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Families of Pakistan missing bloggers deny blasphemy charges

Islamabad - The families of two missing Pakistani bloggers claimed their loved ones were innocent on Wednesday after a virulent social media campaign painted the activists as blasphemers deserving execution under the country's draconian laws.

Le Pen follows Trump's lead on social media bombardment

Paris - Domination of social media was a key weapon in Donald Trump's rise to the US presidency, and now France's far-right leader, Marine Le Pen, is looking to follow suit, analysts say.

EU proposes new rules that could put an end to the cookie banner

The European Commission has drafted plans to overhaul the way in which websites warn users about their use of cookies. Under current regulation, sites must display warnings if cookies are placed on the user's computer, even though they're usually ignored.

Interpol says 10,000th victim of child sex abuse rescued

Lyon - Less than seven years after Interpol set up its International Child Sexual Exploitation database, the global crime buster has identified and rescued a 10,000th child victim, it said Monday.

Man buys 1000 newspapers to hide DUI story, which appears online

The owner of an upstate New York newspaper said a man bought hundreds of copies of newspapers to keep people from reading about his drunk driving arrest. However, the story was published online, too.

Hate crimes charges over live-streamed Chicago assault

Chicago - Prosecutors in Chicago charged four black suspects with kidnapping and hate crimes over the assault of a mentally disabled white man shown live on Facebook, as the attackers hurled obscenities about whites and Donald Trump.

Four arrested after video shows assault of Chicago man

Chicago - A disturbing video circulated on social media showing a young Chicago man apparently tied up and being assaulted by four people.

US Customs computer collapse leaves thousands of travelers waiting

Washington - A nationwide collapse of the US customs service computer system left thousands of passengers lined up at airports awaiting clearance to officially enter the country, the authorities and US media said.

Internet use in class leads to lower test scores

New research provides a warning to school children who like to use the Internet in class. Surfing the Internet in class has been linked to poorer test scores.

Turkey probing 10,000 over online 'terror' activity

Istanbul - Turkey is investigating 10,000 people suspected of terror-related activity on the internet or posting comments on social media insulting government officials, the interior ministry said on Saturday.

Internet nail-varnish dare nets sick Dutch 6-year-old a million

Den Haag - A terminally ill Dutch six-year-old boy, who hoped to raise a few hundred euros for other sick children by daring people to paint their nails in garish colours, had raised more than one million by Friday.

Turks angry over 'nightmare' IS video of soldiers burned alive

Birut - Turks reacted angrily Friday on social media to a video released by the Islamic State group purportedly showing two captured Turkish soldiers being burned alive, while awaiting an official reaction from the government.

Op-Ed: Unbelievable truth? Social media and conspiracies

The Internet is awash with false news and conspiracy theories. Many of the 'theories' appear too bizarre have any semblance in reality, yet many do. We examine 2016's highlights (or low lights).

CRTC declares broadband a 'basic' service for all Canadians

In a landmark ruling, the government of Canada has declared high-speed broadband Internet a ‘basic telecommunications service’ guaranteed to all Canadians.

Survey: Fake news sowing confusion in two-thirds of Americans

Close to two-thirds of American adults believe fake news stories have caused a great deal of confusion with regards to the basic facts in current events, according to a report from the Pew Research Center.

Russian offers to do jail time for cash: report

Sanktpeterburg - A retired Russian man posting on Russia's popular classified ad website offered to serve other people's time in jail for some extra cash, the Saint Petersburg-based news website Fontanka said Thursday.

Microsoft Edge prepares to block Flash content by default

Microsoft Edge's next public release will disable all Flash media on webpages by default. You'll need to explicitly allow Flash content to play by clicking on a prompt before it starts running. Microsoft said it'll improve security and performance.

Uncovering Wikipedia's geographical biases

Like any platform with a social media slant, Wikipedia contains as much 'point of view' as it does 'facts.' A new Internet platform allows the geographical origins and potential biases of contributors to be revealed.

Popular Chinese Muslim website shutters after Xi Jinping petition

Bejing - One of China's most popular online communities for Muslims has been shuttered after posting a petition asking Chinese President Xi Jinping to stop his "brutal suppression" of activists, the letter's authors told AFP Wednesday.

Windows computers knocked offline by broken update

Computer users have been left unable to connect to the Internet after an automatic Windows update broke a critical networking component. Microsoft confirmed some people have experienced "difficulties" since the routine patch was released.

