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CISO’s are key to make companies security safe under COVID-19 Special

To mark the National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, Brent Johnson of Bluefin explains just how important the role of the Chief information security officer (CISO) is to major firms.

What are the best homework habits during COVID-19?

As cases or coronavirus infection continue to rise worldwide, more people are electing or being told) to be schooled from home. This places additional strains and stresses on parents. A leading expert provided some advice.

New Data: Workplace sentiment during the pandemic

A new survey reveals just how well (or badly) employees and managers are faring during the pandemic and work-from-home protocols.

Why it's important to prioritize mental health during remote work Special

For some people the lack of social interaction and the demands associated with juggling family in an attempt to secure a work-life balance are taking their toll as remote working looks set to continue for some time.

Smooth Streaming: Tips to help improve broadband speed Special

Many office workers transferred to the home setting are struggling to get effective broadband speeds. While much of this is in the hands of the provider, there are things that individuals can do to boost their speed.

Some professions are supported more than others by IT at home

Are remote workers being underserved? It depends on the sector they work in, according to a new survey. The survey indicates those professions that are considered to be of less value, despite undertaking very important work for society as a whole.

Biggest broadband issues for those remote-working

A good quality Internet connection is essential for home working, yet many broadband services are substandard. Investment in infrastructure is needed long-term. In the short-term, a new surveys highlights day-to-day issues.

What do employees really think about remote working?

Working from home presents many challenges and there are scores of articles looking into the technical aspects. But what do employees themselves really think about the process and the impact on work-life balance?

Steps for keeping the remote workforce secure Special

The demand for remote working as a result of COVID-19 has invariably placed pressures on organizations to ensure the availability of resources outside of corporate control. Cindy Provin, General Manager at nCipher Security provides some advice.

Working from home? How to protect yourself from employer spying Special

Employer surveillance is on the rise, aimed at those undertaking remote working. How can employees protect themselves? Ideas include not using work equipment for your personal activities, chatting securely, and securing company files.

Key steps to take to keep remote workers secure Special

The demand for remote working as a result of COVID-19 has invariably placed pressures on organizations to ensure the availability of resources outside of corporate control. How secure is this process? Cindy Provin discusses with Digital Journal.

How the pharmaceutical sector is adapting to remote working

For an industry based largely on manufacturing and scientific research, the pharmaceutical sector has needed to adapt in novel ways in order to meet the home working requirements fostered upon it due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Facebook moves many staff to permanent work from home Special

Home working is here to stay for many workers. Leading the pack is Facebook, which as announced that many of its workers will be allowed to work from home as part of a permanent arrangement.

Organizations need to create a long term WFH security strategy Special

The work from home mandate was fast with companies quickly moving employees into their homes and enabling business continuity for customers and key stakeholders. This has introduced security risks. Consultant Mike Hamilton explains more.

Q&A: Maintaining a remote work model post-coronavirus Special

In the transition to remote work, development teams at many organizations worked overtime in rapid response to coronavirus by ramping up software implementation. Now we are in the 'new normal', what are the longer-term issues?

Facebook extends work from home until 2021 Special

Mark Zuckerberg has announced that most of its employees will be allowed to continue to work from home through the end of 2020. For a major corporation to do so, this signals that a new 'normal' is upon us.

Home working becomes the new norm, but it brings security risks Special

Is remote working the new normal for 2020? As two major technology companies announce that they do not expect workers to come back on site to next year, given the coronavirus situation. Yet, longer periods of remote working presents new security risks.

Q&A: Four reasons to innovate during the coronavirus crisis Special

The environment in which businesses operate is always changing rapidly and creating reasons to innovate. Yet none of these changes have seemed quite as urgent as the current coronavirus crisis, according to Philip Atherton.

Remote workforce gets a boost from productivity tool Special

The use of productivity tools are especially important during the COVID-19 pandemic, as the majority of businesses have shifted to a remote workforce and, in many cases, productivity is a key issue firms are dealing with.

Cyber-risks: Data security issues from working from home

With more employees working from home, companies need to understand where security threats are coming from This is in light of many business leaders considering their employees the biggest security threat.

Six ways to be secure while working from home Special

With more and more people forced to remote work from home, due to the requirement for social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic, how can cybersecurity best be maintained? Mat Newfield, Unisys Chief Information Security Officer provides some tips.

Q&A: Strategies for home schooling children during COVID-19 Special

While many schools will have provided some curriculum based tools to keep kids learning, what should do parents with your preschool children? Looking into this is Founder and CEO of Roybi Robot, Elnaz Sarraf.

Some tech tips to increase productivity while working from home

For many, unused to home working, being away from the office can be challenging, especially in terms of time management and accessing different types of software designed to facilitate remote working.

How secure is it for employees to work from home during COVID-19? Special

Many employees are working from home as a means of maintaining social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic. While remote working undoubtedly brings benefits, it is important that cybersecurity measures are maintained.

Q&A: New video technology to aid remote working Special

Helping personnel with remote working in relation to the coronavirus pandemic is proving challenging to businesses. One solution is Jamm, a new lightweight video engagement platform. Badri Rajasekar explains more.

Tips for managing a growing work-from-home workforce Special

The novel coronavirus has disrupted the world of work. James Carder, Chief Security Officer & Vice President of LogRhythm, sets out some tips for companies and what they must do as the world shifts to a remote workforce.

How U.S. companies can prepare in the face of coronavirus Special

With Microsoft and Amazon now enforcing remote work policies in responses to coronavirus, many enterprises are attempting to rapidly deploy mobile work platforms. Scott Gor​don looks at how companies can manage the remote working surge.

Five tips for getting the most out of remote working

Remote working is becoming more common with many businesses, aided by new technologies and it is a style of working that is attractive to many millennials. A business analyst discusses how to manage remote working employees.

UK: Taxman to target part-time home workers

London - In another move which critics will see as targeting the less well off, HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) has announced new measures aimed at those involved in direct selling.

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