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Review: GravaStar futuristic Bluetooth speaker Special

Portable speakers are commonplace, the challenge is with coming up with something different and imaginative, especially to appeal to a younger crowd. The GravaStar Bluetooth speaker fits the bill.

U.S. Treasury publishes five 'takeaways' on blockchain tech

The U.S. Treasury has released a list of five tips for companies implementing blockchains. The insights are based on lessons learned by the department while building its own blockchain proof of concept.

IBM evolves Watson to create intelligent enterprise assistant

IBM has announced it will transform its Watson computing platform into an intelligent assistant for enterprises. The company said it will deliver conversational interfaces that combine AI and the cloud, helping businesses "transform customer experiences."

Reports: Google to acquire light-field camera startup Lytro

Google is reportedly set to purchase light-field camera manufacturer Lytro for approximately $40m. The company is primarily interested in Lytro for its innovative technology, which produces cameras capable of refocusing images after they are taken.

eBay uses augmented reality to make online selling simpler

eBay has launched a new feature that uses augmented reality to help sellers package items. Available in the company's official Android app, it uses motion tracking and environmental understanding to assess product dimensions and preview different boxes.

Microsoft AI achieves human parity in translating Chinese news

Microsoft has announced a "historic milestone" in the development of AI-powered translation. The company claimed its AI can now translate Chinese news stories with the same accuracy as a human. It said that human parity is "a dream that all of us had."

Bose reveals sound-based smart glasses in push into AR

Audio brand Bose has announced it's entering the augmented reality market with its own set of smart glasses. The current prototype aims to evolve the role of audio in augmented reality, a technology which is currently dominated by visual experiences.

Toshiba launches new AR smart glasses for field professionals

Toshiba's announced a set of augmented reality smart glasses aimed at field workers. The Windows-powered device comprises a head-mounted display and tethered pocket PC. It's aimed to assist workers by enabling efficient access to apps and information.

Nordstrom purchases two startups in push into retail tech

Nordstrom has announced it is acquiring two independent tech startups, BevyUp and MessageYes, to develop its portfolio of digital store solutions. BevyUp lets store staff communicate with customers, while MessageYes sends personalised mobile messages.

EU publishes draft laws to boost fintech and blockchain

The European Union has proposed draft laws for fintech, crowdfunding and blockchain in an attempt to make itself attractive to new start-ups. The European Commission said it wants to create a "competitive and innovative" financial market using fintech.

GE Transportation joins global blockchain consortium

GE Transportation has announced it's joining a cross-industry consortium that's looking for ways to use blockchain tech in logistics. The company will collaborate with other firms to utilise the blockchain in digital solutions for industry transformation.

Google previews Bristlecone, its new quantum computing chip

Google has announced a new quantum processor design. Known as Bristlecone, the chip is being designed as a "testbed" for quantum research. The company said it's "cautiously optimistic" that Bristlecone will allow it to achieve quantum supremacy.

Microsoft co-founder launches $125m fund to teach AI common sense

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has announced a $125m initiative to research ways in which AI could learn common sense. It will help AI to mimic human identification of the most rational response to new scenarios, even if it goes against regular rules.

Banking regulators reluctant to act on 'hyped' fintech

Global banking regulators have indicated they're not rushing to introduce new fintech rules. A report from the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision has addressed the "hype" in fintech, comparing it to previous disruption in the financial industry.

Lenovo patent uses blockchain to authenticate physical documents

A new patent that has been filed by Lenovo suggests the company is exploring the use of blockchain as a way to validate documents. The patent describes tech that could be used to authenticate physical documents that are tagged with digital signatures.

Microsoft to use blockchain to build decentralised identities

Microsoft has announced plans to develop a decentralised blockchain-based identity system. In a blog post, the company supported the idea of using blockchain as a "foundation" to store and distribute user IDs. It will add support to its Authenticator app.

Retail technology rejected in favour of face-to-face interactions

New retail technologies aren't delivering the returns they claim, according to a survey of retailers investing in digitalisation. Many stores have observed disappointing results from their systems and are concerned they make it harder to engage customers.

