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New platform offers improved in-flight WiFi

WiFi services on aircraft are notoriously inefficient: often slow and prone to cutting out. Too overcome this, technologists have developed an extension called ScaleUp that significantly improves web browsing speeds at 30,000 feet.

New Facebook bot for visitors to Anne Frank museum

Amsterdam - Seven decades ago, the young Jewish diarist Anne Frank is unlikely to have imagined that her story would be kept alive for new generations via a computer-generated bot.

Someday we'll need the Internet in space

SpaceX is planning to bring the Internet to space. With this Elon Musk has an eye on the future. If a colony is set up on Mars, for example, the Internet twill be the primary means of communicating with Earth.

Google shrinks photo sizes by 35 percent

Google has announced a new open-source software project that can reduce the size of high-quality JPEG images by up to 35 percent. The development will let you save more photos on your phone's storage and help to speed up website load times.

How well do Internet filters protect teens online?

Oxford - Many parent stake comfort from the use of Internet filters as their children surf through web pages. Filters are designed to block access to sites questionable sites or from dubious strangers. But how well do these work? A new study raises concerns.

Kerala declares Internet access a human right, to give free Wi-Fi

Kerala, India has declared Internet access a fundamental human right in its latest budget. The government is now aiming to give every citizen access to Wi-Fi connections for free, expanding the Internet to up to 30 million more users.

Facebook gang rape suspects to face trial in Sweden

Stockholm - Three young men suspected of gang raping a woman in Sweden and livestreaming the attack on Facebook are to face trial, Swedish prosecutors said on Wednesday.

Top Twitter accounts hacked by Erdogan supporters

Paris - Several top Twitter accounts, including those of a German football club, a French ministry and BBC North America, were defaced Wednesday by pro-Turkish hackers with a message slamming "Nazi Germany" and "Nazi Holland"."#NaziGermany. #NaziHolland.

European media back plan for search engine payouts

Paris - European media groups voiced concern Tuesday that the European Union could ditch plans to force search engines like Google to pay them when their content is used.

Russian blogger goes on trial for hunting Pokemon in church

Moscow - Russia put a blogger on trial Monday on charges of offending religious believers and fomenting hatred by posting a video online that showed him hunting Pokemon in a church.

'Sexy beast' Schulz fires up support ahead of German poll

Berlin - Matthias Zeller, a 21-year-old Social Democratic activist, caused a stir in Germany when he enthused on national television that his party's new leader Martin Schulz was a "geile Sau" -- which loosely translates as "sexy beast".

German child murderer confessed to second killing: police

Dortmund - A 19-year-old man who stabbed a nine-year-old boy to death and bragged about the murder in an online video has confessed to a second killing, German police said Friday.

.africa joins the internet

Addis Ababa - In the beginning was .com, followed by a host of other .somethings, but on Friday, 32 years after the world's first domain name was registered, the African Union has launched .africa for the continent.

German police arrest man who bragged of child murder online

Dortmund - German police arrested a 19-year-old man suspected of stabbing a nine-year-old boy to death and bragging about the murder in an online video -- and discovered another body.

Germany hunts man who bragged of child murder in online video

Berlin - German police launched a manhunt Tuesday for a 19-year-old man suspected of stabbing a nine-year-old boy to death and bragging about the murder in an online video.

New way of tracking users across different web browsers

Technologists have developed a new way of connecting user information across different web browsers. This is by utilizing operating system and hardware level factors. The success rate is over 99 percent.

Iran's ex-president Ahmadinejad joins Twitter, despite ban

Tehran - Iran's hardline former president Mahmud Ahmadinejad became the latest leader to join Twitter on Sunday, despite having been instrumental in getting it banned from the country.

Dutch consider tough new cybercrime law

Den Haag - The Netherlands is considering a bill to give police far-ranging powers to prosecute cybercrime, including the ability to hack suspects' computers or trap suspected paedophiles.

Amazon typo took the Internet down on Tuesday

Amazon has revealed the cause of a service outage to its Web Services cloud platform earlier this week. The problem caused many major websites and apps to be inaccessible for a short time. The company blamed human error, citing a typo as the root cause.

