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National GMO labeling measure heating up on Capitol Hill

While polls indicate most Americans support GMO labeling on food products, there is not a consensus on whether the labeling should be voluntary or mandatory. This is the problem the U.S. Congress is trying to resolve.

Op-Ed: Fed official sparks controversy about genetically modified foods

Dallas Federal Reserve Bank President Richard Fisher encouraged farmers to carry on with the use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in food and establish standards for international trade, while a shipment of GMO corn sits off the coast of China.

Monsanto Protection Act extension hidden in spending bill

The controversial provision nicknamed the “Monsanto Protection Act” was included by House Republicans in the bill to approve funding that is required to avoid a government shutdown.

Ben & Jerry's vow to go GMO-free by end of 2013

Ben & Jerry's has come forward and said that the company will be going GMO-free by the end of the year. Already a proponent for foods containing GMOs to be labeled, the company is now planning to exclude all GMOs in its products

Op-Ed: GMOs and food labeling ─ Taking control of what you eat Special

Washington - Despite the many labels required on food packaging, in the U.S., consumers do not have the right to know if they are eating foods containing GMOs. If the government won't intervene, it seems it's up to consumers to take charge.

Op-Ed: Connecticut Senate passes GMO labeling laws, House adds hurdles

Connecticut is the most recent state in the U.S. seeking to require companies producing foods made with genetically modified organisms to carry labels. This week the state Senate approved a bill that would pass such a law. The House had other ideas.

Whole Foods Market sees healthy boost in profits in 2013

Whole Foods Market reported its financial results for its second quarter. The company said sales and profits have been increasing this year.

Hawaii latest state to back away from mandatory GMO labeling

The Hawaii Senate committees on agriculture, consumer protection and health talked tough on Genetically Modified Organisms, proposing a bill that would have required imported GMO's to be labeled. But Thursday the tough talk ended and the bill was tabled.

Whole Foods to require GMO transparency in its stores by 2018

Whole Foods Market is striving to increase transparency of GMOs in foods. It plans to require that all foods containing GMOs sold in its U.S. and Canadian stores are labeled as such. The company intends to have this in place by 2018.

Op-Ed: Hawaii to pass GMO labeling bill, but with amendment

Honolulu - Hawaii might have cause to celebrate, as lawmakers have passed a new measure in the House Committee on Agriculture, requiring labeling on genetically modified food. But will the final bill be everything it was hoped to be?

Op-Ed: Turns out Inauguration Day was about more than just the President

Washington - The other day, President Barack Obama was inaugurated for the second time. Everyone thought it was great, there were parties, speeches were made, some media outlets went mad over Michelle's outfit, but several other events also ran concurrently.

Vandana Shiva at Hawaii State Capitol GMO Labeling Rally (video)

Honolulu - Edited from the livestream of the event held at the Hawaii State Capitol on January 16, the video contains Dr Vandana's Shiva's speech on GMOs and the future of farming.

GMO labeling signed into law in India

The new year started in India with a new law. From January 1, 2013 all packaged foods containing any genetically modified (GM) organisms must be labeled as such.

Op-Ed: New Mexico next in line to try for GMO labeling

Santa Fe - While California's Proposition 37 ballot initiative to label GMO products seems to have failed, a State Senator in New Mexico is next to take the baton in the fight for labeling of genetically modified food products.

Op-Ed: Pepsico's 'Naked Juice' to feel the pain after boycotting Prop 37

Naked Juice is the next company to feel the hurt, after their parent company, Pepsico, contributed $2.5 million against Proposition 37, the ballot initiative for mandatory GMO labeling in the recent elections.

Op-Ed: Proposition 37 — possible that election fraud made it fail

It seems there were significant “irregularities” in the vote totals for Proposition 37, the ballot initiative to label genetically engineered foods, that could not be explained by random coincidence.

Op-Ed: Some really big names say 'Just Label It' on GMOs (Video)

A whole load of artists, famous actors, chefs and other well-known celebrities got together to voice their support for labeling of genetically engineered foods and your right to know what you are eating.

Op-Ed: Uncounted votes on California Proposition 37

The Yes on Proposition 37 campaign to label GMOs failed on November 6. But did it? An investigation has uncovered at least 1.6 million uncounted votes in various counties of California.

