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Digital transformation in telecoms to create agile 'open telcos'

Telecoms operators are embracing digital transformation and technological change to develop new networks and improve the customer experience. The telecoms industry is in a leading-edge position for connectivity as businesses start to demand cloud tech.

Apple invests $390m in TrueDepth supplier Finisar

Apple's announced it will invest $390m into Finisar, the company that manufactures components for Apple's TrueDepth iPhone cameras. Finisar's technology is behind many of Apple's latest innovations, including Face ID and Animoji on the iPhone X.

Microsoft launches preview of its quantum development toolkit

Microsoft's launched a preview of its quantum development kit. The set tools include a quantum programming language designed to help developers get started with quantum models. It includes everything needed to run quantum programs on a regular computer.

IBM launches new POWER9 servers designed for AI

IBM's announced the launch of its first POWER9 server, a dual-socket system aimed at AI. The company's underlying chip can be configured with up to 44 cores and is designed to accelerate machine learning. It's claimed to be faster than Intel's platforms.

Gradual introduction of AI could be critical to tech's success

Almost 30 percent of business apps will be updated to include AI enhancements within the next two years, according to a new article from a CCS Insight analyst.

Report: Consumers sceptical of AI, fearful of privacy risks

Corporate investments in AI aren't helping to shift public opinion on the technology. According to a new study published this week, 71 percent of consumers would reject AI-based apps if they don't do enough to preserve privacy and avoid bias.

Fintech firms choose Lithuania after Brexit

Lithuania is becoming a centre of fintech innovation in Europe after Brexit. Fintech start-ups are taking advantage of the country's relatively relaxed regulations as they prepare to leave London. Lithuania has "jumped at the opportunity."

Google AI created a 'child' more powerful than any human-made AI

Google Brain researchers have announced an AI system created its own "child" AI more powerful than any neural network crafted by a human. The main AI is capable of developing its own specialised children to help it complete new tasks more rapidly.

Amazon launches browser-based tool for building VR experiences

Amazon has launched a web-based toolkit to help developers create immersive virtual and augmented reality experiences. Built on Amazon Web Services, Sumerian provides a complete VR creation studio inside a web browser, removing the need for coding skills.

Quarterly VR headset shipments pass one million for first time

Shipments of VR headsets passed one million units in the last quarter, according to new analysis published today. It's the first time the VR market has managed to shift so many devices during a quarter. Price cuts have contributed to the increased demand.

Samsung 'graphene ball' could let phones charge five times faster

Samsung's found a way of making lithium-ion smartphone batteries charge faster and last longer. The company's synthesized and patented a "graphene ball" that considerably improves the performance of lithium-ion cells, offering 45% higher charge capacity.

Samsung to build new lab for machine learning research

Samsung's announced a new research centre to focus on developing artificial intelligence and machine learning. The company's current AI capabilities are perceived to be behind its rivals, a weakness Samsung is working hard to address.

Microsoft patents reveal conceptual mind control tech

Microsoft has published a series of patents that explore how neurological activity could be used to control a computer. The technology could be used to create a future mind-control system where you use your thoughts to interact with the device.

Report: Apple to launch AR headset in 2020

Apple will launch an augmented reality headset in 2020 according to an informed report today. The company is plotting an all-new wearable device that will function independently of a smartphone and run on a new chip and operating system.

Nasdaq vice chair thinks AI could create 'a new sector'

Nasdaq vice chairman Bruce Aust has suggested the proliferation of AI could create a new business sector that innovates in ways we can't yet appreciate. Singling out autonomous vehicles as an example, Aust said he's "excited" about today's early work.

Salesforce launches service to let anyone get started with IoT

Salesforce has announced a new IoT platform meant to make it easier for inexperienced businesses to utilise the technology. Salesforce myIoT has an easy-to-use point-and-click interface that helps developers connect, configure and leverage IoT devices.

Google launches Poly, a marketplace for 3D objects

Google's announced a new service to help VR and AR developers find 3D objects for their apps. One of the biggest challenges facing VR is a lack of content. Poly will let 3D model creators share their work, giving app creators more assets to use.