Norway 'anti-troll' site makes you read before commenting

Oslo - Victims of online "trolling", rejoice. A Norwegian site may have found the key to muzzling malicious commenters on the internet: requiring people to read an article before discussing it.

Cybercriminals focusing on data-rich smartphones

Barcelona - Smartphones have become a mine of personal information, holding bank data, credit card information and addresses, making them the preferred target for cybercriminals, experts warn.

Harassment complaint at prior job ends road for new Uber exec

San Francisco - A new engineering executive at Uber has left after the ride-sharing titan learned he ended his career at Google after a sexual harassment complaint, according to US media reports.

Internet of Things needs effective power systems to advance

The Internet of Things, the catch-all term of connected devices across multiple settings, is set to transform the way we interact with devices through our everyday lives. To advance the technological revolution further, efficient power is needed.

Uber hires Holder to probe sexual harassment claims

San Francisco - Uber has hired former attorney general Eric Holder to review workplace conditions after a ex-employee alleged sexual harassment and sexism at the firm.

France denounces cyberattacks blamed on Moscow

Paris - Suspected Russian cyberattacks on the French presidential campaign are "unacceptable", France's foreign minister said Sunday, adding it was clear that pro-Europe candidate Emmanuel Macron was being targeted.

Germany bans internet-connected 'spying' doll Cayla

Berlin - German regulators have banned an internet-connected doll called "My Friend Cayla" that can chat with children, warning Friday that it was a de facto "spying device".

Internet of Things raises security concerns

The Internet of Things, the catch-all term for connected technology in the home as well as in other fields like medicine, poses new security risks according to a leading consultant.

Essential Science: Parallels between your brain and the Internet

The human brain and the interconnections that form the Internet share a key similarity, according to new research. Here a common rule governs traffic flow in engineered and biological systems.

Russia wages 'war' on internet by jailing users: rights group

Moscow - A prominent Russian rights advocacy group on Tuesday warned of a crackdown on internet users as courts impose harsh jail sentences for posts expressing political views.

Syrian refugee, hounded over Merkel selfie, sues Facebook

Deutschland - A Syrian refugee whose selfie with German Chancellor Angela Merkel has been repeatedly manipulated to link him to violent jihad, took Facebook to court on Monday for spreading defamatory fake news.
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An internet user surfing the net on her Blackberry in Lagos  Nigeria
An internet user surfing the net on her Blackberry in Lagos, Nigeria
The Chinese are connected to the world in big numbers.
The Chinese are connected to the world in big numbers.
In this June  2013 photo released by Google  a Google team releases a balloon in Tekapo  New Zealand...
In this June, 2013 photo released by Google, a Google team releases a balloon in Tekapo, New Zealand. Google is testing the balloons which sail in the stratosphere and beam the Internet to Earth
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Photo-coverage from mesh13, Canada's premier digital conference
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Jeff Ragovin, Chief Strategy Officer, Buddy Media
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Chat on the Internet
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The ViaSat-1 communications satellite
The ViaSat-1 communications satellite
Photo-coverage from mesh13  Canada s premier digital conference
Photo-coverage from mesh13, Canada's premier digital conference
 Steve  the plucky-looking modem.
'Steve' the plucky-looking modem.
Illustration by Digital Journal homepage August 16 2010 homepage August 16 2010
What colors are this dress?
What colors are this dress?
A teen surfing on the Net with a notebook PC
A teen surfing on the Net with a notebook PC
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A man protesting Internet censorship
A man protesting Internet censorship
The Electronic Frontier Foundation s office in San Francisco is shown.
The Electronic Frontier Foundation's office in San Francisco is shown.
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Hosts Persia Tatar of the Social Media Society and Dan Wittmers of the Mobile Leaders Alliance welco...
Hosts Persia Tatar of the Social Media Society and Dan Wittmers of the Mobile Leaders Alliance welcome attendees and speakers to the Emerging Media Convergence conference September 12 in New York.
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