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Peru to restrict movement by gender during virus quarantine

- Peruvian President Martin Vizcarra announced on Thursday a new measure restricting public movement by gender, as the country tries to curb the spread of the new coronavirus.

How will US bounty affect Maduro's hold on Venezuelan power?

Caracas - The United States ramped up the pressure on Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro this week by accusing him of "narco-terrorism" and offering a $15 million bounty for information leading to his capture.

Argentina braces anew for abortion battle

Buenos Aires - Argentine President Alberto Fernandez will fulfill an election pledge next week when he brings a bill before Congress aiming to legalize abortion, setting off the latest salvos in a debate that has bitterly divided the traditionally Catholic South Amer...

Uruguay's new center-right president sworn in

Montevideo - Center-right leader Luis Lacalle Pou was sworn in as president of Uruguay on Sunday, marking a new era for the South American country after 15 years of left-wing rule that brought in social reforms but left a stagnated economy.

New president, new era as Uruguay shifts to center

Montevideo - Luis Lacalle Pou will be sworn in as Uruguay president on Sunday to herald a new era in the South American country following 15 years of left-wing rule that brought important social reforms but left a stagnated economy and soaring crime.

Venezuela parliament authorizes Guaido to use frozen regime funds

Caracas - Venezuela's opposition-controlled National Assembly on Thursday authorized its leader Juan Guaido to take control of around $80 million in assets frozen outside the country due to sanctions against President Nicolas Maduro.

Latin American leaders used state repression against protests: Amnesty

Montevideo - Protesters across Latin America faced rampant violence and state repression as millions took to the streets to protest inequality, corruption and impunity in 2019, Amnesty International said Tuesday in its annual report on the region.

Venezuela's Guaido looking to reboot Maduro challenge

Caracas - Fresh off a three-week international tour, Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido is hoping to ramp up pressure against President Nicolas Maduro but must first overcome his supporters' increasing listlessness.

Colombia puts military on alert after guerrilla threat

Apo - Colombia has put its armed forces on maximum alert following the announcement of a nationwide three-day "armed strike" by left-wing guerrillas, the government said on Monday.

Bolivia's Morales given two days to save Senate candidacy bid

La Paz - Exiled former president Evo Morales has been given until Wednesday to prove he is a permanent resident in Bolivia or risk being thrown off the list of Senate candidates for May's general election, the country's supreme electoral court (TSE) said on Mon...

Soldiers and police enter El Salvador's parliament

Sansalvador - Soldiers entered El Salvador's parliament Sunday as the president demanded lawmakers approve a $109 million loan to equip the military and police to fight against violent gangs.

Madrid delays separatist talks over Catalan snap election

Madrid - Spain's central government on Thursday said the announcement of snap elections in Catalonia would delay planned talks between Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez and the region's separatist leadership.

Maduro celebrates Guaido 'failure' in Venezuela rally

Caracas - Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro goaded opposition leader Juan Guaido during a rally in Caracas on Thursday, taunting his rival for failing to unseat him.

Clashes mark return to protests in Colombia

Apo - Riot police firing tear gas and stun grenades clashed with rock-throwing demonstrators in Bogota Tuesday as anti-government protests resumed across Colombia, leaving 11 people injured and nearly 100 arrested.

Bolivia's Morales retracts vow to create armed civilian militia

La Paz - Exiled former Bolivian president Evo Morales backtracked on Thursday from a vow to create armed civilian militias similar to notorious 'colectivos' in Venezuela, were he to be allowed back to his homeland.

Chile's Pinera announces key pension fund reform after protests

Santiago - Chile's President Sebastian Pinera has announced plans to reform the country's pensions system, a key measure aimed at easing the South American country's three-month old social crisis.

Giammattei set to swear in as Guatemala president under corruption cloud

Guatemala City - Right-wing Alejandro Giammattei is set to swear in as Guatemala's new president on Tuesday with a vow to tackle corruption, replacing the unpopular Jimmy Morales.

Venezuelan opposition leader says talks with Maduro unlikely

Caracas - Venezuela's opposition leader and self-declared acting president Juan Guaido said Saturday it is unlikely he will resume negotiations with President Nicolas Maduro.

Chile president launches health care reform project

Santiago - Chile's President Sebastian Pinera launched on Sunday a reform project to create a "universal health plan" following months of protests against social inequality and his leadership.

Venezuela's Guaido eyes second chance after trying 'everything'

Caracas - Juan Guaido "tried everything" in 2019 to force Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro from power, to no avail. Yet the 36-year-old opposition leader has vowed to re-launch the offensive this year.

Brazil President Bolsonaro says he has a hernia

Bras - Brazil President Jair Bolsonaro says he is suffering from a hernia, apparently as a result of being stabbed in the stomach in 2018, local media reported on Friday.

Cuba to name first prime minister in 40 years

Havana - Cuba is to resurrect the position of prime minister in a parliamentary session at the end of the week, with President Miguel Diaz-Canel nominating a candidate to the post which has remained dormant for more than 40 years.

New president vows to put Argentines before debt repayments

Buenos Aires - Center-leftist Alberto Fernandez vowed to put his people first ahead of debt repayments after he was sworn in as Argentina's president Tuesday to singing and applause from lawmakers and supporters.

Fernandez takes office as Argentina shifts to the left

Buenos Aires - Argentina's incoming president Alberto Fernandez takes office Tuesday having pledged to put Argentina "back on its feet" but he faces a tough task due to recession, high inflation and rising unemployment and poverty.

Brazil approves sale of medical cannabis in pharmacies

S - Brazil's health watchdog on Tuesday approved the sale of cannabis-based products for medical use in pharmacies to people with a prescription.

Kirchner in court days before assuming Argentine vice-presidency

Buenos Aires - Argentina's ex-president Cristina Kirchner appeared in court Monday to give evidence in a corruption trial in which she is charged with diverting public funds, just a week before she returns to the country's government as vice president.

Kirchner in court days before assuming Argentine vice-presidency

Buenos Aires - Argentina's ex-president Cristina Kirchner arrived in court Monday to give evidence in a corruption trial in which she is charged with diverting public funds, just a week before she returns to the country's government as vice president.

Argentina's leftist president-elect reignites abortion debate

Buenos Aires - The inauguration of Argentina's president-elect Alberto Fernandez next month has reignited a debate over the legalization of abortion, a year after conservatives narrowly blocked its decriminalization, leaving the country bitterly divided over the issu...

Chile president announces tougher public order laws

Santiago - Chile's President Sebastian Pinera on Thursday announced a series of measures to tighten public order in the wake of three weeks of anti-government protests that have left 20 people dead.

Kirchner or Fernandez? Who's really going to run Argentina?

Buenos Aires - Alberto Fernandez has just been elected president of Argentina but before even taking charge he faces suggestions that he is a puppet for ex-president Cristina Kirchner.
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