Op-Ed: I-522: Next step for GMO labeling in Washington State, USA

As part of an ongoing movement to make labeling of GMO products mandatory, a group in Washington State is now working on Initiative 522, "The People's Right To Know Genetically Engineered Food Act."

Op-Ed: 'Yes on Proposition 37' — Narrow loss, movement victory

Los Angeles - Yesterday it was a close call in voting on Proposition 37, the ballot initiative for mandatory labeling of GMO products. While the Ca Right to Know campaign lost the battle for now, it is not conceding the war.

Video: Dr Vandana Shiva on Proposition 37 and GMOs

Santa Monica - Dr. Vandana Shiva is interviewed on her views relating to Proposition 37, the Californian ballot initiative to make GMO labeling mandatory, and about GMOs as a whole.

Op-Ed: Fake cops and phony Democrats tricking voters against Prop 37

Oakland - In a last ditch attempt to dissuade voters from voting yes on Proposition 37, a whole load of voter guides from fake front groups, posing as cops, literacy and environmental groups and Democrats are being dropped into peoples' mailboxes.

Op-Ed: Video: 4 simple questions before you cast your vote for Prop 37

Zack Kaldveer, Assistant Media Director of the Yes on 37 Ca Right to Know campaign, had a 45 minute interview the other day about GMOs and labeling. The director immediately cut a 2 minute segment and put it up on YouTube, as it asks the right questions.

Op-Ed: Consumer groups document $45 million deception against Prop 37

Oakland - Amid allegations of fraud by the No on 37 campaign, the US Department of Justice refers a complaint to the FDA about alleged fraudulent use of its seal in No on 37 campaign fliers, opposing GMO labeling in California.

Op-Ed: Halloween treats with a healthy twist

Who doesn't love Halloween candy? Kids and grown ups alike. Enough said. But, if less than healthy ingredients hidden in common packaged foods has you concerned as a parent, fret not. There are a lot of creative (and healthy) options to try.

Op-Ed: Despite latest poll 'Yes on 37' is in it to win labeling of GMOs

Oakland - While the latest Pepperdine poll taken between October 21 and 28 shows the opposition at 50.5% and support for Prop 37 at 39.1%, the new round of positive advertising will make the change.

Video: California kids say 'Yes on 37' to label GMOs

A bunch of youngsters in California are concerned about the food that they are eating. While they can't personally vote on Prop 37, they are urging others to say yes to the ballot initiative to label GMOs.

Op-Ed: Yes on 37 launches TV ad with positive message: Food is love

Oakland - Friday sees the launch of a major TV ad buy for the Yes on 37 California Right to Know Campaign, for labeling of GMO products. The positive message of the ad is "Food is Love."

Op-Ed: Video: 'I am not a lab rat!' Vote Yes on 37 for GMO labeling

This video gives a clear and simple message. We have the right to know what is in our food. If you agree, you can make a difference too.

Video: 'Trust us' — Vote yes on Proposition 37 to label GMOs

Some of your favorite stars have got together again, impersonating scientists at leading biotech firms and ironically telling you to trust them. But really, they want you to vote "Yes on 37" to label GMO foods.
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Video screen capture
Contributions to the  No to 37  campaign.
Contributions to the "No to 37" campaign.
CA Right to Know
Michael J. Fox for  Just Label It
Michael J. Fox for "Just Label It"
Danny DeVito
Danny DeVito
Video screen capture
Donations made to oppose Proposition 37.
Donations made to oppose Proposition 37.
CA Right to Know
Contributions to the  No to 37  campaign.
Contributions to the "No to 37" campaign.
CA Right to Know
I-522: The People s Right To Know Genetically Engineered Food Act.
I-522: The People's Right To Know Genetically Engineered Food Act.
I-522: The People s Right To Know Genetically Engineered Food Act.
I-522: The People's Right To Know Genetically Engineered Food Act.
Congress now appears to want to be sure the states are kept from passing their own GMO labeling laws...
Congress now appears to want to be sure the states are kept from passing their own GMO labeling laws.
KaDee Strickland
KaDee Strickland
Video screen capture
I-522: The People s Right To Know Genetically Engineered Food Act.
I-522: The People's Right To Know Genetically Engineered Food Act.
Video screen capture