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Op-Ed: Ted Cruz doesn't stand a chance this time around

Washington, D. C. - U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) is the first official major candidate for president. He won't win the GOP nomination, but winning in 2016 is likely not his game plan. He is playing the long game and will win through 2016 martyrdom.

Op-Ed: The GOP may be reinventing themselves

The Republican Party is falling apart. On one side, you have the classic conservative majority that has been in power. On the other side, mostly younger Americans who have taken a new spin on conservatism that has everyone wondering about the future.

Rand Paul: 'There are always perceptions of what is extreme'

With The New York Times and NBC's "Meet The Press" seeking to tether him to his father's Libertarian positions, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) defended his cause and his father alike.

Ron Paul stumps for Cuccinelli, draws on Libertarian themes

Richmond - Headlining at the closing rally of Ken Cuccinelli's gubernatorial bid in Virginia on Monday night, former long-term congressman and presidential contender Ron Paul (R-TX) talked up nullification and Libertarian themes.

Op-Ed: Libertarianism and the Politics of 'Wolves' in sheep clothing

On its philosophical surface, libertarianism can be very appealing. Who would be opposed to upholding the Constitution, free markets, civil liberties, limited government or non-military intervention?

David Botsford — Libertarian activist Special

London - The British Libertarian David Botsford has died at the young age of 49. Although not a big name in the movement, he made a substantial contribution.

Op-Ed: How the free market is winning

In many ways, the unstoppable power of free market capitalism is winning, even if it is being regulated out of existence.

Op-Ed: Chris Tame — Seven years gone today

London - Chris R. Tame was Britain's leading Libertarian until his death seven years ago today. What would he have thought of the Government's current policies?

Op-Ed: Rand Paul 2016 — The collapse of Libertarianism is coming soon

Voting for Rand Paul in 2016 will only help to destroy the Libertarian movement and merge it with mainline conservatism and the status quo.

Ron Paul in farewell speech: ‘How much have I accomplished?’

Washington - Ron Paul, the 77-year old Texan congressman who spawned a new political movement in the United States, gave his farewell speech Wednesday afternoon.

Op-Ed: This is capitalism? American net worth $77,300, down 30% on 2007

Sydney - If you’re looking for evidence of the criminal mismanagement of America, you don’t need to go past the latest figures from the Fed. The net value of an American family after debt is a paltry $77,300, down from $126,400 in 2007.

Op-Ed: Rand Paul's endorsement of Romney big loss for freedom movement

Lexington - Republican Kentucky Senator Rand Paul announced his endorsement this week of presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney. Ron Paul supporters, including myself, were shocked by this and I do believe we can say it's a tremendous loss for the freedom movement.

Op-Ed: Sen Rand Paul brings charm to White House Correspondents Dinner Special

At the White House Correspondents Dinner this weekend, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) offered a warm charm on the appeal of his father and of the Libertarian cause on the American voting public.

Op-Ed: The legacy of Chris Tame

London - Christopher Ronald Tame died 6 years ago today; for many years he was Britain's leading Libertarian, but what if anything do you know about him?

Op-Ed: Are Christian Conservatives moving closer to Libertarian ideals?

As Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul has seen first hand, primaries with high concentrations of Christian Conservatives do not serve him well - but with Pat Robertson's position on legalizing marijuana, can Christians support Libertarian causes?

Op-Ed: The Libertarian Manifesto — Woe unto everyone else

Originally, libertarianism was a highly respected ideal, based on individual liberty. Far from its original high principles, modern libertarianism has turned a philosophical Disneyland into a downmarket trailer park and called it art.

Op-Ed: Misunderstanding Ayn Rand

Bruce Levine is a psychologist who is critical of both the mental health industry and corporatism; his heart is in the right place, but he is on shaky ground when he attacks Ayn Rand.

Op-Ed: When is it okay to shoot a cop?

Last month, a leaflet called 'When Should You Shoot A Cop?' turned up at one of the Occupy Wall Street camps, in Arizona. Yesterday, the man who wrote it turned up in a podcast by America's leading Nazi.

Op-Ed: The extremist racket — Crime + business = ideals

In the last decade, extremism has become a global industry on a par with organized crime and paedophilia. The appeal of extremism for those running it is simple enough- money, and a lot of it. A real extremist is a businessman, not an idealist.

Op-Ed: Anarchist publisher making waves Special

Does the world need another biography of Aleister Crowley? Troy Southgate thinks so, and he’s making waves with a new book about The Great Beast.

Who is John Kettridge? Canadian Libertarian candidate speaks out Special

Toronto - In Ayn Rand's 1957 epic novel "Atlas Shrugged," the question that is often repeated is: "Who is John Galt?" As an Objectivist follower and a Canadian federal Libertarian candidate for the St. Paul's district, the question now is: Who is John Kettridge?

Op-Ed: Political and social concepts that have destroyed the West

Democracy can at best be considered a work in progress, at any time in the last few thousand years. The hijacking of representative government by bizarre concepts coupled with corruption has added elements which are about as anti- democratic as possible.

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Chris R. Tame (1949-2006) photographed at his FOREST office in the early 1990s.
Chris R. Tame (1949-2006) photographed at his FOREST office in the early 1990s.
Texan congressman Ron Paul.
Texan congressman Ron Paul.
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