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Employees urge Google not to work with US immigration officials

San Francisco - Hundreds of Google employees on Wednesday called on the internet titan to avoid working for US immigration officials until they stop "engaging in human rights abuses.

Google aims to use recycled materials for all hardware by 2022

Google has joined the list of technology companies pledging to increase their use of recycled and sustainable materials. The technology company has committed to using recycled materials in all of its 'Made by Google' products by 2022.

Google confirmed two new features in its upcoming Pixel 4 phone

Google teased some new features coming to the upcoming Pixel 4 smartphone that's expected to be announced in October. In a blog post, the company said the phone will use the Soli radar technology that Google has been working on for the last five years.

Australian watchdog calls for controls on Facebook, Google

Sydney - Australia's competition watchdog on Friday recommended tighter controls on the use of personal data and measures to ease Facebook and Google's dominance of online advertising among a slew of measures to better police the internet giants.

Google are redesigning the News tab for improved readability

Google News, one of the foremost places to obtain news from the world's media outlets, is to receive a redesign centered on making the news cluster more readable and to provide greater transparency about news sources.

Google launches review after leak of audio conversations

San Francisco - Google said it was conducting an internal review after it discovered confidential audio had been leaked by a contractor of private conversations with its digital assistant.

Essential science: Google is running cold fusion experiments

Researchers working at Google (together with academic institutions) are investigating the so-called “cold case” of cold fusion. This is for an energy source and for other areas, which could also benefit other areas of science and technology.

New Zealand slams Google over murder case gaffe

Wellington - Google was accused of "giving the middle finger" by New Zealand's Justice Minister Thursday, after the US tech giant refused to tighten publication standards after breaching court suppression orders in a high-profile murder case.

Is it time to start regulating the technology giants?

Given the various data privacy issues and other matters like tipping the balance during elections, the big technology companies are increasingly coming under the spotlight. Is it now time for regulation?

Hong Kongers alarmed by Google translation gaffe

Fpo - Hong Kong social media lit up on Friday when protesters noticed Google's translation software was briefly churning out a rather odd suggestion during a week that has seen the worst political violence to hit the city in decades.

Google claims U.S. Huawei ban makes security issues worse

Instead of helping with U.S. national security, the ban by the U.S. government of Huawei is actually opening up a cybersecurity issue according to Google. This relates to Huawei needing to develop its own operating system.

Google purchases Looker and opens up cloud wars

Google has announced it will be making it biggest acquisition in the public cloud market through the purchase of business intelligence firm Looker Data Sciences Inc. The deal is set to go through for $2.6 billion (an all-cash transaction).

Google maps to provide earthquake tracking service

Live in an area here there is an earthquake risk? Not sure when to travel? No need to be concerned, Google has an app for that - or at least an adaptation of Google Maps.

Google server trouble snarls YouTube, Snapchat

Washington - Congested Google servers in the eastern United States caused problems for users of Snapchat and YouTube on Sunday, with complaints on social media that the popular apps weren't accessible.

US preparing antitrust probe of Google: report

San Francisco - The US Department of Justice is preparing an antitrust investigation of Internet titan Google, the Wall Street Journal reported on Friday.

Google bans on marijuana apps from Play Store

Those Android device users wishing to trade in marijuana, or find suppliers, learn about new products, or event to seek general advice are going to be disappointed: Google has banned apps relating to marijuana and associated services.

Google has stored some user passwords in plain text since 2005

Google's latest data breach concerns the revelation that G Suite user passwords have been stored in plaintext since 2005, opening up cybersecurity concerns. This impacts upon a small number of enterprise customers.

Op-Ed: Google cuts off Huawei's Android licence adding to its troubles

Following the US government's crackdown on Chinese technology companies particularly Huawei, Google (Alphabet) has cut off Huawei's Android licence. This will deal one more blow to the besieged company.

Q&A: Is Apple's cloud service now threatened by Google? Special

Google's new cloud service Anthos is aimed directly at Apple's, signalling a new round of 'cloud war's, according to Todd Matters of RackWare. Google has also premiered its new cloud-reliant video game platform, Stadia.

Q&A: How the cloud is becoming important to business Special

Businesses a turning more towards cloud computing, as Google's recent launch of Anthos, its new connected multi-cloud platform shows. This puts the company in direct competition with Amazon’s AWS and Microsoft’s Azure.

Latest Android innovations showcased at Google I/O

A new Android operating system, the rebranding of Google Home, and a cloud streaming gaming platform were among a host of new technologies presented at the annual Google I/O meeting. We take a look at the highlights.

Singapore 'fake news' law could hurt innovation: Google

Fpo - Technology giant Google said Thursday Singapore's new law against "fake news" could hurt innovation, a crucial element in the high-tech sector which the government is developing as an economic growth driver.

Google+ lives on in enterprise form

Google's failed attempt to take on other social media giants - Google+ may have disappeared (along with all of the content) for everyday users, the platform lives on in the enterprise form.

Google drone deliveries cleared for take-off in Australia

Canberra - A Google-linked firm will start delivering takeaways and other small items to Canberra residents after the company received approval from aviation watchdogs in Australia on Tuesday.

Google to raise pay to $15 per hour minimum for temporary workers

Google announced today that it would require its temporary, vendor, and contract (TVC) workers in the United States to be paid a minimum of $15 per hour, comprehensive health care coverage and 12 weeks parental leave.

AI makes ophthalmologists more effective at detecting eye disease

Research from Google demonstrates how artificial intelligence can make ophthalmologists more effective. The study indicates that together, artificial intelligence and physicians can improve eye care.

Deeper problems behind Google’s 1.5 billion euro fine Special

London - Google has been fined, for the third time, by the European Union for blocking rival online search advertisers. The fine was a record 1.5 billion euros. As to how this happened and whether Google will change, a leading lawyer weighs in.

Google unveils search changes to placate EU

Apo - Google on Tuesday unveiled a series of tweaks to its European search engine results in an effort to avoid further fines from the EU's top anti-trust regulator.

Op-Ed: New Chrome AI custom app Tune hides toxic comments

Mountain View - A new open source Chrome app called Tune has been developed by Alphabet/Google subsidiary Jigsaw. It hides and moderates toxic social media comments using machine learning techniques.

Murdoch's News Corp calls for Google breakup

Sydney - Rupert Murdoch's News Corp has called for Google to be broken up in Australia, the latest salvo in a battle between the corporate media giants.
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