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UK scientist pleads guilty to 137 online sex abuse charges

London - A British scientist pleaded guilty Monday to 137 criminal offences involving online abuse, including encouraging the rape of a four-year-old boy, the National Crime Agency said in a statement.

Should small children be banned from watching all screens?

Cannes - Regulators and programme makers are at odds over whether small children should be banned from watching television or using tablets and smartphones.

US rejects French proposal on taxing tech companies

Washington - The United States does not support a French proposal to tax the gross revenues of international tech corporations like Google and Amazon, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said Saturday.

Gaza Instagram stars want world to get the picture

Gaza - They may not be able to leave Gaza without Israeli or Egyptian permission, but their photos can.

Black model in Dove video says ad 'misinterpreted'

London - The black model who appeared in a Dove advert which triggered accusations of racism insisted Wednesday that she was not a victim and that the commercial had been misinterpreted.

N. Korea hacked Seoul's war plan: report

Seoul - North Korean computer hackers have stolen hundreds of classified military documents from South Korea including detailed wartime operational plans involving its US ally, a report said Tuesday.

N. Zealand cops sorry for 'insensitive' road death tweet

Wellington - New Zealand Police have apologised for sending an "insensitive" tweet about road deaths featuring US comedian Steve Carell that was condemned as "tone-deaf" by social media users.

Balloons to help restore Puerto Rico's cell networks

New York - Google's parent company is set to launch balloons into the Caribbean skies in an attempt to restore telephone networks in hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico.Alphabet Inc.

'Online sexual violence harming children': Pope

Vatican City - Pope Francis on Friday urged the world, including the Catholic Church, to face up to the devastating effects of online sexual violence on young people, including extreme pornography and sexting.

Islamic State: Defeating the virtual caliphate

Paris - The Islamic State group may soon be defeated in Iraq and Syria but a "virtual caliphate" could be harder to conquer, experts and officials have warned.

North Korea gets second web connection via Russian firm

Seoul - A state-owned Russian company has opened up a second internet connection for North Korea which could strengthen Pyongyang's cyber capabilities and undermine US efforts to isolate the regime, security experts said.

Catholic summit unites experts against online child porn

Rome - An international summit on how to protect children from pornography threats online is taking place at a Catholic university in Rome this week with Pope Francis's support, organisers said Monday.

Chinese investors bemoan Beijing's bitcoin crackdown

Bejing - Beijing's decision to shut down bitcoin trading platforms has left investors scrambling to cut their losses and threatens to deprive the crypto-currency of a crucial market."The authorities don't understand anything about bitcoin!

Smartphone app for migrants gets trial in Central America, Mexico

San Jos - A smartphone app designed to help migrants safely move through countries is being tested in Central America and Mexico from this week, ahead of a wider roll-out elsewhere in the world, the UN Migration Agency said Friday.

EU to propose Google, Facebook tax in 2018, says Juncker

Tallinn - The EU will propose a new tax on tech giants such as Google and Facebook next year despite opposition by several states that fear a blow to their economies, European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker said Friday.

Web security upgrade delayed over fears 60m could lose connection

A major security upgrade to infrastructure that supports the entire Internet has been delayed over fears it could knock 60 million people offline. ICANN was preparing to change cryptographic keys to boost security but has put the plans on hold until 2018.

Government internet shutdowns cost Africa dear: report

Johanesburg - Government shutdowns of the internet have cost sub-Saharan Africa about $237 million since 2015, according to a study released Friday, as authorities increasingly implement planned disruptions.

EU commissioner drops Facebook as 'highway of hatred'

Brussels - An EU commissioner admitted Thursday to cancelling her account on Facebook because it was a "highway for hatred", as the bloc warned US internet giants to tackle online abuse or risk regulation.

Zuckerberg fires back at Trump over Facebook barb

San Francisco - Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg fired back at US President Donald Trump on Wednesday after he accused the leading social network of being "always anti-Trump.

