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Microsoft helps to develop the ‘high-tech’ hospital of the future

Microsoft is working with a U.S.-based healthcare network to develop the hospital of the future. The technology firm has paired up with Providence St Joseph to develop a health-space in the Seattle area.

Workshop to explore the risks of AI on children

Toronto - A new Canadian study will examine the impact of artificial intelligence on society, focusing on how future-state AI could shape the development of children, in terms of risks and opportunities.

Q&A: Dell Technologies 2019 predictions Special

What does 2019 have in store for business-centric technology? Assessing the trends has enabled Dell Technologies to assess the impact of VR, AR and cloud computing on society over the next fifteen years.

Review: New Dark Age: Technology and the End of the Future Special

Can quantitative data can provide a coherent model of the world or are we slipping into a state of a world of ever-increasing incomprehension? This dualism forms the basis of a new book by James Bridle, looking at our tech dominated world.

How artificial intelligence will disrupt business: Q&A Special

Artificial intelligence is coming of age, moving in from the sci-fi concepts of the 1990s to something of advantage to business and which has the potential to be of societal good. A new book captures these themes.

AI has the power to change the way our world operates: Q&A Special

Artificial intelligence has the potential power to change the way our world operates, but before this future state is reached, many organizations have to learn what AI is and how to use it. A leading expert provides an overview of where AI is heading.

Essential Science: The computer that can look into the future

A computer program has been developed that can look five minutes into the future. The artificial intelligence was developed at the University of Bonn, and it appears to be able to accurately predict future actions.

Robots can now see into the near future

A leap forwards in robotic learning has taken place. New technology enables robots imagine the future of their actions. This allows them to determine how to manipulate objects they have never previously encountered.

Making ‘smart homes’ in and around Seattle

Seattle - The company Kirio is continuing to promote the idea of the ‘smart home’ and making the technology better for the home owner. The company has recently unveiled ‘the smartest new home available on the market today.’

Can robots be prevented from harming us?

Hatfield - Can robots be taught ethical behaviors and, most importantly, prevented from harming us? As artificial intelligence advances what is needed to prevent a machine from turning on a person? The answer is a concept called Empowerment.

Technologists calculate how many jobs will be lost to robots

It’s an open ended question, but how many jobs, currently carried out by humans, will be lost to robots and other innovations with technology? According to Carnegie Mellon University policymakers will only know if big data analytics are improved.

Looking to the future of the planet in new documentary

What does the future hold for the planet? There are myriad possibilities and some of this in our hands. A new docudrama from National Geographic shines a light on the year one million for a round of speculation and debate.

Top futurist predicts driverless cars will kill 128 job types

The world has no crystal ball to see into the future, but we do have Thomas Frey. Frey is the founding executive director of the DaVinci Institute think tank and its senior futurist.

Hyperloop One just hinted at its first passenger system

Hyperloop One may reveal plans for a Dubai-based Hyperloop system on Tuesday. The company tweeted about the event Sunday evening saying that the news will mark a "BIG moment in transportation history."

Futurists leave humanity behind, focus on transhuman future

Sydney - In case you were wondering what happened to the future, it’s been moved elsewhere. Futurists now believe in a departure from the human form to a cyber version of humanity. There are a few bugs in this vision.

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Prof. Jürgen Gall (right) and Yazan Abu Farha from the Institute of Computer Science at the Univers...
Prof. Jürgen Gall (right) and Yazan Abu Farha from the Institute of Computer Science at the University of Bonn presenting their predictive algorithm.
Barbara Frommann/Uni Bonn
YEAR MILLION weaves a thrilling – sometimes frightening – depiction of how we’ve used innovati...
YEAR MILLION weaves a thrilling – sometimes frightening – depiction of how we’ve used innovative science to create technology that will soon surpass our intelligence - and perhaps exist beyond our control.
National Geographic
Industry X.0 means continual improvement. Sign at Accenture  London.
Industry X.0 means continual improvement. Sign at Accenture, London.
What might a future Moon base be like? Artist Sean Thomas Allen depicts a vision of  Moontopia .
What might a future Moon base be like? Artist Sean Thomas Allen depicts a vision of 'Moontopia'.

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