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U.K. makes a range of psychoactive substances illegal

London - The British parliament has passed a new psychoactive substances bill which renders dozens of drugs and chemicals illegal.

Church incense could be banned as a ‘legal high’

London - Incense, used by some churches in services, could be banned as part of the U.K.’s crackdown on so-called "legal highs." These are psychoactive drug substances currently escaping drug enforcement measures.

U.K. moves to ban ‘legal highs’

London - The U.K. Parliament is currently debating The Psychoactive Substances Bill. The bill, if passed, will place a number of so-called "legal highs" into the illegal category of stimulant drugs.

Move to ban several 'legal highs'

London - Due to concerns with so-called “legal highs”, which are being seen more frequently in the U.K., the government has instigated a ban on five types of recreational drugs.

Energy drinks are like 'legal highs' says expert

London - Health experts have warned that energy drinks make children hyperactive in class. This has led some teachers to demand that restrictions are placed on the drinks.

One-third of British students have tried 'legal highs'

A new report suggests that around on third of students in the U.K. have used so-termed “legal highs.” These are products manufactured from the herb Salvia. The report suggests that the students under appreciate the potential harm.

Concern expressed about new 'legal highs'

A new report indicates that governments cannot keep up with the rate of new 'legal highs' being manufactured to feed the 'club culture' demand.

Op-Ed: Bath salts — Legal garbage is opening a lethal can of worms

Sydney - Drug taking is a fact of this society. It always has been. Making things illegal tends to promote use, not stop it. Demand rises. Legal highs like the appallingly crappy bath salts are cashing in on the demand and making millions.

UK government bans ‘legal highs’ black mamba and mexxy

The British government has banned two drugs that can give users a legal high, and anyone found in possession will face up to five years’ jail.

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Salvia divinorum is a psychoactive plant which can induce  visions  and other hallucinatory experien...
Salvia divinorum is a psychoactive plant which can induce "visions" and other hallucinatory experiences.

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