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Review: Latest Second City Toronto revue tackles some thorny issues Special

Toronto - Second City rarely shies from controversial topics, but the Toronto comedy company’s new revue, “Come What Mayhem!”, seems to have thorny social issues as its mission. Terrorism, racism, rape culture, bullies – a lot of boxes get checked off.

Ghomeshi complaintant Lucy DeCoutere quits Trailer Park Boys

The TV series Trailer Park Boys, now on Netflix, will have to prepare for its 11th season without actor Lucy DeCoutere. Ms. DeCoutere resigned from the show in principal because one of its male actors is accused of domestic battery.

Op-Ed: Ghomeshi, rape, and the lesson learned

Toronto - This is the time when emotions are high, and accusations are thrown around with the velocity of a Major League fastball. Teams are created and loyalties are rigidly set. Jian Ghomeshi is a rapist; he is innocent, his acquittal was a gross injustice.

Op-Ed: Ghomeshi ruling not fault of Judge but accusers, police and Crown

Canadians were shocked upon hearing of sexual assault accusations against Jian Ghomeshi. Indeed, initially there were those who refused to believe the women making the accusations, but after time, as more kept coming, they changed their minds.

Jian Ghomeshi acquitted, judge calls witnesses 'deceptive'

In what for some may be a surprising decision, Jian Ghomeshi has been acquitted on all four counts of sexual assault and one of overcoming resistance by choking. Further, the judge in the case lashed out at the three accusers.

Jian Ghomeshi: Crown drops 2 sex assault charges, 5 more remain

Crown Council in the ongoing Jian Ghomeshi legal case announced today in Toronto that they've dropped 2 of the sexual assault charges against the former CBC radio host. Their did so because they did not feel they could convict on those charges.

CBC fires two executives, releases frank report of Ghomeshi days

The CBC "severed ties" with two executives today and also published an independent review of the Jian Ghomeshi affair. The public broadcaster sponsored the review, a damning one that says that the CBC failed to prevent Ghomeshi's inappropriate conduct.

CBC announces new host of Q is London, Ont. rapper Shad

After an exhaustive search in which over 200 possible hosts of their flagship radio show, Q, were looked at, the CBC has made a choice. It's a male, a rapper and his name is Shad. For those keeping score, he guest hosted in the final week of January.

Jian Ghomeshi lawyers given 1,000 pages detailing sex allegations

In a brief hearing in a Toronto courtroom this morning, the judge learned that disclosure in the Jian Ghomeshi case is moving forward. His lawyers have now received over 1,000 pages of details of allegations against him.

Jian Ghomeshi back in court, faces new charges from new accusers

The disgraced former CBC radio broadcaster Jian Ghomeshi made his second court appearance in Toronto this morning. In the courtroom, we learned that three more accusers have come forward to bring the total number of women charging Ghomeshi to six.

Jian Ghomeshi fallout: Two CBC execs placed on involuntary leaves

The CBC has placed two high-ranking executives on involuntary leave connected to the scandal surrounding former-CBC radio host Jian Ghomeshi, Digital Journal has learned. They are on leave "until further notice" but the broadcaster did not say why.

Jian Ghomeshi sex assault trial starts Thursday in Toronto court

Whether Canada is ready for it or not 2015 will begin with repeat news from 2014 as disgraced former-CBC radio host Jian Ghomeshi's criminal trial is set to start on Thursday, Jan. 8. It's not clear if Ghomeshi himself will appear in court on that date.

Canada's biggest 2014 news stories both came from shocking crimes

The two biggest news stories in Canada in 2014 each came after most of the year was up and were stories of crime. The death of two Canadian soldiers in lone-wolf terror attacks and the scandal involving broadcaster Jian Ghomeshi top a lengthy list.

CBC pulling Jian Ghomeshi interviews from archives, listeners mad

The CBC announced on air on Monday that they will pull all of the interviews former host Jian Ghomeshi did on 'Q' off of their online archives page. The majority of listeners who have reacted disagree with and are angry about the decision.

Op-Ed: Is the Toronto Star covering the Jian Ghomeshi scandal too much?

Is it me, or has the Toronto Star beat that proverbial dead horse into the ground with stories about Jian Ghomeshi? A recent lauding of a photo of the former 'Q' host taken by one of theirs is a case is point. It seems they write about him almost daily.

CBC union warns employees about what they say in Ghomeshi probe

The union for staff at the CBC, the Canadian Media Guild, sent out a memo today warning its members that anything they told the independent investigator looking into the Jian Ghomeshi affair could be used against them. The CBC confirmed that is the case.

Op-Ed: Getting Ghomeshi — As Star finds more dirt, CBC shares more blame

The Toronto Star continues to do its job, or a job, on Jian Ghomeshi. Their latest scoop is that the embattled former-CBC man was booking guests on 'Q' — without revealing a conflict of interest.

