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Why local law enforcement matters Special

Each year, law enforcement officers come under fire. They are assaulted. They are killed. The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund reports that “on average,

Inside Florida's horse industry Special

“Horses built America.” ~Kathy Brown, Founder of Martin County Horse Council, Martin County, Florida In 1776, General George Washington developed the first American Cavalry, used to patrol the Atlantic coast during the American Revolution.

Op-Ed: Still dreaming BIG at age 65 Special

Chicago - When you hit age 60, what will you be doing? Playing golf? Lounging at the beach? Or will you be growing and developing your gifts and talents?

Op-Ed: How one man's spinal cord injury is still healing 24 years later Special

“I remember hitting the bottom, being face down, and my entire body getting a tingling feeling like when your foot falls asleep. It was then that I knew I broke my neck. I couldn't move, not even to lift my head up.

Why adopt a rescued dog? Special

80% of homes in the United States have a pet, 50% have more than one pet. ~Keri Burgess, Board of Directors Dogs & Cats Forever Inc.

Military Vet to join Port St. Lucie Police Force Special

The War in Afghanistan began in 2001 after the 9/11 attacks on New York and Washington D.C. Why are we in Afghanistan? “We’re cleaning up someone else’s mess. The enemy is the Taliban.” ~Sergeant Hayley Nine, U.S. Army

Ocala Heart Institute: Saving lives at home and abroad Special

Each year approximately 1.1 million Americans have a heart attack. For approximately 515,000, myocardial infarction means death. (National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute)

Charlie Santos on how teaching is the fabric of the future Special

Success upon high school graduation means being prepared for the next step in life, whether it is the work force, the military, parenthood, or entrance to a university. Teachers, such as Charlie Santos, assume great responsibility for this preparation.

U.S. Navy man saving lives at home Special

“Before a missile is fired, I am what’s known as ‘Sanity Check’. With headphones, I can hear the orders given and verified for the target to be hit and the type of weapon to be used. This is the fourth and final check that is seen on the screen.

K9 Officers deter crime, use to rise Special

K9 is the homophone for "canine" officers. Deterring crime by their presence alone, use of trained dogs as canine officers is expected to rise.

Women in Prison: No longer hopeless Special

Cells in jails and prisons around the United States are being filled by women at an alarming rate. Drugs. Crime. Children. Shame. A prison sentence is different for a woman than it is for a man.

Geoffrey C. Smith: Sculpts bronze trophies for IGFA Special

World renowned bronze sculptor Geoffrey C. Smith will travel to Costa Rica in April for the IGFA catch and release sailfish tournament.

Why the world needs more 'Jacks' Special

Jensen Beach - John Carcano is Holly Creek’s best kept secret. The quiet community in Martin County, Florida has a neighbor unlike any other.

Review: God's man in the jungle

At age 14 Bruce Olson asked himself, "Who is my God?" Feeling lost, his desire to know God led Olson to read his Bible. There he found the answer, "If you will believe in your heart that God raised Him (Christ) from the dead, you will be saved."

Super Bowl Seahawk — Not the real deal

Taima, the Seattle Seahawk, is not a seahawk. The bird is an augur hawk, not a native of Washington state, but a bird of prey from Africa.

How the school librarian touches every child Special

Paper books, libraries and librarians -- not outdated, are even more culturally necessary today for both parents and children.

My husband left — God never did Special

Jeanie Holzmacher has survived divorce because she has depended upon God. How she made it through until today is her testimony that God hears the mother who cries to Him.

Reaching Millennials: The pastor’s blog Special

The next adult generation of the American church are the Millennials, ages 18-29. They can be reached online. But, they want answers. These young adults want to know how the Christian faith should react to today's culture:

The coconut palm: A tree of life

The coconut palm has existed since man can remember. Its roots dig into the sand, planting itself in soft terrain, yet able to withstand the worst of storms. Bending with the winds and surf, a coconut palm may live 100 years.

