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Woman's seizure linked to licorice overdose, doctors believe

Dublin - A hankering for licorice landed a 56-year-old woman in the hospital after she suffered headaches, vision problems and a seizure. Doctors who treated her think the licorice habit is the cause of her problems, which were fortunately short-lived.

Deadly toxins found improperly stored, forgotten in NIH, FDA labs

Bethesda - Officials are confirming that an alarming number of improperly stored vials containing highly dangerous pathogens have been located in various federal government laboratories.

Canadian Ebola treatment gains FDA approval, stocks jump

A new Canadian drug to treat Ebola has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Friday. Shares of Tekmira Pharmaceutical Corp. jumped as much as 25 percent in early trading.

FDA health alert concerning caffeine powder after student death

Washington - The US Food and Drug Administration issued a health alert Friday on the use of powdered pure caffeine, following a June Ohio Coroner’s Court finding that an 18-year-old student died as a result of toxic levels of caffeine in his bloodstream.

FDA approves 'morning-after pill' for 15-year-olds

Washington - The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has lowered the age limit for access to prescription-free emergency contraception pills to 15.

U.S. FDA approves first bionic eye

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved the first bionic eye. The implantable device was developed to help adults with limited vision from a rare genetic disorder to be able to see.

FDA's new Ambien and sleep drug recommendations

The FDA has announced the manufacturers of certain sleep drugs must lower the current recommended doses. The federal agency said that in the morning patients may be "high enough" to impair daily activities in the morning that require alertness.

Op-Ed: Ca Right to Know calls for criminal investigation of 'No on 37'

Washington - In the latest in a line of misrepresentations and possible fraud, California Right to Know is calling for a criminal investigation of "No on 37" for misuse of the FDA Seal and a fabricated FDA quote, all in opposition to the labeling of GMOs.

Buyer Beware: Adderall sold online may have wrong ingredients Special

Fake Adderall tablets containing the wrong ingredients have been spotted online for sale and can be potentially dangerous, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration warned Tuesday.

Food and Drug Administration recent recalls

The US Food and Drug Administration issued four product recalls between March 29, 2012 and March 31, 2012. Products recalled can be found nationwide.

FDA approves two new pancreatic drugs to aid in digestion

Relief is on the way for those suffering from problems digesting food due to missing key enzymes that the pancreas is unable to make.

FDA approval for first melanoma drug extending patients' lives

Washington - Drug manufacturer Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. received the U. S. stamp of approval on Friday to manufacture and market the first drug medication to extend the lives of patients suffering from melanoma.

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