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Review: ‘Doctor Who’ VR game takes players out of this world Special

‘Doctor Who: The Edge of Time’ is a feature-length VR videogame that gives players the unique experience of working with the Doctor to save the universe.

Quarterly VR headset shipments pass one million for first time

Shipments of VR headsets passed one million units in the last quarter, according to new analysis published today. It's the first time the VR market has managed to shift so many devices during a quarter. Price cuts have contributed to the increased demand.

HTC could sell off Vive VR business as it seeks new strategy

HTC is reportedly considering several strategic options as it struggles to succeed in the increasingly competitive technology market. The company could sell off its Vive virtual reality business, seeing it withdraw from VR. Google might be the buyer.

HTC Vive gets a permanent $200 price cut

HTC has cut $200 from the price of its Vive virtual reality headset as the VR market begins to heat up. The Vive is still more expensive than its main rival, the Facebook-produced Oculus Rift, but is now a more competitively priced alternative.

Google unveils standalone VR headsets – no smartphone needed

Google has announced a new range of "standalone" virtual reality headsets that operate independently of a smartphone. The company said the devices will help to create a new category of VR experience with a simplified setup procedure.

Developer blends HoloLens and Vive, creates 'shared reality'

A software developer has combined the power of the Microsoft HoloLens and HTC Vive headsets to create a new kind of digital experience dubbed "shared reality." It mixes augmented and virtual reality together, creating a more collaborative joined world.

HTC launches Vivepaper, the first immersive VR reading experience

HTC has announced a new virtual reality app called Vivepaper. Built for the company's Vive VR headset, the app is the world's first immersive reading experience. It provides a new way to view and browse online news content through a tactile interface.

Op-Ed: Apple CEO Tim Cook praises augmented reality over virtual reality

Apple CEO Tim Cook spoke of the superior potential of augmented reality over virtual reality in an interview with Good Morning America on Wednesday.

Intel's building a depth-sensing camera add-on for the HTC Vive

Intel has revealed it's building a depth-sensing camera add-on for the HTC Vive virtual reality headset. The camera will enable the headset to track hand movement and detect physical obstacles, preventing the wearer from running into them while in VR.

HTC and HP building VR-ready computers approved for the Vive

HTC is reportedly going to start building capable gaming computers designed for virtual reality. Branded as Vive PCs, the systems will allow gamers to buy an off-the-shelf PC and be certain it supports the Vive. Rival Oculus already has a similar program.

Review: VR POP is compelling study of empathy & real-world storytelling Special

TIFF’s second pop-up installation explores VR’s potential to put people in other people’s lives via a variety of storytelling styles.

Open-source virtual reality headset wants to beat the Oculus Rift

OSVR, an open-source virtual reality project to rival the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, has announced a new headset with upgraded specifications. The OSVR HDK 2 will retail at a much lower price than its competitors, potentially making it a popular choice.

HTC unveils a 'business edition' of its Vive VR headset

HTC has announced it is building a business-oriented version of its Vive virtual reality headset designed with enterprises in mind. HTC wants to see virtual reality become part of the workplace, including applications not focused on entertainment.

Microsoft combats nausea in virtual reality with some cheap LEDs

Early adopters of virtual reality headsets have frequently commented on the feeling of nausea that VR experiences can induce. Microsoft has developed a quick and low-cost fix for the problem, involving nothing more than some strips of LED lights.

HTC sells 15,000 Vive VR headsets in first 10 minutes

The HTC Vive has established itself as one of the most popular virtual reality headsets around. The company confirmed this yesterday as it saw thousands of the $800 kits fly off its shelves when pre-orders opened online.

Apple team of 'hundreds' secretly working with virtual reality

Apple is reportedly building its own virtual reality headset to rival devices like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. The highly secretive team is said to number in the hundreds and has already assembled several prototypes.

Troubled HTC sees virtual reality as its saviour, not phones

HTC has been slipping behind in the smartphone market over the past couple of years. Despite launching truly high-end premium devices, sales have been slipping and profits falling. The company is now turning to virtual reality to save itself.

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Image of Intel s depth-sensing camera add-on for the HTC Vive  revealed by Dmitri Diakopoulos in a s...
Image of Intel's depth-sensing camera add-on for the HTC Vive, revealed by Dmitri Diakopoulos in a since deleted tweet [Image via Upload VR]
Dmitri Diakopoulos / Upload VR
HTC Vive standalone VR headset
HTC Vive standalone VR headset
The HTC Vive  built in partnership with Valve
The HTC Vive, built in partnership with Valve
The HTC Vive
The HTC Vive
HTC Vive Business Edition
HTC Vive Business Edition

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