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food poisioning News

Most cookbooks give bad food safety advice

Cooks beware. A new study has found that many bestselling cookbooks provide readers and would-be chefs with little in the way of useful advice about reducing food-safety risks. Worryingly, where advice is given it is often erroneous.

Campylobacter rates increase for chickens sold in the U.K.

New figures, produced by the U.K. Food Standards Agency, show a marked increase in the detection of food-poisoning bacteria in chickens sold in British supermarkets.

U.S. considering new and improved food safety act

Washington - A new consumer safety initiative - The Safe Food Act of 2015 - has been proposed. The Act is designed to introduce a single, independent food safety agency. The Act has been set-out by two Democratic Party politicians.

Breaded chicken recalled due to food poisoning risk

A bacterial toxin has been found in a range of breaded chicken products. As a precaution, the processed meat breaded products have been withdrawn from sale in the U.S.

New warning over barbecued food

The Food Standards Agency in the U.K. has issued a warning about barbecued food and the risks of food poisoning. The Agency recommends that food should be pre-cooked in an oven first.

U.S. to increase monitoring for food poisoning microbes

The USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) has announced a new initiative for making chicken and turkey products safer for consumption.

Campylobacter found on over half U.K. supermarket chickens

London - The U.K. Food Standards Agency have issued a survey of Campylobacter found on fresh shop-bought chickens. Over half of the chickens sampled were found to be infected.

Fighting food-poisoning: taking on botulism

Irvine - The means by which bacterial toxins that cause food-borne botulism are absorbed through the intestinal lining and into the bloodstream has been discovered by researchers. This could lead to a new way of blocking the toxin.

New way to assess food poisoning risks

A science group developed a new way to detect food poisoning. This is because current methods are not considered effective enough.

From poultry farms to chicken nuggets: food poisoning

Scientists have identified a link between the certain food-borne pathogens on poultry farms and processed meat products.

Viruses spread as easy as bacteria on dirty utensils

Safety information has, for many years, highlighted the concerns of bacteria spreading via utensils, like knives and forks, which have not been cleaned properly. Now, new research highlights a concern with spreading viruses.

Wal-Mart food safety concerns in China

The U.S. company Wal-Mart has been accused by the Chinese government of two significant food violations. One relates to high levels of potentially carcinogenic chemicals in some foods and the second to selling pork unfit for human consumption.

More people taking 'health risks' with food as finances tighten

A UK report by the a Food Standards Agency suggests that as home finances tighten, people are taking more risks with their food leaving them vulnerable to incidents of food poisoning.

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