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Digital HR provides solutions for workplaces post COVID-19

The changing business climate means new ways of running the firm and this includes the way employees and employers interact. Among the new platforms being considered those for employee relations, representing part of the digital transformation of HR.

Why businesses need to be concerned about staff retention

HR analysis suggests the next two weeks will be the busiest of the year for people unhappy in the current workplace. This means businesses need to develop retention strategies.

Are employers prepared as Gen Z grads enter the workforce?

As Generation Z enters the workforce, are employers prepared to give them what they want or need? With low unemployment rates and a strong labor market in the U.S., the balance is with these new workers. A new survey identifies the trends.

Q&A: Technology is tracking employee dynamics to retain talent Special

With the employment market in the balance of the potential employee, organizations need to focus on their employee engagement tactics in order to avoid losing the best talent. Carley Childress of Macorva explains more.

Amazon worker tracking system can automatically fire people

Amazon employs a system that not only tracks warehouse workers productivity, but can automatically fire them for failing to meet expectations.

Q&A: How AI is revolutionizing the recruitment process Special

Gloat, an anonymous recruitment and career enhancement company is changing HR through advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning. The technology takes in companies from startups to corporate vibes to match people and jobs together.

Q&A: How text messaging can drive recruitment success Special

Text messaging can play an important today’s recruiting process. According to the company Canvas, messaging can help businesses recruit up to 10 times the number of candidates they previously could using traditional methods.

Essential for DX success: Strategic alignment, agility and HR Special

Cambridge - Why do digital transformations often fail? There are three approaches that organizations forget during these major transitions: strategic alignment, agility and the critical role of HR. Janice Miller of Harvard Business Publishing explains more.

Interview: Does technology mean the end of the headhunter? Special

As machine learning systems becomes more accessible to hiring managers, headhunters are headed towards a fast extinction, according to recruiter Nick Cromydas, CEO and Founder of Hunt Club.

Companies must rethink their recruitment strategy: Interview Special

Millennials have become the largest part of the U.S. workforce, and by 2025 will make up three-fourths of a workplace that will be over 40 percent mobile. This means Companies have to rethink their assumptions about what matters most to employees.

How technology is shaping human resources

Like any area of a business, human resources are undergoing digital transformation and reacting to new forms of employment, such as remote working and the adoption of artificial intelligence.

Cisco reorgnization reflects the changing nature of work

The nature of work is changing and flexible working is a core part of the so-termed ‘Gig Economy’. To what extent is this impacting on more established forms of working. Recent office closes by Cisco could signal one future direction.

How to reshape your workforce in the age of AI

Artificial intelligence promises many benefits for companies. However, progress can be slow and uneven if the workforce is not taken on the digital transformation journey. New analysis describes how workers can be best prepared for the challenge.

Interview: Artificial intelligence is disrupting recruitment Special

Human resources is undergoing significant change due to digital technology. One important example is with the use of artificial intelligence in recruitment. Digital Journal finds out more with the CEO of Reflektive.

Automation is disrupting traditional models of recruitment

The recruitment sector, from human resources to outsourced agencies, is undergoing disruption through the use of automation and artificial intelligence. This is leading to new approaches for businesses to recruit staff.

Social learning platform for sales and talent development Special

Braidio is a social learning platform for sales enablement and talent development, integrating real-time communications capabilities. To find out more we spoke with Iain Scholnick, the company's CEO.

Artificial intelligence solution for human resources: Interview Special

Employment Foresight software is an artificial intelligence solution for HR professionals, in-house general counsel, and labor-employment law firms. To understand how the application can aid businesses, we spoke with the software company Blue J Legal.

Google Analytics aids workplace recruitment

Human resources professionals are making use of Google Analytics as a tool for recruitment. This is a reflection of the majority of hiring now being via digital channels and the need for employers to reflect the needs of potential hires.

ConnectMe, a digital workplace for employees: Interview Special

Employee disengagement is a looming issue and it affects everything from company productivity to profitability. To help businesses with this issue, Deloitte created ConnectMe, a digital workplace. We spoke with Michael Gretczko, the general manager.

WOS Digital, a platform to connect companies with new talent

The application of digital technology is affecting how businesses operate and also how many firms are recruiting and retaining employees. One such example is Workforce Opportunity Services, which has launched a new platform.

How voluntary benefits outsourcing helps businesses: Interview Special

Technology, through the application of voluntary benefits outsourcing, can increase efficiency and accessibility for HR professionals during open enrollment season. To find out more we spoke with Peter Marcia, the CEO of YouDecide.

Interview with thought leader on TeleHealth for business Special

San Francisco - For human resources, and businesses in general, the biggest trend in new benefits offerings is shaping up to be TeleHealth, especially the areas of TeleMedicine and TeleTherapy. We spoke with David Reid, CEO of EaseCentral to find out more.

Businesses turning to performance management software solutions

Constructing an informed, reliable and responsive workforce is important to many businesses and having the ability to track performance is essential to this process. To streamline this, employers are starting to utilize performance management software.

Employers are using workforce analytics to hire the best

Human resources managers are turning to innovative software that allow for detailed workforce analytics to be undertaken. These new tools are helping companies become more inclusive, and create value for all their stakeholders.

Increased take-up of digital technology by human resources

The image of the old-style personnel manager clutching a cardboard file and using this to check an employee’s record is fading. Today’s human resources departments are taking advantage of the latest digital technology offerings.

American Apparel Board fires CEO Dov Charney over 'misconduct'

American Apparel has apparently ousted their CEO Dov Charney over a variety of allegations that go under the blanket of "misconduct." The media is buzzing with reports of what that means with many rumors and a few confirmed reports.

Are LinkedIn, Monster killing the recruitment industry?

Los Angeles - Since the growth of LinkedIn, a social networking website for people in professional job positions, many have pegged the question: is the recruiting industry dead? As the employment pool grows and the job vacancies shrink, companies rely on recruitment.

HiringThing aids businesses in evolving human resources field

Portland - With a finite number of job vacancies, potential employees must find ways to get his or her foot in the door for that lucrative position. Indeed, the human resources landscape has become more competitive, but new software makes it easier for employers.

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