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Google Glass is now banned from all U.S. movie theatres

Movie fans will no longer be able to wear Google Glass and other wearable technology in US cinemas. Google Glass has been the center of much uncertainty since the public started experimenting with the device.

Google Glass could save KFC, other fast food companies millions of dollars

Much has been written about how technology could be used to replace humans in the service sector, but a recent USA Today story suggests it can also save companies money by making workers more efficient.

Swiss doctor creates Google Glass app for paramedics (Video)

Sierre - An app has been developed at the University of Applied Sciences (HES-SO) in Sierre, Switzerland, which is aimed at saving precious minutes by enabling specialist doctors at hospitals to interact live with paramedics working on patients at the scene.

Lenovo reveal Google Glass rival

Chinese computing giant Lenovo has revealed its rival to Google Glass. In an attempt to get an edge over the U.S. firm, Lenovo's product comes equipped with a neck worn battery.

Op-Ed: The promising future of Google Glass

One of the first companies you'll notice at the forefront of any major technical breakthrough in recent years is a well known company called Google.

Op-Ed: Google Glass can warn against incoming Gazan rockets

Tel Aviv - An app for Google Glass provides real-time updates on missile attacks against Israel. Does this mean Israelis really are safe under that Iron Dome?

Video pokes fun at Google Glass

The anticipation for Google glass, the high-tech specs, is growing among the more tech savvy consumers. For others, such technology will perhaps be baffling and confusing as a new amusing viral video suggests.

Google Glass fans fight back

San Francisco - Google Glass fans are fighting back after a restaurant asked one patron to take them off. This sent a lot of people in a rage and they took it all out on the Web.

Google selling its $1,500 Google Glass — but only on website

Google has announced that it now has their still-being-developed Google Glass for sale - but only on Google's website. The Internet-connected glasses are in development but the product they have now will still set you back $1500 (plus tax).

Google: Don't be a 'Glasshole' and drive with Google Glass

The very first set of people selected to experiment with Google Glass have been informed by the company what to do, and what not to do, when wearing the innovative spectacles.

Firefighter creating app for Google Glass that could save lives

Patrick Jackson, a firefighter who is also a self-taught programmer in Rocky Mount, N.C., is creating an app for Google Glass that may change the way firefighters do their jobs.

Google's secret barge to offer high-end showrooms and party deck

San Francisco - It seems as though Google's secret is a secret no more, according to multiple sources. The tech giant's barge on the San Francisco Bay is reportedly full of luxury showrooms, and a party deck.

Woman receives ticket for driving with Google Glass

On Tuesday Google Glass pioneer Cecilia Abade was pulled over by a police officer in California, and issued a ticket for driving her vehicle while wearing Google Glass.

Microsoft reportedly working on Google Glass competitor

Google Glasses, the search engine company's take on high-tech glasses, is now being rivaled by Microsoft and its upcoming creation.

Doctor uses Google Glass to live stream surgery

Ohio - It seems Google Glass can do more than take videos of cats and talk to friends, as one doctor from Ohio State University has shown.

Spain: Pervert films nudist bathers with home-made 'Google Glass'

Those with reservations about "Google Glass" might be right. On a Benalmádena nudist beach in southern Spain, a pervert was arrested for filming women, using a home-made version of the technology.

Spain to host the world's first Google Glass-monitored surgery

Madrid - In a world first, a chondrocyte transplant operation will be carried out on Friday in Madrid, using Google Glass to allow remote experts in the USA to consult live on the procedure and viewers to watch in real time on the Internet.

One in five Brits want to ban Google Glass

There are already privacy concerns about Google Glass, and it has yet become available to the public, but in a new UK survey one in five Brits want Google Glass banned altogether.

Facial recognition apps banned from Google Glass

A few nights ago, Google announced that it has decided to ban facial recognition apps from Google Glass, after people expressed concerns about it.

Op-Ed: Advances in technology threaten a crisis in ethics

New York - Tech changes affect three areas. Individuals acquire greater independence and reach.  The locus of power shifts accordingly. And traditional buffers between discordant groups dissolve. 

Op-Ed: Google Glass goes all corporate and staggeringly stupid

Sydney - Google used to be sharp and fun when they were a startup. Now the corporate castrati have obviously got control. The latest missive from Google says “don’t resell”, and “don’t lend” Google Glass.

Google Explores: Google releasing first batch of Internet glasses

The first batch of what may be the new wave in internet surfing is going out this week to 8,000 contest winners. We`re talking Google Glasses, the internet-connected glasses that you can surf the `net with while looking hip and cool.

Strip clubs, movie theaters and casinos may ban Google Glass

Google Glass will not be receiving a warm reception in places such as strip clubs, casinos, and movies theaters, as well as other places that do not allow photos to be taken.

Baidu making its own 'Google Glass'

Baidu, China's largest search engine, is developing its own type of smart glasses technology. The basic concept is similar to Google's Glass project.

Privacy campaign started against Google Glass

A group called "Stop the Cyborgs" have launched a campaign against Google Glass and other augmented reality gadgets. The campaign is based upon a 'loss of privacy'.

Google Glass will be made in America

Many gadgets are assembled overseas, but Google Glass, a wearable computing gadget from Google, will be manufactured in the United States.

Sony's two-lenses Glass to compete single-lense Google Glass

There’s a new device on the block even before the search engine giant has released its new gadget. Sony has been quietly developing eyeglass computing prototypes since 2008, routinely filing patent applications as they hit significant milestones.

Google Glass facing driving ban before it hits the market

A West Virginia lawmaker is seeking to have a ban on drivers wearing Google Glass. The innovative product developed by the technology giant hasn't even hit the market yet.

Google Glass app is able to identify someone by their clothes

A new system called InSight, designed for Google Glass, can pick out people by their clothes, jewelry and other types of accessories.

Google Glass unveiled

Google have unveiled more details about their new 'Google Glass' project, via a video launched on YouTube. The glasses are a special 'head-mounted display'.
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File photo: The first Google Glass monitored surgery is to be performed in Madrid  Spain.
File photo: The first Google Glass monitored surgery is to be performed in Madrid, Spain.
A Google Glass Explorers waits in line to meet the online new media team with SourceFed
A Google Glass Explorers waits in line to meet the online new media team with SourceFed
Man using Google Glass
Man using Google Glass
Kārlis Dambrāns
Sony Corporation Headquarters
Sony Corporation Headquarters
Google glasses
Google glasses
Google, Antonio Zugaldia
The world s first Google Glass monitored surgery will be performed in Madrid  Spain on Friday.
The world's first Google Glass monitored surgery will be performed in Madrid, Spain on Friday.
Google Glass Explorer Edition
Google Glass Explorer Edition
Loic Le Meur
Sergey Brin demonstrates Project Glass
Sergey Brin demonstrates Project Glass
Thomas Hawk