Healing in the name of Jesus Christ: The miracles Special

Are you sick? There is help and even healing in the Name of Jesus Christ. "I, the LORD, am your healer.” Exodus 15:26. — Kelli Biondich is a walking, talking, breathing miracle.

How the church feeds America Special

In the United States, no one need go hungry. Each month, churches are setting up soup kitchens and food pantries. If every church set up a small pantry, severe needs would be eliminated.

Why Christian schools matter: A return to truth Special

What is the language, a part of the worldview, your child is bringing home from school? Is it Scripture? Or is it cursing? Is it Scriptural or is it anti-God?

FirstLook: Kathryn Fergerson Releases Christian CD Special

Kathryn Fergerson is a woman who has given her heart and her voice to God, for His purposes. It is He Who is ordering her steps. This week she releases her new CD, "Kathryn."

Review: Inside the caves in Florida Special

Tallahassee - About 45 minutes outside of Florida State University and the state capital of Tallahassee is the Florida Caverns State Park. This visitor location holds the only publicly accessible caves in the state.

Fibromyalgia: How to overcome the disorder Special

Trainer to the stars and the wealthy, Tish DeTata states that recovery from fibromyalgia is 70 percent nutrition and 30 percent exercise.

Urgent Care Clinics expect growth 2014-2024 Special

Urgent Care Centers are expected to increase and fill the patient needs gap as primary care doctor shortage grows, according to Kenneth Palestrant, former Member of Board of Directors, Urgent Care Association of America.

Dr. Benita Thomas Comes To Martin Health System Special

Jensen Beach - Dr. Benita Thomas has found that it matters not where one resides, but the ability to overcome the diagnosis of metabolic syndrome relies more upon access to knowledge.

LAT: A national model for mental illness recovery Special

“Today recovery from mental illness is a well-documented reality.” — Pete Linnett, Founder and CEO of Life Adjustment Team

The good news of spiritual warfare Special

Spiritual warfare is a necessary part of Christian counseling for complete deliverance, helping a counselee regain lost territory.

Home Health Care: The cost saving plan for seniors Special

An industry for the future as well as the present, home health care is predicted to grow with the aging Baby Boomer population until 2050.
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Ali Rodriguez
Ali Rodriguez
Florida Caverns State Park; Photo Credit: Kelly Jadon  2013
Florida Caverns State Park; Photo Credit: Kelly Jadon, 2013
John Carcano
John Carcano
Volunteers for Bridge Christian Outreach
Volunteers for Bridge Christian Outreach
Pastor Jerry Herald at Work
Pastor Jerry Herald at Work
Morningside Academy  Port St. Lucie  Florida  2013; Photo Credit: Kelly Jadon
Morningside Academy, Port St. Lucie, Florida, 2013; Photo Credit: Kelly Jadon
Ali and Joann Rodriguez
Ali and Joann Rodriguez
Physicians Immediate Care--Jensen Beach  FL; Photo Credit: Kelly Jadon
Physicians Immediate Care--Jensen Beach, FL; Photo Credit: Kelly Jadon
Florida Caverns State Park; Photo Credit: Kelly Jadon  2013
Florida Caverns State Park; Photo Credit: Kelly Jadon, 2013
Phawn Kinsley
Phawn Kinsley
Mary Armbrust
Mary Armbrust
Charlie Santos
Charlie Santos
A letter from sent to Egypt by a Christian in Rome  approximately 250-285 AD. The papyrus contains p...
A letter from sent to Egypt by a Christian in Rome, approximately 250-285 AD. The papyrus contains part of the first verse of the Epistle to the Hebrews, and on the reverse side Genesis 1:1-5.
Dale Ruby in China with the Ocala Heart Institute
Dale Ruby in China with the Ocala Heart Institute
Sergeant Hayley Nine
Sergeant Hayley Nine
Melody and Dannie Hearn
Melody and Dannie Hearn
Keri Burgess and her rescued dog Buddy
Keri Burgess and her rescued dog Buddy

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