90% of enterprises to use cloud services by 2021

Over 90 percent of all enterprises will use cloud platforms to innovate and improve agility by 2021. Companies are spending "aggressively" on new technologies as they compete to grow their digital presence and improve customer experiences.

Microsoft explains how mixed reality will transform the workplace

Microsoft's announced a new strategy to bring mixed reality to every modern workplace. The company said it believes the tech could lead to significant productivity and efficiency improvements by allowing employees to blend the real and digital worlds.

Top VR game developer cancels new productions, lays off 100

CCP Games, maker of some of the biggest virtual reality games, has announced it's pulling out of the market so it can focus on PC-based titles. The decision casts further doubt on the future of the VR gaming industry which has had a sluggish start.

Apple's appeal 'eclipsed' by companies building for the future

According to a recent survey, Amazon is now the most trusted tech company, beating rivals Apple, Google and Facebook to win over customers. Facebook and Twitter rank particularly poorly with web users saying they wouldn't mind if social media disappeared.

Microsoft might have solved the HoloLens' biggest issue

Microsoft may have solved one of the biggest limitations with its HoloLens headset. Since its first unveiling, the device has suffered from a restricted field of view. A patent filing suggests a feasible way to increase the range has been developed.

Samsung's 360 Round lets content creators livestream in VR

Samsung's announced its own 360-degree camera designed for virtual reality content creation. The Samsung 360 Round incorporates 17 lenses and can livestream 4K and 3D video with spatial audio soundtracks. It's a complete package for VR content creators.

Samsung unveils Bixby 2.0, aims to connect all your devices

Samsung has announced the second-generation version of Bixby, the company's digital assistant. Coming just six months after Bixby's launch, Samsung's preparing to significantly expand the assistant's applications by bringing it to new kinds of device.

Banks 'two APIs away' from losing customers to mobile apps

Consumers are increasingly interested in mobile payments technology and are attracted to the idea of a centralised digital wallet. A new study by Accenture found smartphone users are "desperate" for a modern approach to banking that works around them.

Amazon's Alexa gets smarter with new custom lists

Amazon has announced it's improving one of Alexa's most popular features by adding support for custom lists. Alexa currently helps you manage your to-do list and shopping list. The assistant can now also keep track of other items you need to remember.

Microsoft launches Windows 10 update with Mixed Reality features

Microsoft has released the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, the latest version of the OS and the first to include support for Windows Mixed Reality. Microsoft is betting big on bringing mixed reality and 3D content into the lives of consumers.

Mark Zuckerberg wants 'one billion' people to use virtual reality

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has said the company wants to get one billion people using virtual reality. Speaking at Facebook's Oculus Connect VR event, Zuckerberg said headsets are "freeing" and let people experience things they'd otherwise miss out on.

Tim Cook doesn't 'give a rats' about being first to AR glasses

Apple CEO Tim Cook has said augmented reality glasses won't be around anytime soon. Cook said he doesn't think the concept can be created in a way people would be "satisfied with." The company would rather ship a polished product than be first to launch.

Automation could take almost 40 percent of young workers' jobs

Automation could displace almost 40 percent of young workers over the next 15 years, according to research by PwC. People aged between 16 and 24 in the U.S. are the most at risk but there are also concerns over a lack of homegrown STEM talent in the UK.
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MIT s Swarm processor  capable of making parallelised applications up to 18x faster
MIT's Swarm processor, capable of making parallelised applications up to 18x faster
Christine Daniloff/MIT
 Battery-free  cellphone prototype
"Battery-free" cellphone prototype
University of Washington
 Battery-free  cellphone prototype
"Battery-free" cellphone prototype
University of Washington
How the nanomaterial works
How the nanomaterial works
University of Central Florida / Nature Journal
University of Sydney zinc-air battery
University of Sydney zinc-air battery
University of Sydney
Electrick conductive spray paint
Electrick conductive spray paint
Yang Zhang
Electrick conductive spray paint
Electrick conductive spray paint
Yang Zhang
Electrick conductive spray paint
Electrick conductive spray paint
Yang Zhang
 Battery-free  cellphone prototype
"Battery-free" cellphone prototype
University of Washington

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