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Pacquiao draws flak on social media for same-sex comments

The lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community took to social media hours after Manny Pacquiao said on a TV interview that people engaging in male-to-male or female-to-female sexual relations are worse than animals.

Scalia: 'We protect gay people, so why not child molesters?'

Washington - Conservative Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia has raised eyebrows and ire by comparing gays to child molesters in a lecture to Georgetown University law students.

Houston voters reject LGBT equal rights ordinance

Houston - Voters in America's fourth-largest city rejected a ballot measure that would have outlawed discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people and others in city contracting, business services, housing and employment.

Communist Party leader elected prime minister of Nepal

Katmandu - The parliament speaker announced that Oli had received 338 votes from the 597 members in the Nepal parliament. Oli is chair of the Communist Party of Nepal (Unified Marxist-Leninist) since 2014 when he won over Jhala Khanai by a 98 to 75 vote.

Buhari to U.S. leaders: No room for gay rights in Nigeria

Washington - Visiting Washington, DC, Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari bluntly slapped down American leaders' calls to improve his country's LGBT rights record.

U.S. Episcopalians vote to allow gay marriages in churches

Salt Lake City - US Episcopalian leaders voted overwhelmingly on Wednesday to eliminate language referring to marriage as the union of one man and one woman, and to allow religious weddings for same-sex couples in Episcopal churches across the nation.

Gay Pride parade in Turkey draws government ire

The LGBT community in the United States is still celebrating its milestone victory in the Supreme Court. LGBT communities elsewhere, however, are still facing harsh discrimination, with activists in Turkey having been barred from marching.

African scientists leading charge against anti-gay laws in Africa

Homosexuality is “un-African,” or at least that's what some national leaders would have you believe. The Academy of Science of South Africa, however, is pushing back, having released a report refuting and condemning anti-gay laws.

LGBT community remain targets of 'grotesque' violence: UN report

Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender persons remain the target of brutal attacks and hatred from others worldwide, according to a recent report issued by the United Nations.

LGBT activists arrested in Morocco for kiss protests

Rabat - Two female LGBT activists were arrested in Morocco this morning, after staging a protest at the famed Hassan Tower, located in Rabat. The protesters stripped to their waists and kissed in protest of Morocco's outlawing of homosexuality.

Church of Scotland to allow gay ministers in civil partnerships

As Ireland prepares to vote on allowing gay marriages, progress on LGBT rights is also making headway in nearby Scotland. The Church of Scotland has voted to allow gay ministers in civil marriages to serve the church and its parishioners.

U.S. Presbyterian Church approves same-sex marriage

The largest body of Presbyterians in the United States has voted to change the definition of marriage in the church's constitution to allow same-sex marriage.

Federal judge strikes down Nebraska same-sex marriage ban

Lincoln - A federal judge has ruled that Nebraska's voter-approved ban on gay marriage is unconstitutional, raising the prospect of same-sex weddings beginning in the conservative midwestern state as soon as next week.

Roy Moore says he will defy Supreme Court on marriage equality

Montgomery - Striking a defiant tone, Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore—who has already been removed from office once for unconstitutional action—vowed to defy the United States Supreme Court if it should rule in favor of LGBT marriage equality.

Gays marry in Alabama despite state chief justice's order

Montgomery - Committed same-sex couples began marrying Monday in the deeply Christian and conservative Southern state of Alabama, despite an attempt by the state Supreme Court chief justice to thwart such unions.

Federal judge rules Alabama gay marriage ban unconstitutional

Mobile - A federal judge on Friday struck down Alabama's voter-approved ban on same-sex marriage, declaring it a violation of LGBT individuals' constitutional rights.

'Canoodling' by lesbians in Austrian cafe sparks protests

Vienna - Kicked out of a posh Austrian cafe for "canoodling" stunned two lesbians last week, so much so that the LGBT community staged a kissing protest in front of the 1950s-themed restaurant today.

Jeb Bush softens tone as Florida legalizes gay marriage

Miami - While not fully embracing LGBT equality, Jeb Bush is softening his once staunchly anti-gay stance after a judge legalized such marriages in Florida, as its former governor prepares for a possible 2016 presidential run.

