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iPhone News

Thousands of call recordings exposed due to security flaw Special

A security researcher has disclosed a serious security flaw in Automatic Call Recorder, which is a popular iPhone app where users can send recorded conversations to each other.

What's behind Apple's iOS security research device program? Special

Apple has begun loaning special research iPhones with unprecedented access to skilled and vetted researchers, enabling them to find and report security vulnerabilities in which Apple can address through its iOS Security Research Device program.

Google's Project Zero team find 'numerous Apple vulnerabilities'

A new issue for Apple. Google researchers have identified multiple vulnerabilities in an image parsing code, which could affect Mac and iPhone users. To address the issue, Apple are bringing forward their new iOS and macOS updates.

Looking into the iPhone email app flaw Special

Cybersecurity researchers have identified that all types of Apple iPhones are at risk of being hacked through the email application that comes with the smartphone device. Sam Bakken of OneSpan has been looking at the issue.

Many malicious apps identified in new iPhone threat Special

A recent report from Wandera has identified 17 apps from one developer that load a malicious clicker trojan module on an iOS device. Sam Bakken, Senior Product Marketing Manager, OneSpan looks into the issue.

Unpatchable bootroom exploit could affect millions of iOS devices Special

A rare, unpatchable bootroom exploit has been discovered affecting millions of iOS devices. Sam Bakken, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Mobile App Security at OneSpan explains more.

Review: Super-fast chargers developed for iPhone Special

Apple has supported PD fast charging since the iPhone 8 and alternative products now provide equivalent or better charging times, such as the PD 18W Charger and USB C to Lightning Cable from UGREEN.

Apple to use recycled rare Earth materials in new iPhones

As part of its growing focus on environmental issues, Apple is the first technology company to make use recycled rare earth materials. These are in a key component in newly-launched iPhones.

iPhone flaw shows ongoing concerns with mobile devices Special

Researchers working at Google’s Project Zero have discovered several hacked websites which used cybersecurity flaws to indiscriminately attack any iPhone that visited them. This is the biggest attack yet reported against iPhone users.

Google reveals years-long 'indiscriminate' iPhone hack

Washington - Google security experts uncovered an "indiscriminate" hacking operation that targeted iPhones over a period of at least two years and used websites to implant malicious software to access photos, user locations and other data.

Apple slips to 4th in list of world's top smartphone makers

Apple slipped to fourth place in IHS Markit's list of the world's top smartphone makers for the second quarter of 2019. It now sits behind Samsung, Huawei, and Oppo, a Chinese smartphone brand that's lesser-known in the West.

Review: Three alternative charging products for Apple devices Special

Most technology suppliers create the impression that you need to buy 'official' chargers to work with particular products, to secure sales of hardware. However, there are many good quality alternative products available. Three are reviewed here.

Op-Ed: Not just about iPhones - Apple will diversify to evolve

San Jose - Apple surprised the markets with better than expected revenue this week, but the future of Apple is looking very different from the current model. A new direction is moving on from being “a phone company” into more advanced fields of business.

iPhone users targeted by new spyware threat

Users of iPhones face a new cybersecurity risk, stemming from a new surveillance app. The app was first designed for Android devices before being re-presented as an iPhone app.

China experiences a sharp slump in Apple iPhone sales

Apple reports a significant decline in iPhone sales in mainland China during the first quarter of 2019. As a result, there was a drop also in employee pay and benefits and even layoffs and resignations at assembly plants.

Huawei demotes two employees over iPhone use

Be careful what you use to tweet your messages with, especially if you are sending out a message on behalf of one technology company using a device made by another. This is what some Huawei employees did using an iPhone.

iPhone XS reviews are starting to come in — with few complaints

This article originally appeared on Business Insider. The first wave of reviews of Apple's latest iPhone XS and XS Max are in, and they're widely favorable.

Key new features with iOS 12 for iPhone

Apple's headline update to its latest iOS for the iPad and iPhone is about data privacy. Together with this important anti-tracking feature are a range of other interesting features designed to enhance the user experience.

Second shady company claims to have broken iPhone encryption

Two new cybersecurity companies have reportedly broken Apple's iPhone encryption and are selling unlocking services. Last week, Israeli U.S. firm Cellebrite said it had developed the tech. Another company is now also providing unlocking services.

