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Microsoft creates gliders that fly themselves using AI

Microsoft has created an AI that allows a glider to fly itself. The artificial intelligence mimics how animals find thermal air currents to allow the glider to fly without a motor. It stays aloft by using complex algorithms to head to rising air.

Affordable zinc-air cells could be the future of battery tech

Researchers have developed a breakthrough method to create rechargeable zinc-air batteries. Zinc-air cells are cheap to make and could become the preferred power source for future tech. They've previously been hindered by rechargeability issues.

Emoji analysis helps AI detect sarcasm in tweets

A team of researchers have developed an algorithm capable of detecting the sentiment and emotions expressed in tweets. It uses a neural network to analyse emoji contained in the tweets, allowing the underlying meaning to be interpreted.

9 out of 10 digital transformation projects will fail

Digital transformation is now a widely accepted term in enterprises across every industry. While leaders have embraced the idea, a report has found businesses are struggling to implement transformation strategies, with just one in ten projects successful.

Augmented and virtual reality spending to double each year

Worldwide sales of augmented and virtual reality products are expected to at least double each year until 2021. Analysts predict the market will be worth over $215 billion within four years as the sector moves past consumers to business transformation.

Blippar builds computer vision solution to improve AR in cities

Augmented reality startup Blippar has announced a prototype app that makes augmented reality in cities faster and more precise. The company intends to make future augmented reality apps, like the next Pokémon Go, more responsive and visually accurate.

Microsoft removes mobile from its mission as it focuses on AI

Microsoft has made a highly significant change to its corporate mission statement. The company has replaced its former "mobile-first" strategy with a vision that’s focused entirely on AI. It reflects the altered reality of Microsoft's business.

Companies likely to fail if they miss digital transformation

54 percent of digital leaders believe their companies will fail if they don't achieve digital transformation at the same time as their industry rivals. Over 80 percent of businesses could be left behind as technology comes to define modern commerce.

Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk: Does either really understand AI?

Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk recently engaged in a highly public war of words on AI's role in society. The two leaders accused each other's view of offering limited perspective, demonstrating no one yet fully understands AI and its possible applications.

Canada home to top AI jobs — openings surge 500 percent

Canada is becoming one of the global leaders in artificial intelligence as the amount of funding allocated to the area has increased. A new study has found Canadian AI job openings are up 500 percent owing to "rapid advancements" underlying technologies.

HP's new $3,299 backpack computer could be the future of working

HP has announced a new virtual reality backpack that's aimed at commercial customers. The company believes businesses could benefit from the portability and power offered by VR backpacks, giving them performance for on-the-job training.

Hackers could trick AI voice recognition into mishearing voices

Artificial intelligence is showing great promise in voice recognition but a new study completed by researchers shows it can't necessarily be trusted. A team successfully tricked AI into mishearing a recording, without altering how it's heard by humans.

DeepMind creates 'imaginative' AI that can create and plan

Google-owned DeepMind has announced an AI agent that is capable of "imagining" things and planning how to complete future tasks. The development brings fully autonomous AI a step closer by addressing one of the major shortcomings of current systems.

Microsoft's new mission is all about digital transformation

Microsoft is reinventing itself around sales to industry sectors in a move that sees it shift towards bringing about revolutionary societal changes. The company has doubled down on digitally transforming industries ranging from healthcare to finance.

Amazon could let you try on watches, clothes in augmented reality

Amazon is investigating how it could use augmented reality technology to let you "try on" clothes and accessories before you buy. A new patent filed by the company details how a phone app would let you virtually "wear" items from Amazon's product pages.

Your next smart device might come with a 'security rating'

As the Internet of Things proliferates, keeping scores of connected devices secure is going to present a challenge. Since most users don't understand the risks, some experts are proposing devices get a "security score," similar to an energy rating.

Bluetooth sensors used to monitor traffic flow in Danish city

A Danish city is using Bluetooth sensors to detect signals from phones and connected devices inside cars. The information is used to record traffic flow in real-time, enabling officials to identify problem areas in the absence of actual connected cars.