Cuba signs deal with Google for faster access

Havana - Cuba signed a deal with Google Monday to enable faster access to content from the US tech giant on the communist island, where internet service is notoriously limited and slow.

Netgear customers told to stop using routers over security fears

Netgear has confirmed it is investigating a "critical" security vulnerability in three of its most popular models of Wi-Fi router. The dangerous flaw allows unauthorised attacks to execute arbitrary system code and gain full control of the device.

Epson printers perpetually rebooting after Google code change

Epson printers have been caught in a continual reboot loop after Google made a change to one of its cloud services. The crashes have affected scores of owners of the internet-connected printers. Epson has confirmed it's working on a fix.

Love in the time of Trump: Dating sites for politically passionate

Los Angeles - The encounter had seemed promising enough, but the couple brought together by an online dating site failed to connect because of one glaring, irreconcilable difference: He was a Donald Trump supporter, she was not.

Aleppo 'Twitter girl' safe after family flees army advance

Aleppo - A seven-year-old Syrian girl whose Twitter account from Aleppo gained international attention has fled her home amid heavy fighting, but she and her family are safe for now, her father told AFP Tuesday.

State-owned Russian bank VTB says sites hit by cyberattack

Moscow - State-controlled Russian bank VTB said Monday that its websites had been hit by a cyberattack but insisted its systems were still working "as normal".

Fake news detector helps solve Facebook's problem, gets blocked

A new browser extension that flags up fake news on Facebook can offer "helpful reminders" that not everything on the social network is genuine. After enjoying a short success, Facebook has blocked the tool, seemingly embarrassed by its results.

Russia says foreign spies plotted huge cyberattack

Moscow - Russia on Friday said it had uncovered plans by foreign intelligence services to carry out massive cyberattacks this month targeting the country's financial system.

The Internet of Things will change web searches

Kingston - A new report from computer scientists explains how the Internet of Things will affect search engines and other aspects of the on-line experience.

Global police smash huge online crime network

Den Haag - In one of the biggest takedowns to date, police across the globe have smashed a massive criminal network providing online services including malware attacks that infected half a million computers worldwide, Europol said Thursday.
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The Google headquarters in Ann Arbor  MI
The Google headquarters in Ann Arbor, MI
Freedom House found declines in online freedom of expression in 32 of the 65 countries assessed sinc...
Freedom House found declines in online freedom of expression in 32 of the 65 countries assessed since June 2014, with "notable declines" in Libya, France and Ukraine
Lionel Bonaventure, AFP/File
In this June  2013 photo released by Google  a Google team releases a balloon in Tekapo  New Zealand...
In this June, 2013 photo released by Google, a Google team releases a balloon in Tekapo, New Zealand. Google is testing the balloons which sail in the stratosphere and beam the Internet to Earth
Photo by Google / Andrea Dunlap
The test even allowed me to see how lousy my Internet is in Costa Rica.  Not (ahem) Bogota.
The test even allowed me to see how lousy my Internet is in Costa Rica. Not (ahem) Bogota.
Internet Health Test
An internet comment thread.
An internet comment thread.
Curafly, on Flick'r
The Market Hall as seen from the Binnenrotte  Rotterdam center.
The Market Hall as seen from the Binnenrotte, Rotterdam center.
Jacob Bøtter
A man protesting Internet censorship
A man protesting Internet censorship
Against internet censorship
Against internet censorship
Chatroulette! screendump
Chatroulette! screendump
Spiegel Online
Photo-coverage from mesh13  Canada s premier digital conference
Photo-coverage from mesh13, Canada's premier digital conference
Twitter logo
Photo-coverage from mesh13  Canada s premier digital conference
Photo-coverage from mesh13, Canada's premier digital conference
Jay Baer at #BWENY
Jay Baer at #BWENY
Increasing price of textbooks on students.
Increasing price of textbooks on students.
Email inbox
Email inbox
Jonathon Narducci s  Love Me  screens as part of 2014 Hot Docs festival.
Jonathon Narducci's "Love Me" screens as part of 2014 Hot Docs festival.
Jonathon Narducci
Jason Falls and Keenan Cahill at the Overblog booth at #BWENY
Jason Falls and Keenan Cahill at the Overblog booth at #BWENY
An old blackberry cell phone on a Bell mouse pad.
An old blackberry cell phone on a Bell mouse pad.

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