Apple CEO Tim Cook donating to LGBT rights campaign in South

Cupertino - LGBT advocates hailed Thursday's announcement that Apple CEO Tim Cook will help fund a major gay rights initiative in three southern states, including his native Alabama.

LGBT marriage equality victories in Kansas, South Carolina

Topeka - The seemingly inexorable march toward nationwide same-sex marriage equality continued this week, with Kansas becoming the 33rd state to legalize gay marriage and a federal judge striking down South Carolina's ban.

Wyoming becomes 32nd state to legalize same-sex marriage

Cheyenne - LGBT marriage equality has arrived in the 'Equality State.' Wyoming on Tuesday became the 32nd US state to legalize same-sex marriage, joining six other mostly conservative states which have done so this month.

Armagayddon - Irish PSA vid for marriage equality goes viral

With the referendum on a constitutional amendment for marriage equality coming in 2015, Ireland LGBTs are raising awareness on all fronts. Last week LGBT Noise released their PSA video, "ARMAGAYDDON" as part of that effort.

Homosexuality still listed as 'chronic problem' alleges lawsuit

Los Angeles - Matthew Moore is suing his doctor and his medical network after they allegedly ignored his complaint about notations in his medical records indicating that he was suffering from homosexual behavior.

Uganda court annuls anti-gay legislation introduced in February

Kampala - Uganda's Constitutional Court has annulled draconian anti-homosexual legislation cleared into law in February. The court found the bill was passed illegally and therefore has no place in Ugandan law.

Bayside offers a special edition t-shirt to benefit LGBT equality

What's more punk rock than representing for equal rights? Not much, and Bayside is doing their part to support the efforts to attain equality for the LGBT community.

Connecticut Supreme Court rules gay marriage rights retroactive

Hartford - In what LGBT rights advocates are hailing as the first decision of its kind, the Connecticut Supreme Court has ruled that some legal rights of same-sex couples predate the state's 2005 approval of civil unions and 2008 legalization of gay marriage.

Same-sex couples rush to marry in Wisconsin after judge's ruling

Milwaukee - Hundreds of same-sex couples rushed to marry in Wisconsin's largest cities over the weekend after a federal judge ruled the state's voter-approved constitutional amendment banning gay marriage unconstitutional.

Texas Republicans push 'reparative therapy' to 'heal' gays

Fort Worth - The proposed platform of the Texas Republican party would endorse so-called 'reparative therapy' to "heal" gays and lesbians, a discredited 'treatment' that has been banned in two states because of the harm and indignity it can inflict.

Furore as male pupils invited to wear skirts to school in France

Nantes - Education authorities in the city of Nantes, western France are under fire after critics suggested a school's campaign against sexism meant 27 high schools in the Nantes area were inviting male pupils to wear skirts to classes Friday, May 16.

New Brunei penal code punishes gay sex with death by stoning

Brunei - The tiny, oil-rich southeast Asian nation of Brunei has implemented a harsh new Islamic penal code that punishes a range of "crimes" with execution, including death by stoning for individuals who engage in gay sex acts.
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Danton Remoto (in blue) and Bemz Benedito of Ladlad (in red) speaking to the media about their recen...
Danton Remoto (in blue) and Bemz Benedito of Ladlad (in red) speaking to the media about their recently held Christmas Caroling for human rights in front the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP).
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PayPal CEO Dan Schulman announced the company would scrap plans to expand in Charlotte  North Caroli...
PayPal CEO Dan Schulman announced the company would scrap plans to expand in Charlotte, North Carolina, citing that state's recently-passed anti-LGBT law.
PopTech/Flickr Creative Commons
A pro-equality rally.
A pro-equality rally.
The pictures were taken in a gay bar in Montreal  Canada. Canada legalized same-sex marriage in July...
The pictures were taken in a gay bar in Montreal, Canada. Canada legalized same-sex marriage in July, 2005. Netherlands became the first country to legalize the union in 2001.
Former Ontario MPP George Smitherman at Queer Rights Town Hall. Photo taken at The 519 Church Street...
Former Ontario MPP George Smitherman at Queer Rights Town Hall. Photo taken at The 519 Church Street Community Centre in Toronto, ON.

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