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Op-Ed: Islamic Front leaders killed in attack in Syria

Idlib - In a pair of suicide bombings in the town of Idlib, Abu Salqeen, the leader of Ahrar al-Sham, and six other members were killed including senior figures. Other top figures were among those killed.

Islamic State attacks rival rebels near Turkish border

Aleppo - The Islamic State continued their offensive today in Aleppo province in Syria. Their forces are moving against the strategic city of Azaz just next to a key border crossing into Syria from Turkey.

Key Syrian rebel leader killed in suicide attack

Aleppo - Hassan Assoud who led the Ahrar al-Sham brigade was killed along with others at a meeting of members of the large umbrella organization the Islamic Front. The meeting was called to discuss strategy to fight the radical Islamic State.

Obama's moderate Syrian rebels outnumbered by Islamic militants

Damascus - Moderate rebels such as the Free Syrian Army (FSA) are the ones backed by the US. However, moderates are diminishing as rebels of consequence in the ongoing battle against Assad forces.

Assad easily wins reelection in war-divided Syria

Damascus - Embattled Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was overwhelmingly re-elected in the first presidential vote since civil war broke out three years ago, state-run television said Wednesday.

Syrian fighters use tunnel bomb to hit army base

In a spectacular explosion that was caught on film, Syrian opposition forces destroyed a large Syrian army base after digging a tunnel under it and planting explosives there.

Op-Ed: Free Syrian Army head General Selim Idriss fired

Istanbul - The military council of the Free Syrian Army(FSA) the western-backed umbrella group of rebel fighters announced on Friday (February 14) that it had fired General Idriss as head of the FSA. He had been appointed chief of the group in December of 2012.

Al-Qaeda affiliate kills rival Syrian rebel leaders

Two rebel leaders in Syria have been killed after attacks carried out by the Islamic state of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), in a continuation of the rebel infighting in the north of the country.

Al-Qaeda in Iraq jihadists clash with other rebel groups in Syria

Aleppo - The different factions of Syrian rebels opposed to the Assad regime continue to fight against each other as well as Assad. Open fighting again erupted in northwest Syria between Al Qaeda in Iraq and other more moderate rebel groups.

Op-Ed: Islamic Front in Syria refuses to talk to the US

Damascus - The Islamic Front an umbrella group of rebels who want an Islamic state in Syria has refused to have talks with the United States. Ambassador Robert Ford said that the US remains open to "talk to all parties and political groups in Syria".

Op-Ed: US talks with Islamic Front as Islamists dominate rebel forces

Damascus - The moderates in the Free Syrian Army are losing influence and control of the rebel activity against the Assad forces. The US now seems willing to back any group that is not directly associated with Al-Qaeda.

Syria: Islamic Front fighters seize bases belonging to FSA rebels

Syrian activists have announced that an Islamic alliance that came together last month in Syria has just seized some bases and warehouses used by the Free Syrian Army near the Syria-Turkey border.

Op-Ed: 7 major Islamist rebel groups form Islamic Front in Syria

Aleppo - Seven different Islamist rebel groups have merged creating what they call an "Islamic Front". The group pledges to build an Islamic State after Assad is overthrown.

Syrian rebel groups unite to form 'Islamic Front'

Several of Syria's most powerful Islamic brigades have merged into one group, calling themselves the Islamic Front, with the intent of creating an Islamic state.

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