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Rihanna hits Snapchat over beating ad, sending shares tumbling

New York - Rihanna on Thursday denounced Snapchat after an advertisement made light of her beating by fellow pop star Chris Brown, sending the company's share prices tumbling.

Singapore launches public hearings on 'fake news'

Fpo - Singapore Wednesday launched public hearings on possible legislation to combat "fake news" which critics said could be used to curtail free speech.

Divisions over EU's focus on tech groups to stop 'fake news'

Apo - Divisions emerged Tuesday after experts commissioned by the EU Commission called on tech groups and social media firms to sign up to a voluntary code of conduct for tackling "fake news".

Poor internet access no limit to Cuban YouTubers

Havana - Frank Camallerys paces Havana's Malecon esplanade with a telephone at the end of a pole, seducing thousands of internet users with images of Cuba despite the communist island's limited web access.

Sir Tim Berners-Lee calls for 'regulatory framework' for big tech

Sir Tim Berners-Lee has said the web is "under threat" from giant tech firms. Writing for the Web Foundation on the 29th birthday of the web, he said regulation may be required to prevent tech giants from interfering with the "open, creative space."

Mostly fun, sometimes weird: 'BBC Dad' one year after viral video

Seoul - The Korea politics professor who became a viral sensation after his children interrupted a BBC interview says he has been pulled over by police for selfies and photographed buying milk in the year since the broadcast.

Obama in negotiations to create Netflix series: report

San Francisco - Former US President Barack Obama is in negotiations with Netflix about producing a series of shows for the online streaming giant, according to US media reports.

Step up fake news fight at election time: top EU official

Apo - The EU's top official charged with fighting fake news says Europe needs to redouble its efforts to tackle the phenomenon in the run-up to elections, as fears grow about Russian meddling in votes across the continent.

Amazon to quiet Alexa's cackling

San Francisco - Amazon on Wednesday promised to keep virtual assistant Alexa from spontaneously cackling, giving people eerie feelings about what the artificial intelligence might be plotting.

France's Macron vows cyber hate crackdown

Paris - French President Emmanuel Macron vowed Wednesday to crack down on cyber hate, telling Jewish leaders that a recent law in Germany punishing web platforms which fail to delete hateful content could be a blueprint to follow.

Amazon Web Services power outage took hundreds of sites offline

Amazon has confirmed that a datacentre power outage affected scores of online services including GitHub and Slack. The incident occurred almost exactly a year after a similar failure in the same region of Amazon's cloud. Service was quickly restored.

Documents shed light on intricacy of Russia's trolling operation

Leaked documents reviewed by The Daily Beast show the lengths a notorious Russian troll farm, the Internet Research Agency, went to in order to stoke conflict and spread disinformation during and after the 2016 US election.

Remove 'terror content' within an hour, EU tells web firms

Brussels - Online platforms should take down "terrorist content" within an hour of it being reported, the EU said Thursday in new recommendations to internet companies to stem the flow of harmful content on the web.

Television titans bulk up to battle internet rivals

New York - Traditional television titans are bulking up in a battle with online streaming giants Netflix and Amazon as viewers take to binging on shows when and where they want.

'Adults only': ads and viral videos aim to sex up Russian election

Moscow - A topless model lies in front of a Russian flag, apparently studying a campaign brochure, as a second young woman prepares to cast a vote in her lingerie.

New era of Internet monetization: Metered billing

Internet based billing is not simply about sending money from one party to another. The transaction allows for a rich stream of data to be collected, which is useful for companies. This is leading to software changes as well.

French baker wins fight over fake Facebook page

Lyon - A French baker won his day in court against Facebook on Tuesday after a user created a fake page about his bakery.

German prosecutors drop case against Facebook

Berlin - German prosecutors said Monday they were dropping a probe into whether Facebook bosses including Mark Zuckerberg were condoning hate speech online.

Ukraine arrests 'Avalanche' cybercrime organiser: police

Kiev - Ukrainian has detained one of the organisers of the massive Avalanche cybercrime network, police said on Monday, over a year after the global ring was busted in an international raid.

Why private browsing looks set to become more private

Boston - Private web browsing looks set to become even more private following a new initiative. A new system patches the security holes left open by web browsers' private-browsing activities.

Play 'fake news tycoon' to combat misinformation

London - Trolling, impersonating, demonising: these are just some of the behaviours encouraged in a new online game launching Tuesday in which young players become "fake news tycoons" -- to counter growing misinformation.

Belgian court orders Facebook to stop tracking web users

Brussels - A Belgian court on Friday ordered Facebook to stop tracking internet users in Belgium who have no accounts with the social network, or face fines of 250,000 euros a day.

Website of top Kremlin critic blocked after tycoon complaint

Moscow - Russia's media watchdog on Thursday blocked the website of opposition leader Alexei Navalny after he posted a video alleging a deputy prime minister enjoyed lavish hospitality from a billionaire tycoon.

China's former internet czar expelled from Communist Party

Bejing - China's former internet czar, who oversaw a tightening of online censorship during his tenure, has been expelled from the Communist Party for taking bribes, the top graft watchdog said Tuesday.

Internet of Things drives personal security market growth

From wearables to personal sensors, the Internet of Things and new developments with connectivity are driving growth, innovation and new market opportunities with the personal security market.

Honduras lawmakers debate bill seeking to curb online speech

Tegucigalpa - Lawmakers in Honduras are debating a bill that wants to fine administrators of social media networks for online comments deemed offensive or promoting "hate campaigns.

Unilever threatens to pull ads from 'divisive platforms'

Den Haag - Anglo-Dutch consumer giant Unilever, one of the world's largest advertisers, threatened Monday to snub digital platforms that fail to protect children or help "create division" in society.

German court finds Facebook oversharing user data

Frankfurt Am Main - A German court has found Facebook is breaching data protection rules with privacy settings that over-share by default and by requiring users to give real names, a consumer rights organisation said Monday.

Marathon Kim Dotcom case back in New Zealand court

Wellington - Internet mogul Kim Dotcom's legal case returns to court in New Zealand Monday for what may be the Megaupload founder's final chance of avoiding extradition to the United States.

IoT smart city security solution uses video technology

Kansas City - An alternative approach to city security has been proposed. This is an Internet of Things smart city video security solution, which reportedly offers a 'security solution without surveillance'.
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Lift-off of Loon balloon.
Lift-off of Loon balloon.
Project Loon
Internet addiction is a serious concern in Asia.
Internet addiction is a serious concern in Asia.
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Photo-coverage from mesh13  Canada s premier digital conference
Photo-coverage from mesh13, Canada's premier digital conference
The FDA is considering food recall regulations specific to online retailers.
The FDA is considering food recall regulations specific to online retailers.
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The TV News website
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A screenshot from the Google ad which appeared during the Super Bowl
A screenshot from the Google ad which appeared during the Super Bowl
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Singapore is cutting off Internet access for government work stations for security reasons.
Singapore is cutting off Internet access for government work stations for security reasons.
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BrandYourself founders.
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Detail from the Google tool
Google will now show red warnings for sites infected with malware and other  unwanted software
Google will now show red warnings for sites infected with malware and other "unwanted software"
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An illustration of the ubiquity of social media
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File photo: At a Social Media meeting.
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