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Gulf of Maine shrimp stock depleted - Fishery closed 3 more years

Regulators voted Friday to close the Gulf of Maine winter shrimp season for another three years, raising fears that the fishery decimated by rising water temperatures may never bounce back.

Town council pushes for offshore wind in Gulf of Maine

Durham - Durham, New Hampshire Town Councilors on Monday endorsed a resolution calling for a focused look at offshore wind development.

Baby lobster counts have declined along U.S. and Canada coasts

Portland - Last year, scientists warned that baby lobsters would not be able to withstand the warming ocean waters, and today, a marine scientist made the warning a reality, saying recent baby lobster counts show they are declining.

Puffins are starving to death because of climate change

Back in mid-October, a few dead tufted puffins began washing up along the shore of St. Paul island, an isolated and windswept stretch of land in the Philpot Islands in the North Pacific. Now, hundreds of dead puffins have been found.

Rising ocean temperatures threatening Maine lobster industry

A new study released by the University of Maine Darling Marine Center and Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences is warning that baby lobsters will not be able to survive in the Gulf of Maine's warming ocean waters

Atlantic cod collapse linked to warming ocean waters

The Atlantic cod has been the backbone of New England's fisheries for centuries. Yet for the past few years, cod stocks have been decreasing at an alarming rate. Now, because of warming ocean waters, Atlantic cod populations are on the verge of collapse.

Where oh where are the Chesapeake Bay's blue crabs going?

The Atlantic blue crab has long been a commercially important species for thousands of water-men in the crab fishery industry in Maryland and Virginia. But ecological damage, over-exploitation and now, migration of the species is cause for alarm.

New England's cod population in dire straits

It has been bad news for the Atlantic cod fish for the past several years, and now it has just gotten worse. A recently released survey of the Gulf of Maine cod population by NOAA shows their numbers are decreasing at an alarming rate.

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A blue mussel clings to a rock at Mount Desert Island  off the coast of Maine.
A blue mussel clings to a rock at Mount Desert Island, off the coast of Maine.
Kylla Benes / UCI
EPA doing survey of plankton population in Gulf of Maine.
EPA doing survey of plankton population in Gulf of Maine.
US Environmental-Protection-Agency
Total harvest of Atlantic cod 1950-2012.
Total harvest of Atlantic cod 1950-2012.
Data provided by FAO

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