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Weekly commute by canoe for Panama teacher to reach off-grid village kids

Gamboa - Once a week, teacher Graciela Bouche takes a canoe from her small town in the Panama rainforest to an indigenous village some two kilometers away where spotty internet cannot replace shuttered classrooms.

Scientists and indigenous people unite to save Colombian condor

Dosquebradas - Rosendo Quira silently shakes a medicinal plant to attract a condor to the bait. The bird of prey glides through the clouds over Colombia towards a mountain pass some 3,200 meters above the sea.

Anti-vaccine stronghold emerges in Mexican highlands

Los Zacatones - An indigenous town in the highlands of southern Mexico is home to traditional weavers, farmers, ruins, a market -- and possibly the country's most ardent community of coronavirus vaccine skeptics.

Chile Congress reserves indigenous seats in constitution commission

Santiago - Chile's indigenous community will have 17 seats reserved for it in the commission charged with rewriting the South American country's constitution following a vote in parliament.

Amazon community files lawsuit against Chinese firm over gas flaring

Puerto Francisco De Orellana - Indigenous Waorani from Ecuador's Amazon filed a lawsuit Thursday against state-owned Chinese oil company PetroOriental, accusing it of contaminating their ancestral lands by burning off natural gas from oil wells in a process known as flaring.

Indigenous Bolivian coca farmers fear return of 'abusive' Morales

Caranavi - Evo Morales was Bolivia's first indigenous president -- but not all of the South American country's native people are fans, and some are calling on president-elect Luis Arce to undo what they see as the harm done under the former leader.

Indigenous Colombians protest violence with mock trial for president

Apo - Thousands of indigenous Colombians staged a symbolic trial of President Ivan Duque in the country's capital on Monday to demand an end to growing violence on their land.

Ecuadoran indigenous activist recognized by Time for fighting for her jungle

Quito - Nemonte Nenquimo is desperate for her five-year-old daughter to inherit pristine ancestral lands in Ecuador's Amazonian jungle region.It's this tenacity that earned her a spot on Time magazine's list of 100 most influential people in the world in 2020....

Brazil indigenous protesters defy court, resume roadblock

Terra Nova - Indigenous protesters in Brazil defied a court order Tuesday and resumed a roadblock of a key highway through the Amazon rainforest, demanding help against the new coronavirus and an end to illegal mining and deforestation.

Brazil indigenous protesters demand help against virus

Terra Nova - Brandishing bows and arrows, dozens of indigenous protesters blocked a main highway through the Brazilian Amazon Monday, demanding help against the new coronavirus and an end to illegal mining and deforestation.

Brazil's indigenous chief Raoni leaves hospital

Bras - Brazil's best-known indigenous leader, chief Raoni Metuktire, was released from hospital Saturday after a health scare and gave thanks for all the support he received during his convalescence.

Brazil's iconic chief Raoni to leave hospital Saturday

Bras - Brazil's best-known indigenous leader, chief Raoni Metuktire, is set to be released from hospital Saturday after a health scare, officials said.

Brazil's displaced indigenous struggle in concrete jungle far from home

Belo Horizonte - Forced to leave her home after last year's Brumadinho dam disaster that killed 270 people, indigenous woman Angoho Pataxo Ha-ha-hae is now fighting the coronavirus sweeping through her community in the concrete jungle of a favela far from her ancestral...

Court halts Mexico's 'Maya Train' over indigenous health rights

Mexico - A Mexican court has ordered the suspension of work on the "Maya Train," a controversial railroad through Mayan lands in the country's southeast, after an indigenous community filed an injunction.The $6.

Coronavirus decimating indigenous Latin American communities

Montevideo - Indigenous people in Latin America have been decimated by the coronavirus pandemic due to weak immune systems and centuries of state neglect.

Brazil's Yanomamis say endangered by miners spreading coronavirus

S - Brazil's Yanomami indigenous people on Tuesday demanded the government of President Jair Bolsonaro expel illegal goldminers from its territory to protect their communities from the spread of the coronavirus.

Brazil indigenous tribe fights coronavirus with plants

Manaus - Far from lab coat and face mask territory, a group of indigenous healers with feather and leaf headdresses is working its way up the Amazon river, looking for medicinal plants to treat the new coronavirus.

Pandemic increases isolation of Argentina's desert children

Mendoza - Argentina's coronavirus lockdown has closed schools nationwide and driven teaching online, but nowhere are the wasted weeks felt more keenly than in Huarpe indigenous communities in the far north, which have little access to the internet or distance ed...

Guatemala find reveals early Mayan writing

Guatemala City - A 2,000 year old stela recently discovered in Guatemala has revealed examples of the genesis of Mayan writing, according to experts studying the ancient civilization that dominated much of Central America.

Bolsonaro's Amazon 'dream' is indigenous 'nightmare'

Rio De Janeiro - Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has unveiled a sweeping plan for the Amazon rainforest that would open indigenous lands to mining -- a "dream" for the far-right leader, but a "nightmare" for environmentalists and tribal leaders.

In Peru, 'they teach you to be ashamed,' indigenous trans candidate says

- The first indigenous transgender candidate to run for parliament in Peru says it's time to end the culture of machismo in the South American country.

Panamanian village sleepless with fear after ritual killings

A week after six children and a pregnant woman were sacrificed in a brutal religious ritual, the inhabitants of a remote village in northwestern Panama fear they might be next."No-one can sleep.

Brazil's Bolsonaro ready to legalize mining on indigenous land

S - Brazil President Jair Bolsonaro said on Thursday his government was preparing to legalize mining on indigenous land and defended plans to expand farming in the same areas.

'There'll be war' if Bolivia cuts coca growing, farmers warn

Caranavi - For the coca farmers of western Bolivia's Las Yungas region, the loss of president Evo Morales -- himself a one-time coca grower, and a champion of indigenous rights -- is less worrying than the drop in price of their "holy leaf" crop.

Without 'father' Evo, Bolivia's indigenous coca farmers feel orphaned

Driven back by security forces and now leaderless after the departure of ex-president Evo Morales, Bolivian indigenous coca farmers have been left "orphaned" in their fight against the country's right-wing caretaker government.

AFP Fact Check: misleading web posts add fuel to Bolivia crisis

La Paz - The resignation of Bolivia's Evo Morales and his replacement by a little known conservative senator has sparked a surge of misleading social media posts.Here's a selection of misinformation debunked by AFP's fact-check service.

Colombia to deploy elite forces after killing of indigenous leader

Torib - Colombia's government on Wednesday ordered the deployment of 2,500 elite troops to combat dissident FARC guerillas after an attack that killed an indigenous leader and four guards.

Ecuador counts cost of deadly protests after deal

Quito - Ecuador began counting the cost Monday of 12 days of indigenous protests against fuel hikes that left eight demonstrators dead and severely dented President Lenin Moreno's austerity program.

Indigenous anger potent political weapon in Ecuador

Quito - Indigenous groups camped in the center of Ecuador's capital bristled with anger Wednesday at the start of a second day of violent protests set off by the government's decision to scrap fuel subsidies."Get the tires! Puncture them! Puncture them!

Clash of cultures as Amazon cowboys close in on indigenous lands

Santa Cruz - As evening falls over their Amazon home, the hunter gatherers of the Uru-eu-wau-wau people extract bamboo arrows from the flank of a wild pig and begin roasting it.
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