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#HappyBirthday! Hashtag turns 10

Paris - The hashtag, the symbol attached to keywords to tag topics online, on Wednesday celebrates 10 years making social media just a bit more navigable.

How we use Twitter matches how we talk to friends

Despite the wide use of social media and concerns that, along with it, the English language has been "dumbed-down," most people follow some basic rules of formality depending on the subject and situation.

Nikki and Nora (N&N Files) is back and ready for a Season Two Special

Nikki and Nora actresses Liz Vassey, Christina Cox and Writer/Director Nancylee Myatt are back and crowdfunding for Season Two.

Neanderthal art in Gibraltar unveils the iconic 'hashtag'

Gibraltar - Anyone who thinks the hashtag character is recent didn't know the Neanderthals. Recent discoveries in the British territory of Gibraltar have uncovered stone carvings resembling either "tic-tac-toe" or the proverbial hashtag character itself.

Twitter now supports GIFs, but they are not real GIFs

The GIF, a popular animated image format in the 80s, persevered and found a new place on the Internet. Where is this new place? Chances are you are using it now.

Op-Ed: Making good choices when it comes to hashtags

The hashtag can be a very useful tool, but a powerful one. What you put after that little hashtag can bring you great success but potential failure. A thoughtful hashtag plan is well worth the time for a small business.

Review: is the Google of social media

Start-up combines all hashtagged posts on major social media sources into a single feed facilitating social media browsing.

Google users can now search hashtags on Google+

After Facebook took part in the hashtag craze, another industry leader has upgraded to allow users to access hashtag information: Google+.

Social TV use increases as Facebook follows Twitter's lead

Facebook released the hashtag feature to make live TV interaction easier, Twitter announced Twitter Amplify, and Nielsen reports that social TV use is growing.

Facebook #hashtag to start battling Twitter?

Facebook is looking to improve its search and indexing capabilities by adding the hashtag symbol, one of the most recognizable features of its social networking rival Twitter.

Twitter, Amex let card members pay for items using a #hashtag

New York - American Express is introducing a new service on Twitter that allows its customers to make purchases through specialized tweets. The new feature is called "Amex Sync" and by including a special hashtags, consumers can purchase items.

'Hashtag' voted word of the year for 2012

The word "hashtag" has been voted word of the year in the annual list issued by the American Dialect Society. This year marks the vote's 23rd year.

Trendy Mom names baby girl Hashtag

It has been revealed that a mother named her new baby girl Hashtag, but instead of posting the announcement to Twitter, as one would expect of a genuine Twitter fan, she posted it to Facebook.

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