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'Smart Shoes' technology to replace wrist worn trackers

San Francisco - Technology is changing the way people do just about everything, including exercise and for those who need to know more than just how far they've run, something new is about to hit the shelves.

The FDA pushes purposed rule to regulate more tobacco products

U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has reported there are over 215 complaints each month about electric cigarettes.

Green tea, raw fish linked to longer life span in women

The Office of National Statistics has released a study on Japanese women and their long lifespan. The report found that drinking green tea and eating raw fish helped lead to an average life expectancy of 86 years.

Vegetable flavored ice cream, a parent's new friend?

The latest in food news could be a blessing to parents or just another fad that quickly moves on without much commotion. Häagen-Dazs of Japan is about to release a couple new vegetable flavored ice creams, carrot and tomato.

Asian air pollution effecting strength of storms in Pacific

Air pollution is known for its effects on the health and well being of people all around, but now reports have indicated that the bad air in Asia is now causing the severity of storms in the Pacific to increase.

Chocolate toothpaste hits the marketplace

Just when you think you've seen it all, something new appears on the store shelves and this time it's a chocolate-flavored toothpaste. But be prepared to spend some money as this new item doesn't come cheap.

Tyson Foods recalls almost 34,000 pounds of chicken product

Little Rock - Tyson Foods is recalling almost 34,000 pounds of its mechanically separated chicken products, because it's possible they contain a strain of salmonella.

Measles outbreak shaping up to be worst in 17 years

If you're refusing to get your kids vaccinated, then you could be part of the key factor in the rising number of measles cases this year.

Potatoes fight cancer and heart disease and other health news

Scientists have bred potatoes that fight cancer and heart disease. Others have found that coffee can kill you. Those were just two of latest reports about health news from the Internet.

UK doctors and nurses passing on flu vaccinations

Less than half of the doctors and nurses that work in the health care field in the UK were vaccinated last year. The Public Health of England released the figures this week and were very disappointed with the findings.

Dutch cookbook comes with an unusual main ingredient

If you are trying to boost the amount of protein you consume, you are in luck. A new cookbook comes out Tuesday titled "The Insect Cookbook" filled with tasty ways to cook these little critters.

Medication and Candy — 1 in 4 children cannot tell the difference

A test conducted in 2011 demonstrates that nearly one in four children cannot tell the difference between medication and candy.

Would you let a doctor live-tweet you during open heart surgery?

Houston - In a first for the medical field, a Houston hospital organized the very first live-Tweet event to document an open heart surgery.

Israel banning skinny models from the media

As a move to promote a more realistic body image, the Israeli Parliament introduced a measure to ban skinny models from appearing in magazines, on the cat-walk for fashion shows, and on television throughout the nation.

Increase reported in young children with dental problems

Recent reports show that parents are often neglecting to care for their young children’s teeth. Taking 3-5 minutes out of the day to brush your child’s teeth can prevent painful encounters with the dentist early on.

Cellphone radiation may cause ADHD in developing fetuses

A team of researchers at Yale discovered a strong link between radiation from cellular phones and babies born with ADHD and other developmental disabilities.

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