Facebook might be reviving Google's failed modular smartphone

Facebook appears to be secretly working on a modular smartphone that could be akin to Google's failed Project Ara experiment. The company has filed a patent for a "modular electromechanical device" that would offer replaceable hardware.

DeepMind founder thinks AI will need to build on neuroscience

A leading artificial intelligence expert has said he believes research in the field must start to build on existing areas of neuroscience. Describing the two areas as having a "long and intertwined history," he said AI will need to learn human qualities.

Researchers shut down AI that invented its own language

An artificial intelligence system being developed at Facebook has created its own language. It developed a system of code words to make communication more efficient. Researchers shut the system down when they realized the AI was no longer using English.

Google ready to start selling portions of its quantum cloud

Google has reportedly started selling access to its quantum-powered cloud computing service to interested developers. The company is one of several major tech firms vying to be the first to commercialise quantum computers, the next era of technology.

Samsung starts rolling out Bixby Voice in the U.S.

Samsung has announced that the rollout of Bixby Voice in the U.S. has now commenced, allowing Galaxy S8 owners to start interacting with the digital assistant using their voice. The feature was delayed from the device's launch due to ongoing issues.

Google Glass Enterprise unveiled – Wearable makes surprise return

Google has unveiled Google Glass Enterprise Edition. The company is hoping to usher in a new era for the wearable computer after bugs and privacy concerns saw the original consumer version dismissed as before its time. Google's now targeting businesses.

Virtual reality to create an 'Internet of experience' by 2030

Virtual and augmented reality will transform the way in which we consume online content by the year 2030. A new report looking at how emerging technologies will change the future suggested that the web will evolve into the 'Internet of experience.'

Microsoft launches app that uses AI to help blind people 'see'

Microsoft has publicly launched an app that narrates the environment around its user to help blind people "see." Using artificial intelligence, it identifies people, documents and images in the surroundings and narrates their details, empowering the user.

Microsoft 'AI for Earth' initiative uses tech to help the planet

Microsoft has announced a new program that will see the company use the power of artificial intelligence to tackle environmental issues facing the planet. Microsoft is focusing on four of the biggest problems that are experienced across the world.

Alexa and Cortana are growing at Siri's expense

A report has found newer digital assistants including Amazon's Alexa and Microsoft's Cortana are gaining market share at the expense of established services. Despite releasing several new features this year, Apple's Siri is facing declining engagement.

Microsoft launches program to drive mixed reality transformation

Microsoft has announced a new program that will accelerate the spread of mixed reality devices across the world. The company intends to partner with digital agencies to demonstrate the power of its HoloLens headset and create new experiences.

World's first 'battery-free' phone could change communications

Researchers have developed the first phone that doesn't require an electrical power supply. The prototype device is capable of harvesting energy from the air. It generates enough power to communicate using existing apps such as Skype.

Prototype augmented reality system uses your desk as a display

A prototype augmented reality device in development at Carnegie Mellon University projects apps onto your desk and runs from a standard-size lightbulb socket. It lets you convert any surface into a screen that's as interactive as your smartphone.
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 Battery-free  cellphone prototype
"Battery-free" cellphone prototype
University of Washington
MIT s Swarm processor  capable of making parallelised applications up to 18x faster
MIT's Swarm processor, capable of making parallelised applications up to 18x faster
Christine Daniloff/MIT
Electrick conductive spray paint
Electrick conductive spray paint
Yang Zhang
 Battery-free  cellphone prototype
"Battery-free" cellphone prototype
University of Washington
 Battery-free  cellphone prototype
"Battery-free" cellphone prototype
University of Washington
University of Sydney zinc-air battery
University of Sydney zinc-air battery
University of Sydney
Electrick conductive spray paint
Electrick conductive spray paint
Yang Zhang
Electrick conductive spray paint
Electrick conductive spray paint
Yang Zhang
How the nanomaterial works
How the nanomaterial works
University of Central Florida / Nature Journal