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hydrogel News

Hydrogels used for water purification

Texas City - Researchers have developed an effective and low-cost method to produce water of drinking water quality through the use of hydrogel technology. The process works in conjunction with sunlight.

Hydrogel advances wearable electronics

A polyacrylamide hydrogel has been developed. This should lead to super-stretchable and super-compressible supercapacitors for use with the growing trend for wearable electronic devices.

Stretchy optical fibers used to assess for signs of diseases

A special type of optical fiber, made from a hydrogel, has been developed. This rubber-like device can detect diseases early and send an alert signal.

The new hydrogel that won’t dry out

Hydrogels offer a number of interesting applications, including medicines, bioelectronics and artificial skin. While hydrogels are useful they eventually dry out. Researchers have found a new way for keeping hydrogels moist.

New gel increases blood flow for arterial disease patients

A novel bio-gel formed from natural scaffolding taken from human muscle could help to treat treating arterial disease. The gel is administered by injection.

Novel platform for cancer treatment developed

A new strand of research, exploring how microRNAs can be delivered for cancer treatment, has been published. The method takes advantage of advances in hydrogel technology.

Durable hydrogel made from sea anemone

Scientists have examined how a sea anemone behaves and used this knowledge to create a mechanically durable hydrogel. The resultant material is an aneroin hydrogel superior to collagen, gelatin, and elastin.

New hydrogel can 'walk' in water by changing temperature

Scientists have developed a new hydrogel that stretches and contracts relatively quickly in response to temperature variations, which may offer practical uses.

Water engine propels tumor cells through the body

Scientists have found how cancer cells spread through extremely narrow three-dimensional spaces in the body. They have identifying a propulsion system based on water and charged particles.

Mouse brain rendered transparent for neurological research

Researchers have developed a method for rendering the brain of a mouse transparent. This non-destructive process is designed to allow scientists to better visualize brain conditions such as autism.

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IAAC Diagram of their prototype.
IAAC Diagram of their prototype.
Types of bubbles associated with hydrogels
Types of bubbles associated with hydrogels
File image: A sample of sodium polyacrylate  also known as  acrylic sodium salt polymer  that can ab...
File image: A sample of sodium polyacrylate, also known as "acrylic sodium salt polymer" that can absorb up to 400 times its weight in water, a property that is exploited for use in common household goods such as diapers. This sample has already absorbed the maximum amount of water.
Challiyil Eswaramangalath Vipin (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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