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Spanish newspapers suddenly regret forcing Google out of Spain

The Spanish Newspapers Publishers' Association (AEDE) has called on the Spain government and European competition authorities to stop Google shutting its operation down there, the Spain Report says.

Google News shutting down in Spain

Google News will be shut down in Spain on December 16, following a recent law that would have forced Google to cough up licensing revenues to publishers if their content appeared in Google News.

Google thinking of buying Songza

Songza is a six-year-old music streaming company that is now the next target for tech and search giant Google. This announcement comes right after Apple bought Beats, a similar music streaming service.

NFL News: Google looking to get into football broadcasts?

Portland - Google and the NFL have been holding talks over the last few weeks and it has many wondering if football could be soon coming to YouTube.

Google threatens to stop linking to French media websites

Internet search giant Google is threatening to exclude French media sites from returned search results if France goes ahead with a proposed law which would force search engines to pay for content.

Op-Ed: The old vs. the new — AP’s NewsRight vs. Google and Twitter

Sydney - AP, like News Corp press and some others, have been bitching about news aggregators for years. They’re seen as “stealing” news and undermining the bottom line of these previously exclusive sources. There’s a few things wrong with this position.

Google redesigns core sites, hopes to create more consistent look Special

Google sites are getting a facelift in a redesign to unify the look of the company's popular applications, a Google spokesperson said in an interview with Digital Journal.

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