Europol warns banks ATM cyber attacks on the rise

Den Haag - Cyber criminals are increasingly accessing ATM machines through the banks' networks, with squads of money mules standing by ready to pick up the stolen cash, Europe's policing agency warned Tuesday.

China fines tech firms over online content

Bejing - China has fined several of the country's biggest technology firms for failing to remove illegal online content as the authorities intensify their policing of the internet.

China disrupts WhatsApp ahead of Communist Party meeting

Bejing - Chinese authorities appear to have severely disrupted the WhatsApp messaging app in the latest step to tighten censorship as they prepare for a major Communist Party congress next month.

ATM's are 50-years-old — What does the future hold for ATMs?

The automated teller machine (ATM) was considered a radical move when Barclay's installed the machines in a London suburb in 1967. At that time, the machines gave a fixed amount of money using a special voucher - The familiar ATM card wasn't invented yet.

Digital rights management leads EFF to resign from W3C

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has announced it's resigning from the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), the standards body responsible for deciding what gets added to web browsers, after the organisation decided to standardise DRM controls.

EU to launch cybersecurity 'safety labels'

Brussels - The European Union unveiled plans Tuesday to step up its response to cyber attacks, including a new intelligence-sharing agency, cyber war games and product safety labels.

Britain's May says Trump visit still on despite terror tweets

Washington - British Prime Minister Theresa May has insisted a long-awaited state visit by Donald Trump will go ahead as planned despite a diplomatic spat triggered by the US president's comments after a terror attack in London.

Op-Ed: New Chrome browser to block most autoplay videos

In a move that many will welcome Google's Chrome browser new release in January of 2018 will mute most video autoplay videos

Step towards building the quantum Internet

Scientists have made a step forward in developing the building blocks of a quantum Internet. This is with significantly improving the storage time of a telecom-compatible quantum memory.

Facebook staffs up in China despite being blocked

Facebook has hired a Chinese government-relations point man and is seeking other staff in signs that it harbours ambitions for a China presence despite its main social media platform being blocked.

German, 19, on trial for 'darknet' knife murders

Berlin - A teenager went on trial in Germany on Friday accused of two knife killings that shocked the country, including the murder of a child he allegedly bragged about on the internet.
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 Museum Quality: Collecting and Archiving Across Multiple Platforms  panel (L-R):
Amy Vernon  Frede...
"Museum Quality: Collecting and Archiving Across Multiple Platforms" panel (L-R): Amy Vernon, Frederic Montagnon, Matthew Roche, Steven Rosenbaum, Oliver Starr, Duncan Alney
BrandYourself founders.
BrandYourself founders.
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Government buildings in Tunis, the capital city of Tunisia.
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An internet user surfing the net on her Blackberry in Lagos, Nigeria
Photo-coverage from mesh13  Canada s premier digital conference
Photo-coverage from mesh13, Canada's premier digital conference
Photo-coverage from mesh13  Canada s premier digital conference
Photo-coverage from mesh13, Canada's premier digital conference
The Electronic Frontier Foundation s office in San Francisco is shown.
The Electronic Frontier Foundation's office in San Francisco is shown.
David Silver/Wikimedia Commons
On location blogging
On location blogging
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Picture of the Google Instant search.
Against internet censorship
Against internet censorship
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Pro-democracy protests in Russia are being organized by writers, journalists, artists and other cultural figures
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Screenshot of North Korea internet page, via Reddit
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The test even allowed me to see how lousy my Internet is in Costa Rica.  Not (ahem) Bogota.
The test even allowed me to see how lousy my Internet is in Costa Rica. Not (ahem) Bogota.
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Wikimedia Foundation Servers
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AWNY breakfast conference on custom publishing and branded content
AWNY breakfast conference on custom publishing and branded content
Google will now show red warnings for sites infected with malware and other  unwanted software
Google will now show red warnings for sites infected with malware and other "unwanted software"