HoloLens used to 'see inside' hospital patients before surgery

Microsoft has detailed a pilot project at a UK hospital that uses the company's HoloLens mixed reality headset to "see inside" surgical patients. Surgeons use the device to identify key blood vessels, bones and muscles before they start an operation.

Intel launches new processor for edge computing workloads

Intel's announced a new system-on-chip processor for edge computing workloads. The rise of technologies such as IoT, connected sensors and automation requires new chip designs. Intel's tailored its new Xeon D-series products to meet these requirements.

The New York Times launches augmented reality news app

The New York Times has announced an augmented reality experience to "bring the news into your home." The publication said it wants readers to experience a more immersive form of reporting that uses 3D images to "bridge" the digital and physical worlds.

Intel is working on smart glasses you could actually wear

Intel's announced a set of smart glasses that look similar to a regular pair of eyeglasses. The prototype is a modern revival of the concepts behind Google's Glass project from five years ago. The device projects heads-up notifications onto your retina.

Interview: Partnerships key to fintech trust building Special

Collaborative partnerships are becoming a "cornerstone" of fintech, Matthias Setzer of PayU told Digital Journal. Financial providers and tech firms are partnering to address trust concerns, avoiding a "culture clash" which could derail the industry.

Amazon invests in startup trying to increase voice AI engagement

Amazon has invested in a startup trying to address the low uptake of voice-controlled apps and digital assistants. Pulse Labs is trying to find ways to convince people they should keep using voice control.

Op-Ed: Sundar Pichai thinks AI will be bigger than fire and electricity

Google CEO Sundar Pichai suggested AI will have a bigger impact on humanity than fire or electricity in comments this week. Google is committing to AI as a critical component of future society, even though it remains unclear what role it will fulfil.

Google demonstrates how augmented reality could enhance the web

Google's published an experimental web app that uses augmented reality to enhance the user experience. Images can be loaded in an AR headset to see them "come alive" at their true size and scale. Google said its an early exploration of web-based AR.

Digital skills gap now impacting 54 percent of businesses

A shortfall of technically skilled workers is threatening to upheave digital transformation. A new report from Capgemini and LinkedIn has found over 50 percent of businesses are now feeling the pressure from the digital skills gap.

LG's robot for 'connected life' refuses to talk on-stage

LG's CES press conference was derailed by its Cloi robot which ignored verbal commands. Cloi is supposed to act as a hub for LG's new range of smart home devices. The incident has resurfaced concerns that IoT development may be progressing too quickly.

Startup says China leads many areas of AI development

An AI startup that operates in the U.S. and China has said China's leading development of the tech in many fields. The U.S. and China are amongst several major economies battling to gain dominance in AI, a technology widely viewed as transformative.

Magic Leap unveils its augmented reality goggles

Magic Leap has unveiled its AR goggles and said it will start shipments of the device next year. The company has spent years developing AR tech but has struggled to scale it down to fit inside a headset. Its current design includes an external computer.

Google to replace Project Tango augmented reality with ARCore

Google's announced the second preview of ARCore, its new Android SDK for mobile AR apps. The company's also revealed it's to shutter its earlier Project Tango initiative. Tango was one of the first mobile AR systems but only two devices are compatible.
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MIT s Swarm processor  capable of making parallelised applications up to 18x faster
MIT's Swarm processor, capable of making parallelised applications up to 18x faster
Christine Daniloff/MIT
Electrick conductive spray paint
Electrick conductive spray paint
Yang Zhang
How the nanomaterial works
How the nanomaterial works
University of Central Florida / Nature Journal
 Battery-free  cellphone prototype
"Battery-free" cellphone prototype
University of Washington
Electrick conductive spray paint
Electrick conductive spray paint
Yang Zhang
University of Sydney zinc-air battery
University of Sydney zinc-air battery
University of Sydney
 Battery-free  cellphone prototype
"Battery-free" cellphone prototype
University of Washington
 Battery-free  cellphone prototype
"Battery-free" cellphone prototype
University of Washington
Electrick conductive spray paint
Electrick conductive spray paint
Yang Zhang

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