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Apple and Google remove Instagram app that stole user details

Apple and Google have removed a third-party Instagram client app from their stores that has stolen hundreds of thousands of user passwords. InstaAgent has quickly grown to be one of the most popular free clients in the UK, Canada and U.S.

Instagram unveils Boomerang for one-second looping videos

Instagram has launched a new standalone app designed to "turn everyday moments into something fun and unexpected." Available on Android and iOS, Boomerang provides a one-click way to create a 1-second long looping video.

Stories released via Instagram, Twitter could be new wave

A new novel that follows the correspondence of paternal twins on the eastern seaboard initially won't be a physical book; it will be released in installments via Instagram.

Instagram just introduced the feature everyone's been asking for

Instagram announced today that it is "thinking outside the square" and will now allow users to post in both landscape and portrait format.

San Francisco has 'Instagram officer'

San Francisco - Late last month, an appeals court in California affirmed a firearms conviction that used Instagram photos as evidence. The court documents also revealed that the San Francisco Police Department has at least one officer dubbed an “Instagram officer.

Op-Ed: Woman's response to body-shaming Tinder suitor goes viral

When Michelle Thomas went on a date with a man she'd met on dating app Tinder in late June, it seemed to be a nice outing. The evening went from drinks to dinner to a night on the town and then ended with a kiss.

Instagram account shames drivers who park badly

A Los Angeles resident is firing back at people who can't park by shaming them on Instagram. Andria Farrell, 32, started @ParkingSpotShaming out of sheer frustration with the parking situation in LA.

Instagram to start sending 'Highlights' emails to inactive users

Photo-sharing app Instagram is now rolling out a new feature that copies other rival social networks by sending inactive users regular digests of what they have missed. New "Highlights" emails feature some of the best unseen photos in a users' feed.

Artist sells other peoples' Instagram photos for $100k in NYC

An artist is exhibiting and selling other peoples' Instagram photos without permission in New York City right now. With prices reaching as much as $100k, the story is drawing controversy and criticism as a copyright loophole means it could all be legal.

Elephant grabs B.C. man's GoPro, snaps adorable 'elphie'

Vancouver - An enterprising elephant grabbed a Vancouver tourist's GoPro camera and snapped an "elphie" with the student. It was definitely a once-in-a-lifetime photo opportunity for Christian LeBlanc, a University of British Columbia student.

Instagram insult leads to teacher firing Special

Longmont - A Colorado visual arts teacher has been fired after insulting a student by posting a picture of a student on the social media website on Instagram.

Op-Ed: Trashy Instagram account humiliates Sydney homeless

Sydney - An Instagram account called “Murder Mall” has decided to go Nazi by picking on homeless people as targets in Sydney. Social workers are furious, and local media is less than impressed.

Lizard Squad hacks Taylor Swift's Twitter, Instagram accounts

Taylor Swift appears to the be the latest victim of the infamous Lizard Squad hacking group. Her Twitter and Instagram accounts were compromised early Tuesday afternoon.

Supermodel Kristina Pimenova, 9, 'most beautiful girl in world'

Moscow - Meet Russian child star Kristina Pimenova, 9, "the most beautiful girl in the world." Kristina is the subject of a raging controversy over the age appropriateness of her status as a supermodel. Critics are alleging that her handlers are "sexualizing" her.

People are now spending 21 minutes a day on Instagram

Facebook announced a lot of updated user numbers during its third quarter earnings call Tuesday evening. For example, 1.35 billion people now use Facebook every month, and 703 million people use Facebook on their mobile devices every day.

Spain's National Police gain interest on Instagram with hunky cop

Madrid - Spain's National Police have been beefing up their social media presence recently. Having already gained a huge following on Twitter, they are now a great hit on Instagram, after posting a photo of a muscular and very attractive anti-riot police officer.

Teacher captures stunning photo of great white shark

Swiftly spreading across the Web is this photo of a hungry great white shark taken by New Jersey elementary school teacher Amanda Brewer. “I wasn’t even a little bit frightened,” she said in an interview.

Notting Hill Carnival 2014 – As seen on Instagram

This year the Notting Hill Carnival was a huge success and was a great time for music and dancing in West London. What will happen for next year?

Blackberry teams up with Amazon to bring three times more apps

Good news for consumer and enterprise Blackberry users as over 240,000 new apps will arrive to Blackberry's AppWorld. Blackberry has partnered up with Amazon as a cost-cutting technique to bring more apps to users.

