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Mexico urges Austria to return Moctezuma's headdress

Mexico - Mexico's president said Monday that he had given his wife the "almost impossible mission" of persuading Austria to return a feather headdress said to have been worn by Aztec emperor Moctezuma.

Archeologists find remains of 227 sacrificed children in Peru

- Archeologists in Peru say the 227 bodies they have unearthed from a site used by the pre-Columbian Chimu culture is the biggest-ever discovery of sacrificed children.

Uruguay court orders sale of WWII Nazi eagle from sunken warship

Montevideo - A court in Uruguay has ruled that a bronze Nazi eagle from a German battleship that fought in one of the first naval skirmishes of World War II must be sold.

Brazil's Bolsonaro: comment on forgiving Holocaust misunderstood

Bras - Brazil's outspoken far right president Jair Bolsonaro has explained to Israeli authorities that remarks he made about the crimes of the Holocaust being forgivable had been misconstrued.

Europe facing 'winds of xenophobia', Spain's Sanchez warns

Argel - Spain's Pedro Sanchez on Sunday urged Europeans to resist the "winds of xenophobia" threatening the continent, as he marked 80 years since the flight of 475,000 Spaniards to France after Francisco Franco seized power after a brutal civil war.

Colombia demolishes former Escobar fortress in Medellin

Medell - Authorities in Colombia carried out a controlled explosion on Friday to demolish the former fortress of drug kingpin Pablo Escobar in Medellin.

Colombia to demolish former Escobar fortress

Medell - Late drug kingpin Pablo Escobar's old fortress in Medellin is to be razed to the ground with explosives to make way for a park dedicated to the victims of drug trafficking, the town hall said on Thursday."The Monaco building will fall.

'Significant' number of artifacts recovered from gutted Brazil museum

Rio De Janeiro - A "significant" number of artifacts has been recovered from Brazil's National Museum which was gutted by fire five months ago, devastating one of Latin America's most important natural history collections, according to the team of experts picking throu...

Medellin tourist trail pays tribute to Escobar victims

Apo - The abandoned building where Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar lived will be covered in posters paying tribute to the victims of his Medellin Cartel before it is torn down next year.

Bolivia's Schindler saved 10 times as many Jews from Holocaust

La Paz - A Jewish immigrant to Bolivia who made a fortune mining tin saved 10 times as many lives during the Holocaust than the star of Oscar-winning Hollywood blockbuster "Schindler's List," a journalist and writer told AFP.

Evidence of world's biggest child sacrifice found in Peru

- Archaeologists in Peru have found evidence of the biggest-ever sacrifice of children, uncovering the remains of more than 140 youngsters who were slain alongside 200 llamas as part of a ritual offering some 550 years ago, National Geographic announced ...

Women ran things in ancient Peru, a new study argues

- Women in ancient Peru, far from being marginalized and invisible, were political and economic decision-makers, according to a new study that challenges many traditional takes on the country's history.

Chile's first female fighter pilot, a WWII vet, dies at 97

Santiago - Margot Duhalde, who flew Spitfires in World War II as Chile's first female fighter pilot, has died at the age of 97, the government said Monday.Duhalde smashed gender tradition in Chile by learning to fly at age 16.

Costa Rica 'more complete' after recovering 200 artifacts from Venezuela

San Jos - Costa Rica said it is "more complete" after recovering nearly 200 pre-Columbian artifacts from Venezuela, where they had been amassed by a wealthy Estonian art collector.

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