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Protesters ready in case Trump refuses to accept election result

New York - Sean Eldridge says he's "preparing for the worst" in case President Donald Trump tries to undermine the results of next month's vote or refuses to accept a victory for the Democrats.

US election 2020: two weeks to go

Washington - One candidate for the White House is crisscrossing the United States; the other is at home, preparing for the final debate.

Trump sets hectic campaign pace, while frontrunner Biden stays home

Janesville - President Donald Trump campaigned at a frenetic pace Saturday in a three-state trip that started with a Michigan rally where he called opponent Joe Biden a "criminal" and pounded his claim that the Democrats are anti-American.

Trump headed for trouble — and not changing course

Washington - President Donald Trump is down in the polls, running out of time, and facing a resurgent coronavirus across the United States. Yet seemingly headed for defeat, he is doing nothing to change course.

Trump's Supreme Court pick in Senate hearing spotlight

Washington - Judge Amy Coney Barrett, President Donald Trump's pick to fill a key vacancy on the Supreme Court bench, faced the Senate's scrutiny Monday as confirmation hearings kicked off for the lifetime appointment -- which Democrats appear largely powerless to ...

Fly swatters and Covid coins: this week on the US campaign trail

Washington - With less than a month until the US elections the race for the White House has thrown up a new trove of tidbits and odd moments, including a rush on fly swatters and a new presidential coin.- Fly swats -$350,000 in 24 hours.

'Delicious cake' and free Teslas: this week on the US campaign trail

Washington - The announcement that President Donald Trump has coronavirus has shaken the run up to US elections on November 3.

Int'l 'consensus' that C.Africa vote must be held in Dec: UN official

New York - The international community supports the staging of elections in the war-wracked Central African Republic as planned in late December, the UN under secretary-general for peacekeeping, Jean-Pierre Lacroix, told AFP Thursday.

Beau Biden, an 'inspiration' for US Democratic candidate

Washington - Joe Biden once again paid tribute to his son Beau, who died of cancer in 2015, during the first presidential debate, yet another sign of how large a role he plays in the Democratic challenger's campaign to reach the White House.

'Nobody won': Conservatives in Biden hometown left cold by Trump debate

Old Forge - A "Policemen for Trump" hat on his head, Tom Kenney leaves the small room where a dozen or so supporters of the US president are watching the candidates' debate in the swing state of Pennsylvania."I got sick of listening to Biden," he says.

Amy Coney Barrett: Religious conservative US Supreme Court pick

Washington - Judge Amy Coney Barrett, who was nominated Saturday to the US Supreme Court, is a darling of conservatives for her religious views but detractors warn her confirmation would shift the nation's top court firmly to the right.

Masks, birds and Italy dreams: this week on the US campaign trail

Washington - With fewer than 40 days before the US election, the race for the White House is in high gear, giving AFP the chance to select the strangest moments from a week on the campaign trail.

Who will succeed Ginsburg on the US Supreme Court?

Washington - The death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg offers US President Donald Trump an opportunity to replace the progressive Supreme Court justice with a staunch defender of conservative values -- even if Democrats are girding for the political equivalent of trench war...

'We got this': American left galvanized by death of RBG

Washington - The death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg sounded a warning for American progressives, thousands of whom -- wracked with ever-deepening concern for the future -- gathered Saturday outside the Supreme Court to honor the late justice.

Cheesesteaks, bugs and obligatory chastity: life on the US campaign trail

Washington - Drive-in stump speeches, enforced chastity on a rapper's campaign trail, pesky critters and a Philly cheesesteak on Air Force One -- with fewer than 50 days before November 3, the run for the White House is in full swing.

Anger flares in Ivory Coast after election candidates barred

Abidjan - Opposition figures reacted angrily on Tuesday after Ivory Coast's top court rejected 40 candidates for upcoming presidential elections, validating the contested bid of head of state Alassane Ouattara but sidelining his predecessor, Laurent Gbagbo.

Trump, Biden vie to show leadership on 9/11 anniversary

Shanksville - US President Donald Trump struck a somber tone Friday on the anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attacks as his Democratic rival Joe Biden comforted relatives of victims -- in dueling bids to unite a deeply-divided nation.

Hair fights, wrinkles and sassy strongmen: a week on the US campaign trail

Washington - With less than two months until the US elections, the race for the White House -- long pushed to the margins by the coronavirus pandemic -- has finally taken off: a good time for AFP to make a weekly list of offbeat moments on the campaign trail.

US vote-by-mail begins as White House campaign gets ugly

Washington - The US election is officially open: North Carolina on Friday launched vote-by-mail operations for the November 3 contest between President Donald Trump and Joe Biden, which is getting uglier by the day.

Biden hopes backing of former Republican staffers can help in key states

Washington - Joe Biden, striving to win over still-undecided voters who could swing the election against Donald Trump, is sparing no effort to broadcast one of his most potent weapons: endorsements from many of his former Republican opponents.

Meghan Markle calls for 'change' in upcoming US election

Washington - Meghan Markle, the wife of Prince Harry, on Thursday broke from protocol normally followed by British royals in calling for a "change" in the upcoming US presidential election.

Joe Biden's wacky, virtual Democratic convention

Milwaukee - This is not the Democratic National Convention that Joe Biden wanted, but it's the one he's got.

Scranton cheers hometown hero Joe Biden on to the White House

Scranton - In a small sandwich shop in Scranton, Pennsylvania, customers crowd in with a life-size cardboard cut-out of Joe Biden, the Democratic presidential challenger who was born in the city and visited the shop as a child.

Former C.Africa president to run in December election

Bangui - Controversial former Central African Republic head of state Francois Bozize on Saturday announced he is running in the December presidential election, a high-risk vote in a country ravaged by civil war since his ouster in 2013.

Behind in the polls, Trump unloads on Biden at White House press event

Washington - He started with announcements on China and Hong Kong, but quickly switched to the real reason for holding a press event -- his election opponent Joe Biden.

Bolsonaro, unmasked: Brazil's outspoken, far-right leader

Rio De Janeiro - Brazil's far-right president Jair Bolsonaro is known for his brash style, which in part carried him to power more than a year ago. Removing his face mask after announcing he had coronavirus was perfectly on brand.

Dominican Republic vote goes ahead despite virus threat

Santo Domingo - Voters in the Dominican Republic are set to defy rising coronavirus infections on Sunday to choose a new president in an election that could end 16 years of unbroken rule by the center-left Dominican Liberation Party.

Green surge rattles Macron in French election rout

Paris - President Emmanuel Macron on Monday pledged a raft of new commitments to the environment after his ruling party was routed in local elections marked by spectacular gains for the Greens.

Facebook in turmoil over refusal to police Trump's posts

San Francisco - The clash between Twitter and Donald Trump has thrust rival Facebook into turmoil, with employees rebelling against CEO Mark Zuckerberg's refusal to sanction false or inflammatory posts by the US president.

France's first transgender mayor vows to wake up village

Tilloy-lez-marchiennes - France's first transgender mayor has vowed to wake up her village in northern France after taking office at the weekend in a step hailed by activists as a breakthrough.
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