Instagram announces adverts are coming to UK, Canada & Australia

Following a successful trial in the US last year, photo-sharing network Instagram has announced that uses in the UK, Canada and Australia will all be seeing adverts appearing in the app "later this year".

Adult woman poses as 15-year-old student, arrested

Longview - A woman in her 30s is in police custody after being outed for posing as a 15-year-old teenager for almost an entire school year.

Op-Ed: Is James Franco’s Instagramming turning into an addiction?

Soon after posting a photo of himself almost completely in the nude on Instagram last Thursday, James Franco was quick to take it down.

Instagram photo-sharing service goes down

Washington - Popular photo-sharing site Instagram was not working Saturday, as frustrated users quickly turned to social network Twitter and other web sites to share their complaints.

James Franco apologizes for flirting with teen girl on Instagram

Actor James Franco apologized Friday after realizing that a girl he had recently tried to seduce via Instagram was, in fact, only 17 years old.

Instagram closing gap with Twitter in US, survey says

New York - Instagram, the Facebook-owned photo-sharing service, has almost caught up with Twitter's number of US users.The market research firm eMarketer said in a report Thursday that nearly 35 million people in America accessed Instagram at least once each mont...

Daily Relief: Thursday 27 March

A light-hearted look at the odd events happening in the world. Today includes a new selfie movement, family photos from the most notorious criminal family and one of the scariest short films of all time.

Therapeutic Solutions notes social media marketing possibilities Special

Merrick - Social media methodologies and marketing strategies in preventative medicine proved their value in an interview with Jamie Rockwin, president of Therapeutic Solutions Physical Therapy.

Photographer makes $15K in just one day on Instagram

Photographer Daniel Arnold posted a simple message on his Instagram account to see whether his 22,000 followers would be interested in buying his work. The result was astounding.

Rainbow on Venus: ESA captures 'Glory' on Instagram

Paris - A rainbow-like item called a "glory" was identified in Venus Tuesday (March 11) by the European Space Agency. This is the first time a glory has been "fully imaged"on another planet.

Instagram signs deal with major ad agency

San Francisco - Facebook-owned photo sharing service Instagram on Friday said it has landed its first deal with a major ad agency.The leading social network wouldn't disclose financial aspects of the alliance with Omnicom, but online reports indicated it could be wort...
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Submerged houses in southern Louisiana thanks to Hurricane Isaac
Submerged houses in southern Louisiana thanks to Hurricane Isaac
Via Instagram user heatherlynette
The @MsLeaMichele Instagram account representing actress Lea Michele posts about the new trailer for...
The @MsLeaMichele Instagram account representing actress Lea Michele posts about the new trailer for Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return
Photo of Charity Ann Johnson (alias: Charity Stevens/Charite)  courtesy of Facebook.
Photo of Charity Ann Johnson (alias: Charity Stevens/Charite), courtesy of Facebook.
A commercial motorcycle rider  popularly known as Okada in Lagos. Here  this Instagram photo was set...
A commercial motorcycle rider, popularly known as Okada in Lagos. Here, this Instagram photo was set at Toaster mode.
A van used for a locally driven campeign and advertisement for the US Visa Lottery program
A van used for a locally driven campeign and advertisement for the US Visa Lottery program
Instagram icon.
Instagram icon.
Instagram Press Photos
A New Orleans Starbucks destroyed by Hurricane Isaac
A New Orleans Starbucks destroyed by Hurricane Isaac
Via Instagram user sbonnot
A major street in Lagos  digitally filtered with Instagram Linkwell mode
A major street in Lagos, digitally filtered with Instagram Linkwell mode
Laughing seal
Laughing seal
Anti-riot police officer with Spain s National Police.
Anti-riot police officer with Spain's National Police.
Policia Nacional
Kristina Pimenova
Kristina Pimenova
Examples of work in Richard Prince s controversial  New Portraits  gallery of allegedly stolen Insta...
Examples of work in Richard Prince's controversial "New Portraits" gallery of allegedly stolen Instagram photos
Gagosian Gallery
What s de Guzman s favorite Instagram filter? “Probably Hefe. I like the colors to be vivid. I lik...
What's de Guzman's favorite Instagram filter? “Probably Hefe. I like the colors to be vivid. I like the ones that maintain some sense of color, as opposed to washed out.”
John de Guzman
Kristina Pimenova
Kristina Pimenova
What would he like to see Instagram add? “I d like there to be live links in my caption... web lin...
What would he like to see Instagram add? “I'd like there to be live links in my caption... web links. And I miss my favorite filters: Apollo and Gotham. I wouldn't mind those coming back.”
John de Guzman
Nick Kraus

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