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Op-Ed: Digital recap: 2018’s top technology stories

Each week Digital Journal brings you the leading news from the world of technology, whether that is a new device, a digital transformation project, or a new business service. We’ve provided a leading story from each month of 2018.

'Drones: Is the sky the limit?' First major museum exhibit opens

New York - Today, drones have become so much a part of our lives that almost everyone wants one. However, twenty years ago, this certainly wasn't the case. A new exhibit opened today that traces drones from their beginnings up through today and into the future.

Microsoft thinks search boxes will disappear within ten years

Microsoft has published a list of major tech changes its researchers expect to see in the next ten years. They range from improved language translators and advances in deep learning to the prediction that traditional app search boxes will become obsolete.

World's first 3D-printing restaurant to open in London July 25

London - A new kind of pop-up restaurant is opening in London on July 25, and its future tech, 3D-printed selection of food items, is sure to turn some heads. Called "Food Ink," it will be the only place in town where you can have your cake and print it, too.

Software update could let your phone sense pressure and squeezes

When Apple unveiled the iPhone 6, it introduced a new kind of display it calls 3D Touch. 3D Touch displays can sense how hard you press them, letting them respond in different ways. An innovative software update could enable this on any phone though.

Your smartphone's camera could double as a VR gesture tracker

The popularity of VR smartphone apps is on the rise, leading more people to pick up a headset. Current models aren't as advanced as their PC counterparts though, in particular lacking gesture-based motion control. That could change soon with a new system.

Samsung patents smartwatch that projects display onto your hand

Samsung has developed a concept smartwatch that projects an image of its display onto the wearer's hand. The idea increases the size of the display, letting developers create more complex apps and allowing users to type with more precision.

New shape-shifting interface lets you touch 3D computer images

A team of researchers have created a new shape-shifting interface that allows you to interact with 3D computer images through the medium of touch. The interface makes it possible to feel physical objects in computer simulations and models.

This flexible smartphone has a holographic 3D display

Researchers have built a smartphone that features a holographic display capable of showing 3D images without wearing glasses. The phone has a flexible body that can be curved and bent into different positions. Different commands are triggered by flexing.

Top 10 smartphone features that could be about to change

Smartphones are one of the most quickly evolving areas of technology. With launches every year that make existing flagships obsolete overnight, it can be hard to keep track of the industry. Here's a list of the top 10 ways that smartphones are changing.

Samsung planning to take virtual reality beyond smartphones

Samsung is planning to expand its virtual reality business by deemphasising the role of the smartphone in the emerging technology. The company wants to see virtual reality involved in all areas of life, including business scenarios.

Wi-Fi pushed to the limit with new 100Gbps transmitter, THz waves

A team of Japanese researchers have developed a Wi-Fi transmitter capable of sustaining a 100 gigabit per second connection speed. The breakthrough, using very short waves, lets mobile devices download an HD film in under a second.

Team creates 'unhackable' brain scanner to replace passwords

Future security is topical at the moment as groups across the world are building different systems to prepare us for a passwordless future. One such team has come up with a very different solution that scans the brain to create an 'unhackable' ID.

Apple CEO Tim Cook teases new products and more Android apps

Tim Cook hinted at the existence of new Apple products and a plan to make the company's services available on other platforms during an employee "Town Hall" meeting at Apple's Cupertino headquarters this week.

Microsoft testing submerged servers that operate under the waves

An ambitious Microsoft research project wants to put the datacentres of the future at the bottom of the ocean. Although the plan may sound odd at first, it would lower cost and increase the efficiency of the datacentre.

Apple team of 'hundreds' secretly working with virtual reality

Apple is reportedly building its own virtual reality headset to rival devices like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. The highly secretive team is said to number in the hundreds and has already assembled several prototypes.

Google Glass disappears from social media, consumer version dies

Google has closed down the social media accounts formerly used to promote its Google Glass wearable computer. The consumer edition of the headset has been abandoned in favour of a business-centric version called "Glass: Enterprise Edition."

iOS source reveals Apple is working to add Li-Fi to the iPhone

References to Li-Fi in the source code of the latest versions of iOS have provided a strong hint that Apple is working on integrating the next-generation wireless tech into future iPhones. Li-Fi uses light to transmit data 100x faster than Wi-Fi.

Emojis could be the future of security and PIN codes

A software company has claimed that emoji could soon replace PIN codes as the primary security form for bank accounts. The smiling faces are viable because they are easier to remember than PIN codes and there are many more combinations available.

Car technology just around the bend

This article reports on current and future automotive technology that drivers will have in their vehicles. Such technology will indeed change driving forever!

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The University of Michigan s ForcePhone technology being demonstrated. Pressing the display with a h...
The University of Michigan's ForcePhone technology being demonstrated. Pressing the display with a high pressure transfers relatively large, but still minute, forces to the phone, causing modulation in the sound wave and creating the spike on the graph. This is detected by the microphone.
University of Michigan
The University of Michigan s ForcePhone technology
The University of Michigan's ForcePhone technology
University of Michigan

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