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Deadly new air strikes as Syria army battles jihadists

Syrian government aircraft bombed several towns in northwestern Syria on Thursday killing eight civilians as troops and militia battled jihadists on the ground, a monitor said.

Syria regime-jihadist clashes kill 44: monitor

Beirut - Jihadists launched a counterattack against regime forces Tuesday on the edges of their bastion in northwestern Syria, leaving dead 26 pro-government fighters and 18 jihadists, a monitor said.

Russia air strikes kill 10 civilians in northwest Syria: monitor

Idlib - Air strikes by Syrian regime ally Russia have killed 10 civilians including five children in a northwestern jihadist bastion, a monitor said Monday, hours after Moscow announced a ceasefire there.

Syrians destitute under olive trees after days of bombing

B - For nine days, Syrian matriarch Fatima al-Masri has slept under olive trees near the Turkish border, after fleeing air strikes by the regime and its allies on her hometown.

Jihadists frustrate aid effort in northwest Syria

Beirut - Threats, interference and aid deliveries in jeopardy -- relief workers say jihadists are adding to the huge challenges they face in violence-plagued northwest Syria where a fragile ceasefire is at risk.

US urges Russia to end 'escalation' in Syria's Idlib

Washington - The United States on Tuesday urged Russia to abide by its commitments and end an "escalation" in Syria's northwestern Idlib region after a monitor said air strikes killed 10 civilians."The violence must end.

Russian air strikes kill 10 civilians in Syria's Idlib: monitor

Beirut - Air strikes by Syrian regime ally Russia killed 10 civilians in the jihadist-held northwestern region of Idlib on Friday, a monitor said, as unsuccessful peace talks ended in Kazakhstan.

'15 dead' in huge blast in northwest Syria

A powerful explosion Wednesday killed 15 people including more than a dozen civilians in jihadist-held northwest Syria, a war monitor said, as rescuers searched for people trapped under the rubble.

Army shelling kills 22 civilians in Syria's Idlib: monitor

Beirut - Heavy bombardment by the Syrian army of the jihadist-controlled Idlib region has killed 22 civilians, a monitor said Thursday, the latest violence to theaten a seven-month-old truce.

Qaeda-linked Syria group kills 21 regime forces: monitor

Beirut - A Syrian jihadist group linked to Al-Qaeda killed 21 regime and allied forces Sunday near Idlib province, in one of the deadliest breaches of a six-month-old truce deal, a monitor said.

Six jihadists among 8 killed by blast in Syria's Idlib

Idlib - Six jihadists, mostly foreigners, were among eight people killed in a bomb attack on a restaurant in the Syrian city of Idlib on Friday, a war monitor said.

Twin bombing kills 24 in Syria's Idlib: monitor

Beirut - A double bomb attack in Syria's jihadist-held city of Idlib on Monday killed 24 people, including four children, a war monitor said.

What next for Syria's Idlib?

Beirut - The Idlib area in northern Syria is now fully ruled by Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), a jihadist organisation dominated by members of Al-Qaeda's former affiliate.

Ceasefire deal sees jihadists take over Syria's Idlib: reports

Beirut - The main jihadist alliance in Syria's Idlib region reached a deal on Thursday ending days of deadly fighting with rival rebels and extending its influence over the whole rebel enclave.

What next for Syria's last major rebel bastion?

Beirut - For nearly four months, a Russian-Turkish ceasefire deal has protected three million people in Syria's last major rebel bastion of Idlib from a major regime offensive.

Jihadists advance against rebels in northern Syria: monitor

Beirut - Jihadists gained ground Friday from rebels in Syria's last major opposition bastion after four days of clashes that have killed more than 100 fighters, a war monitor said.

Air raids hit rebel areas west of Syria's Aleppo: monitor

Beirut - Air strikes hit the edges of Syria's last major rebel stronghold west of Aleppo on Sunday, a monitor said, a day after an alleged toxic attack on the regime-held city.

Gunmen kill two activists in northwest Syria

Beirut - Two activists critical of both the regime and jihadists were gunned down Friday in Syria's last major rebel bastion in the northwest of the country, their radio station and a monitor said.

Syria summit says Idlib ceasefire must be safeguarded

Istanbul - The leaders of Turkey, Russia, France and Germany on Saturday called for a ceasefire around the last major rebel-held bastion of Idlib in Syria to be preserved.

'Fiercest' shellfire yet around Syria truce zone: monitor

Beirut - Rebels and jihadists traded fire with government forces in northern Syria overnight, their "fiercest" exchanges since a buffer zone deal was announced for the area last month, a monitor said Thursday.

US envoy says Idlib deal 'freezes' Syria conflict

Ankara - A Russian-Turkish deal for a buffer zone around Syria's last rebel stronghold was a "major step" that has "frozen" the country's devastating seven-year war, a US envoy said Wednesday.

Syria's Idlib buffer zone hangs in balance

Beirut - A horseshoe-shaped demilitarised zone around Syria's opposition stronghold of Idlib is aimed at averting a massive government assault on the area, but its implementation has been riddled with challenges.

Deadline passes for Syria's Idlib buffer without jihadists leaving

Beirut - A deadline passed Monday without jihadists leaving a planned buffer zone around Syria's last major rebel bastion of Idlib as set out under a Russian-Turkish deal.

Aid groups worried as deadline looms for Syria's Idlib

Beirut - Aid agencies on Friday warned of dire humanitarian consequences if a Russia-Turkey deal to avert a regime assault on Syria's last major rebel stronghold was not fully implemented within days.

Syria army warns Idlib residents as deadline looms

Idlib - Syria's army Friday warned residents of the country's last major rebel bastion to stay away from jihadists, who have yet to withdraw from a buffer zone ahead of a looming deadline.

Turkey says heavy arms pullout completed in Syria's Idlib

Ankara - Turkey on Wednesday said a planned buffer zone in the northwestern Syrian province of Idlib has been cleared of heavy weapons as part of a deal reached between Moscow and Ankara.

Most heavy arms out of planned Syria buffer zone: monitor

Beirut - Jihadists and Turkish-backed rebels have withdrawn most heavy weapons from territory around Syria's last major opposition stronghold ahead of a Wednesday deadline, a monitor said.

Jihadists pull heavy weapons from Syria buffer zone as deadline nears

Beirut - Jihadist factions including Syria's former Al-Qaeda branch have withdrawn heavy weapons from parts of a planned buffer zone in Idlib province, a monitor said Monday, two days ahead of a deadline.

Syria rebels say to remove heavy weapons from buffer zone within days

Kafer Halab - Turkish-backed rebels said Sunday they expected to finish withdrawing heavy weapons from a planned buffer zone in northwestern Syria within days under a deal to stave off a regime attack.

Syria rebels say shifting heavy arms from Idlib buffer zone

Beirut - Syrian rebels said Saturday they have begun withdrawing heavy arms from a planned buffer zone in northwestern Idlib province, ahead of a deadline to set up the demilitarised area.
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Idlib  the last rebel stronghold in Syria
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