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Haiti's president defends record at UN, US slams 'rule by decree'

New York - Haiti's President Jovenel Moise told the UN Security Council on Monday that "democracy was doing well in Haiti" despite its ongoing political crisis, an assertion challenged by the United States, which called on him to quickly put an end to his era of ...

Political crisis adds to heavy burden on Haiti's youth

Port-au-prince - The political crisis paralyzing Haiti has not only hampered young people's schooling and compromised their future, it has aggravated existing challenges that have forced many to grow up far too fast.

Haitian police fire tear gas on protesters

Port-au-prince - Haitian police fired tear gas on hundreds of protesters who were marching against President Jovenel Moise in Port-au-Prince Wednesday, and attacked journalists covering the demonstration, in the latest clashes to mark the country's political crisis.

Haiti president acts to oust judges in power struggle

Port-au-prince - Haiti's President Jovenel Moise tried Tuesday to force out three judges who were proposed as potential interim national leader to replace him in the latest twist of the country's political crisis.

Haitian opposition derides US in dispute over president's term

Port-au-prince - Haitian civil society and opposition leaders called on the United States Saturday to respect the island nation's sovereignty after the US State Department sided with the president's view that his term in power ends in a year, and not on Sunday as his c...

From bean to bar, Haiti's cocoa wants international recognition

Port-au-prince - Although small in the face of South America's giants, Haiti is slowly developing its cocoa industry, earning better incomes for thousands of farmers and refuting the stereotype that culinary art is the preserve of wealthy countries.

Laura lashes Cuba, expected to become hurricane by US landfall

Havana - Tropical Storm Laura brushed Cuba's southern coast Monday on its way to the United States, where officials predicted it would worsen to a hurricane ahead of its landfall after leaving 13 people dead as it ripped through the Caribbean.

Haiti police break up demo protesting worsening crime

Port-au-prince - Police in Haiti fired tear gas Monday to disperse a protest over an uptick in violent crime in the capital, sparking alarm from rights groups.

Haiti says virus infections have peaked

Port-au-prince - Haitian health officials said Monday that COVID-19 infections had peaked and the number of cases being detected was going down, leading them to voice cautious hope the epidemic might not be as bad as some of the more alarming predictions had led them t...

In Haiti, football world backs federation boss accused of rape

Port-au-prince - At a training facility outside the Haitian capital, where young female football players are living under a coronavirus lockdown, the atmosphere is heavy, following allegations that the head of the sport's national federation raped several teenage girls...

For Haitians, die of hunger today or coronavirus tomorrow?

Port-au-prince - When the novel coronavirus first appeared in Haiti authorities and humanitarian experts panicked, worried about the country's decrepit health system -- but the pandemic's economic consequences could prove yet deadlier for the nation's poor.

Haiti's crowded prisons a coronavirus catastrophe waiting to happen

Port-au-prince - Imagine the struggle of containing the coronavirus if it hits Haiti's hellish prison system, the world's most overcrowded, where filthy, sometimes windowless cells meant to house 20 people are teeming with up to 80, unable to even go outside for fresh ...

Haiti's vicious cycle of political and humanitarian crises

Port-au-prince - Haiti finally has a new government, but without a parliament capable of giving it legitimacy and without electoral prospects, the country remains paralyzed by a political crisis with potentially devastating social, economic and security consequences.

Haiti's president names new prime minister to tackle crisis

Port-au-prince - Haiti's president Jovenel Moise on Monday named a new prime minister to tackle the country's worsening socio-political and security crisis.

Carnival in violence-wracked Haiti: good business or bad taste?

Port-au-prince - Haiti is gearing up for its annual Carnival celebration, but the Mardi Gras festivities are controversial in a country struggling with gang violence, kidnappings and political unrest.

UN chief calls on Haiti to 'resist escalation' 10 years after quake

New York - UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Friday called on Haitians to "resist any escalation" in the political crisis rocking the country, during a ceremony marking the 10th anniversary of a devastating earthquake.

Ten years after deadly Haiti quake, survivors feel forgotten

Port-au-prince - Ten years ago, Herlande Mitile was left disabled by the massive earthquake that devastated Haiti. Today, she uses a wheelchair jury-rigged with a piece of string, which means she cannot go far.

French couple shot dead in Haiti while seeking adoption, officials say

Port-au-prince - Two French citizens were shot dead in Port-au-Prince at the weekend shortly after flying into the Haitian capital to adopt a child, diplomatic and other sources told AFP Monday.

Haiti in crisis: who's who and what's at stake

Port-au-prince - Haiti's capital Port-au-Prince and other major cities in the impoverished Caribbean country have been convulsed by widespread protests demanding the resignation of President Jovenel Moise.

Collateral damage from Haiti political crisis: ruined businesses

Port-au-prince - Tens of thousands of dollars of work reduced to ash: a devastating fire at a handicrafts company in Port-au-Prince illustrates the struggles faced by Haiti's private sector as the country's political crisis has spiralled into social unrest.

Haiti senator opens fire outside parliament, wounds photographer

Port-au-prince - A Haitian senator trying to disperse protesters opened fire with a pistol outside parliament on Monday, a photojournalist who was wounded in the shooting said.

Worsening fuel shortage in impoverished Haiti

Port-au-prince - Haiti's long-suffering population has faced an extra burden for more than a week: closed service stations and lines of motorists hoping to buy even a few drops of petrol during a fuel shortage that's getting worse.

Taiwanese president courts ally Haiti during Caribbean tour

Port-au-prince - Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-Wen made a brief visit to Haiti on Saturday without unveiling new spending commitments, as she courts Taipei's dwindling allies in the Caribbean in a diplomatic struggle with China.

Taiwanese president shores up support in crisis-hit Haiti

Port-au-prince - Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen's choice of Port-au-Prince as the first stop in her Caribbean tour is highly symbolic of the diplomatic power struggle being played out in the region.

Accused by judges, Haitian president denies corruption allegations

Port-au-prince - Haitian President Jovenel Moise on Wednesday denied allegations that he was at the center of an embezzlement scheme spanning the last decade.

Thousands march in Port-au-Prince to demand president's resignation

Port-au-prince - Several thousand demonstrators marched through Port-au-Prince on Sunday to demand the resignation of Haitian President Jovenel Moise over allegations of embezzlement.

Haitians march against rape after students sexually assaulted

Port-au-prince - More than 1,000 Haitians took to the streets of the capital Port-au-Prince on Sunday to denounce sexual violence in the country after two students were gang-raped this week.

Residents of Haiti's main hospital strike against lack of resources, payment

Port-au-prince - With no oxygen in intensive care or gloves in the emergency room, residents at Haiti's largest hospital have gone on strike to protest the filthy environment and demand six months of back pay.

Haiti Carnival scrapped after unrest: official

Port-au-prince - Haiti's minister of culture and communication announced Wednesday that national Carnival celebrations will be canceled in the wake of violent protests that paralyzed the country for more than 10 days.

US, other armed foreigners charged in 'conspiracy,' say Haiti police

Port-au-prince - Haiti has charged several Americans and other foreign nationals with criminal conspiracy after their arrest with assault rifles and other weapons, the national police said.
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