Apple could abandon iPhone X notch amid 'sluggish demand'

Apple may abandon its iPhone notch next year, according to a new report. The company is said to be working to completely fill the phone's front with the display. It comes as Citi cut its sales forecasts for the iPhone X, citing "sluggish demand."

$999 iPhone isn't tempting people to abandon their current phone

Analyst firm Piper Jaffray surveyed 1,500 iPhone users to find out why they chose not to upgrade to the iPhone X. More than 40% of users said they didn't upgrade because their current iPhone still works well.

AirPods expected to get popular iPhone features in 2018 and 2019

A new report suggests Apple may release new versions of its popular AirPods wireless earbuds in 2018 and 2019. The 2018 model may receive a "Hey, Siri" voice command, while the 2019 model may be water resistant.

Apple overhauls software development approach to fix iOS bugs

Apple is reportedly undergoing a "cultural shift" in how it develops and releases iOS so it can address quality concerns. The company is said to be abandoning its classic one-year development cycle, encouraging engineers to plan for longer schedules.

Apple previews new ARKit version with improved object recognition

Apple's preparing to launch a new version of its ARKit augmented reality platform with improved object recognition and support for vertical planes. Developers can now map objects against walls and doors, instead of relying on flat table tops and floors.

iOS 11.3 lets you access your medical records in Apple Health

Apple's announced it will let you view your medical records using the iOS Health app. Starting with the next iOS update, patients at select hospitals will be able to access detailed information including lab results and known conditions from their iPhone.

Apple to release iOS update that can disable battery slowdowns

Apple CEO Tim Cook has said the company is developing an iOS update that will allow you to disable battery-related performance throttling. It comes after Apple has faced a month of criticism for deliberately slowing iPhones without informing the user.

Senator asks Apple for more explanation of old iPhone slowdowns

A U.S. senator has sent an open letter to Apple asking for information about the company's use of processor throttling on older iPhones. Senator John Thune questioned Apple's decisions and the company's new discounted battery replacement program.

Apple admits to slowing down old iPhones to improve battery life

Apple's admitted it deliberately slows down aging iPhones to extend their battery life. Over the past week, social media users have uncovered evidence to suggest iOS throttles performance as the battery ages. Apple's now explained the behaviour.

Coinbase briefly was the number one U.S.-downloaded app on iPhone

The huge spikes in the value of bitcoin that has gone from well under a thousand dollars a coin at the beginning of the year to a recent high on Friday of over $17,000 have spurred a great deal of interest in bitcoin trading and in Coinbase.

Apple plans 60x wireless speed boost for iPhone 9

Apple's working on an upgraded antenna for next year's iPhones that will facilitate gigabit transmission speeds up to 60x faster than current LTE tech. If fully utilised, 1Gbps transfers that can download entire movies in under a minute.
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The NomadKey phone charger
The NomadKey phone charger
Via NomadKey
Stan Honda, AFP/File
Official press images of Apple s iOS 10  announced 13/06/2016
Official press images of Apple's iOS 10, announced 13/06/2016
Schneider Optics also makes lenses for the i-phone. They along with olloclip were among several phot...
Schneider Optics also makes lenses for the i-phone. They along with olloclip were among several photography and photo products designed for the i-phone or i-pad, featured at the 2014 Macworld Expo.
Apple s visualization of how iCloud will work
Apple's visualization of how iCloud will work
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iPhone 6
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The iPhone 4S devices from Apple
The iPhone 4S devices from Apple
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Apple iPhone
Apple CEO Tim Cook holding up the one billionth iPhone at an employee meeting in Cupertino on 27/07/...
Apple CEO Tim Cook holding up the one billionth iPhone at an employee meeting in Cupertino on 27/07/2016
An example of the very blurry images taken by defective iPhone 6 Plus cameras
An example of the very blurry images taken by defective iPhone 6 Plus cameras
oneZer01, Apple Support Forums
An Apple patent filing appears to suggest that future iPhones could be unlocked with facial recognit...
An Apple patent filing appears to suggest that future iPhones could be unlocked with facial recognition
Apple - US Patent Office
Apple s iOS 9
Apple's iOS 9
The Grace Digital Audio Eco Terra Speakers
The Grace Digital Audio Eco Terra Speakers
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The touch controller of an iPhone 6

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