Ex-producer airs damning story of life with Jian Ghomeshi and CBC

A former producer on the CBC radio program the Q has gone public with allegations against Jian Ghomeshi, the CBC and her former union. Kathryn Borel previously spoke to media without revealing her name but Tuesday wrote a column in the Guardian.

Op-Ed: On taking no pleasure in watching once mighty Jian Ghomeshi fall

There is a phrase that almost came to mind as I watched the news last night and saw a tight-lipped Jian Ghomeshi being lead from the courtroom by his lawyer. I can't quite remember it though but the gist of it is that we like to watch the mighty fall.

Jian Ghomeshi charged in court, released to custody of mother

Toronto - News broke early today that Jian Ghomeshi would appear in court this afternoon and be charged and that has now happened. Ghomeshi appeared in a Toronto courtroom and was formally charged with four counts of sexual assault and one count of choking.

Jian Ghomeshi in custody, charged with sexual assault and choking

Toronto police announced this morning that former Canadian radio host Jian Ghomeshi has been charged with four counts of sexual assault and one count of choking. The maximum penalty Ghomeshi could receive if found guilty is life imprisonment.

Jian Ghomeshi withdraws CBC lawsuit, must pay costs

Embattled former CBC radio host Jian Ghomeshi is back in the news today as he did what many said last month he would do - he withdrew his $55 million lawsuit against the broadcaster. He launched the suit the day following his firing on Oct. 26.

Replacing Jian Ghomeshi: CBC says search for new Q host to start

The CBC said today that they are actively searching for someone to replace former-host Jian Ghomeshi, fired in October, on the Q radio program. They may also change the name of the popular show.

CBC's word-slinging Rex Murphy takes a shot at Jian Ghomeshi

From a current CBC icon to a former, and a disgraced one, Rex Murphy sent out a barbed commentary on Jian Ghomeshi last week. His taped rant did not mince words as Murphy made it clear that the end of Ghomeshi's tenure at the CBC was welcome indeed.

On Jian Ghomeshi: CBC exec says broadcaster should have done more

In interviews with her staff, the head of CBC English language programming gave the broadcaster's side of the Jian Ghomeshi scandal. Heather Conway spoke to Peter Mansbridge on TV and to Carol Off on the radio. She admitted mistakes were made.

Jian Ghomeshi puts up his dukes and hires pitbull lawyer

The disgraced Jian Ghomeshi sent a strong signal today that he is not going to go quietly into the sexual assault night. Mr. Ghomeshi hired Marie Henein of Henein Hutchison LLP, known as one of the toughest and most tenacious lawyers in Toronto.

Op-Ed: Jian Ghomeshi: Isn't anybody out there worried about him?

Let's start here: I get it that Jian Ghomeshi would appear to have, allegedly has, done some lousy, mean, vicious things of a potentially criminal nature. I've even condemned him in a op:ed recently. But the whole country is condemning him now.

Police launch assault investigation into Jian Ghomeshi

It now appears that three of the nine women who have said they were attacked by Jian Ghomeshi have come forward and complained to Toronto police. The police have launched an investigation into the former CBC radio host.

New Jian Ghomeshi Facebook post thanks his supporters

As a slew of damaging allegations against Jian Ghomeshi continue to come in, the former CBC radio host has responded with a second posting on Facebook. This one is shorter as he simply thanked his supporters and said he would meet the allegations head on

Op-Ed: Truth about Jian Ghomeshi may lie between disturbing and criminal

It seems Canadian cultural hero Jian Ghomeshi, once of the CBC, was caught with his pants down and maybe also with his fists poised. Do note the word "seems" though, but also note a hoary old cliche: where there's smoke, there is often a blazing inferno.
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Jian Ghomhesi during an interview session at Ryerson University  circa 2010.
Jian Ghomhesi during an interview session at Ryerson University, circa 2010.
Photo by Damien D.
Jian Ghomeshi was becoming one of those Canadians that brings the country together.  Now he may be o...
Jian Ghomeshi was becoming one of those Canadians that brings the country together. Now he may be one of its most divisive personalities.
Photo by CBC
Jian Ghomeshi  former host of CBC radio 1 s Q
Jian Ghomeshi, former host of CBC radio 1's Q
CBC / Handout photo
Jian Ghomeshi  former host of CBC radio 1 s Q
Jian Ghomeshi, former host of CBC radio 1's Q
CBC / Handout photo
The atrium of the Canadian Broadcasting Centre in Toronto.
The atrium of the Canadian Broadcasting Centre in Toronto.
Digital Journal
Jian Ghomeshi: Acquitted by the judge or by mistakes made by police and prosecution?
Jian Ghomeshi: Acquitted by the judge or by mistakes made by police and prosecution?
Photo by CBC handout.

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