cyclist detection systems for traffic lights

Transport for London is to install special cyclist detection systems at traffic lights throughout the city in an effort to make cycling safer. Traffic lights will know how many cyclists are waiting and adjust timings so they have longer to get away in.

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Austin Russell s LIDAR. Russell is the founder and CEO  Luminar Technologies
Austin Russell's LIDAR. Russell is the founder and CEO, Luminar Technologies
Austin Russell / Luminar
ESA/ M. Pedoussaut
The use of lidar technology allowed the archaeologists to pinpoint where the lost city lay beneath t...
The use of lidar technology allowed the archaeologists to pinpoint where the lost city lay beneath the forest canopy.
General Motors