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Will robots take away your job? Special

In the classic sci fi film, “The Day the Earth Stood Still,” a robot vaporizes anyone standing in its way. In reality, though, it’s not people that robots are vaporizing, it’s their jobs.

Original Dr. Doom predicts tectonic shifts in economy for 2016 Special

New York - “You can’t go home again.” That in a nutshell is economist Henry Kaufman’s take on the global economic outlook for the foreseeable future, which, of course, isn’t very foreseeable at all.

Op-Ed: Leeching kids, sapped parents & the parable of the financial cave

The latest ‘poll’ feasted upon by Canadian media has to do with young adults who remain partially dependent on their parents after high school and in many cases after post-secondary education.

Op-Ed: Paul Krugman op-ed about income inequality is a must-read

Widely-known economist Paul Krugman has penned an op-ed in the New York Times asserting that increasing education attainment is not the key to reducing income inequality. Krugman is right on the money...and could save us billions in wasted funds.

Op-Ed: Jeb Bush 2016 campaign begins with strong moves

Detroit - Former Florida governor Jeb Bush has come closer to officially announcing his presidential candidacy. Though 2016 is a ways away, the Republican heavyweight has just given a major speech in Detroit touting his plans for restoring the U.S. economy.

Op-Ed: Obama could really help middle class by raising capital gains tax

President Obama is on a progressive hot streak as his second term approaches halftime: He's proposed subsidized broadband Internet for everyone, free community college for all, and now he wants to raise the capital gains tax to make the rich pay more.

Top 10 most pressing worldwide issues in 2015 Special

The predictions are not based on gazing into a crystal ball. Instead, research and insights from experts make the most urgent issues facing the world in 2015 crystal clear.

Op-Ed: Bah Humbug! The economy of 2014 in a nutshell

As 2014 comes to a close, new studies conclude what we already knew: the middle class is steadily disappearing and the rich are getting richer. What’s worse, this trend is apparently endemic to our economic system, and there is no end in sight.

Op-Ed: Blast from the past — Middle class has least wealth since 1940

A new sound bite may make the midterm rounds this fall. Two economists, one from UC Berkeley and one from the London School of Economics, have found that the percentage of wealth owned by the U.S. middle class has eroded to a level not seen since 1940.

Census finds that billionaires are hoarding their wealth

The Billionaire Census conducted by Wealth-X and UBS has concluded that the world’s richest people are keeping their money in cash, rather than investing it.

Review: A new national survey sheds light on income inequality

A national survey report by the Pew Research Center and USA TODAY reveals that a majority of Americans believe there is a widening gap between the poor and the rich.

Op-Ed: Comprehensive U.S. tax reform can benefit the 90 percent

With the 2014 midterm election narrative likely to center on income inequality, congressional legislators and candidates should look to meaningful comprehensive tax reform.

Obama's 'promise zones' versus Senator Paul's 'freedom zones'

President Obama's "promise zones" very much resemble Senator Rand Paul's ideas on "economic freedom zones" the Republican introduced in Detroit in December. Is imitation flattery, as Paul insists?

Do you know how wealth is distributed in America?

Infographics on the wealth and inequality in the U.S. revealing the striking difference between what people think is the reality of wealth distribution and the real economic picture has already received over 10 million hits on YouTube.

Op-Ed: Income inequality growing everywhere except Latin America

Income inequality—wherein the rich get richer and poor poorer, relatively speaking—is increasing almost everywhere these days. With one interesting exception.

'Inequality for All' in many American cities tonight

The feature documentary film "Inequality for All" opens tonight in 28 cities across America. The movie follows former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich as he looks to raise awareness of America's widening income inequality.

Top 1% took record share of 2012 US income

The income disparity between the wealthiest 1 percent of American earners and everyone else widened to a record gap in 2012.

North-south divide for U.K. cancer rates

Alarming new figures relating to incidents of cancer in England show a marked difference between the north of the country and the south.

Op-Ed: Weinergate is a blind eye to the real social problems

New York - New York is both a center of global finance and culture while plagued with a verity of social problems. With its ongoing mayoral election, the attention should be focused on candidates and what they propose as a solution to the cities problems.

Report: Income inequality continues to grow in Canada

The fortunes of the world’s richest individuals continued to grow last year thanks to booming stock markets and resurgent property values.

Shocking new statistics on US income inequality

Analysis of Internal Revenue Service data has revealed shocking disparities in income growth among American workers over the past six decades.

Study: Racial wealth gap tripled since Reagan era

Waltham - A new study has revealed that the wealth gap between white and black Americans has nearly tripled since the Reagan years.

Ed Broadbent calls for more taxes to battle income gaps in Canada

Toronto - One year since Occupy Wall Street became one of the leading political movements, the left-leaning Broadbent Institute published a report that highlights income inequality as one of the most important issues facing Canada.

Census: 46.2 million poor Americans, income inequality growing

Washington - New figures released by the US Census Bureau on Wednesday reveal that 46.2 million Americans, including 16.1 million children, are poor, and that median household income declined in 2011. Income inequality increased to its highest level in 45 years.

Teen birth rates in U.S. at all-time low

Washington - Here's some good news about teen pregnancy: the teen birth rate in the United States dropped a record nine percent between 2009 and 2010.

Bank of Canada wants policies to restrain free market, incomes

Rio De Janeiro - Bank of Canada deputy governor Tiff Macklem delivered a speech to a business audience, in which he argues for public officials to enact policies that would rein in the free market and address income inequalities.

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Occupy San Francisco demonstrators protest against income inequality.
Occupy San Francisco demonstrators protest against income inequality.

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