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El Nino dries up Asia as its stormy sister La Nina looms

Withering drought and sizzling temperatures from El Nino have caused food and water shortages and ravaged farming across Asia, and experts warn of a double-whammy of possible flooding from its sibling, La Nina.

Halal: is it meat you're looking for? says China businessman

Qingtongxia - The wine-swilling co-founder of Sai Wai Xiang Halal Foodstuff Co enjoys his pork and does not follow Islam, but still sells more than $50 million-worth of food to Muslims across Asia and the Middle East.

23 dead in Pakistan after eating poisoned sweets

Lahore - At least 23 people have died and dozens of others fell ill in central Pakistan after eating sweets which police suspect were tainted with pesticides, officials said Monday.

Concern over Indian food quality and imports

This week has seen several alarming reports about the quality standards relating to food produced in India. These relates to salt content and import bans.

Malawi president declares national disaster after drought

Blantyre - Malawian President Peter Mutharika on Wednesday declared a state of national disaster due to food shortages caused by drought, in the latest sign of alarm over a hunger crisis across southern Africa.

Experts suggests food packages with how long to burn calories off

Put down that candy bar. The UK’s Royal Society of Public Health is suggesting food labels display how much activity is required to burn off calories that have just been consumed.

In Washington, there's more than politics on the menu

Washington - Mary Ackley, who lives in the US capital, had to keep an open mind while pursuing her dream of becoming a farmer. So she went underground.

Japanese police raid elite 'tiger blowfish' supper club

Toukyo - A members-only Japanese restaurant serving the banned and deadly delicacy "tiger blowfish" liver has been raided, police said Thursday.

Crafty Kraft changed mac 'n' cheese without telling us

Kraft foods announced it was thinking of changing its macaroni and cheese ingredients. Then months later it changed them. Then, a few months after that, it let consumers know. In the interim, it seemed no one noticed.

Are Vegans saving our planet from pollution? Science says yes

For the first time, a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences estimated the global effects on health and climate change of a worldwide shifting towards a vegan and vegetarian diet.

Michelin-starred French chef rises to gluten-free challenge

Lourmarin - A top French chef has transformed her Michelin-starred restaurant in Provence into a gluten-free haven after teaming up with her daughter, a trained chemist who suffers from coeliac disease.

Coffee on tap as workspace-cafes conquer Montreal

Montr - Sitting on sofas with laptops balanced awkwardly on their knees as they sip from bottomless cups of tea and coffee, customers have turned an off-the-beaten-path cafe in Montreal into their personal workspace.And the owners couldn't be happier.

Obesity and food waste — Is Italy becoming like the U.S.?

Italy approved a new law to fight food waste by providing economic incentives to companies who want to donate food. However, recent statistics are pointing out how the Italians' "love for good food" is waning, and bad dietary habits are on the rise.

Trade seen as key to return to normality in NE Nigeria

Kano - The annual rains are approaching in northeast Nigeria but with farmers having fled the Boko Haram conflict and their fields fallow, it's feared another planting season will come and go.

Hydra rip open their skin to feed: Video

Hydra, the peculiar type of tiny freshwater animals, catch and sting their prey via tentacles. Before they eat they need to rip their own skin apart in order to open their mouths.

Lab-grown milk, eggs and meat could hit store shelves in 5 years

Meat, eggs and milk could be produced in lab without killing or harming animals thanks to microbe cultures. The future of food as we know it may be forever changed, allowing even vegetarians and vegans to eat hamburgers and milkshakes again.

A quarter of a million Syrian children living under siege: Charity

Birut - At least 250,000 Syrian children are living under siege, with many forced to eat animal feed or leaves to survive, Save the Children said Wednesday, as the war's fifth anniversary looms.

Climate change poised to hurt food supplies: Study

Paris - The effects of climate change on food production could cause 500,000 extra deaths by 2050 compared to a world without global warming, according to a study released Thursday.

UN food agency meets funding target for Syrian refugees

Rome - The UN food agency said Monday an "unprecedented response" to its fundraising campaign meant it could fully reinstate its food assistance to Syrian refugees.

Assessing the cumulative risk of pesticides on people

The cumulative risks from exposure to pesticides on people is often discussed, but there is limited information. Now a new European study will consider the impact on the thyroid and nervous systems.

Nearly 100 Indian pupils in hospital after eating school meal

Mumbai - Nearly 100 Indian schoolchildren were hospitalised with suspected food poisoning Thursday after eating a free midday meal at a government-run school near Mumbai, officials said, adding that 13 were in a critical condition.

Mars recalls Dutch-made chocolates from 55 countries

Den Haag - US chocolate giant Mars Tuesday ordered a massive international recall of Mars and Snickers bars made at its Dutch factory after a piece of plastic found in one snack was traced back to the site.

Are insects better than Italian cuisine? Some people think so

Italian cuisine is often regarded as the most delicious in the world. However, it seems even Italians started accepting the idea of putting insects on their plates.

Chocolate giant Mars orders recall of Mars, Snickers bars

Berlin - Chocolate giant Mars Tuesday ordered a massive recall of Mars and Snickers bars as well as Milky Way Minis in Germany and the Netherlands after plastic was found in a product.

Changing eating habits in the U.K.

London - The types of food eaten each week by a typical British family have changed during the past 40 years, according to recently released government statistics.

The food we eat influences our genes

A new study suggests human genes are influenced by the food that is eaten. This is based on a microbiological study, examining genetics and metabolism.

DNA rice breakthrough raises 'green revolution' hopes

Batong Malake - Rice-growing techniques learned through thousands of years of trial and error are about to be turbocharged with DNA technology in a breakthrough hailed by scientists as a potential second "green revolution".

Slowing down when eating helps weight loss

One way to avoid overeating is slowing down the rate at which food is eaten, according to a new study.This is based on a study on young people.

Finding the ‘X Factor’ for wholegrain

Aarhus - What makes wholegrain healthy? There seems to be an X factor — actually a BX factor — that contributes to the healthy properties contained within the grain. New research explores this further.

Restaurant Review: Oakes Grill at Hanbury Manor Special

Hertford - Hanbury Manor in Hertfordshire, England, built in 1730, is a hotel, conference center and a place to play golf. It has two restaurants and a bar. Digital Journal sampled one of the venue's eating places.
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Food Image

Chili-Cheese Stuffed Zucchini before making its way to the oven
Chili-Cheese Stuffed Zucchini before making its way to the oven
Turkish lady cooking.
Turkish lady cooking.
A Greek Layered Dip
A Greek Layered Dip
A mix-mash up of ingredients for Middle Eastern ground chicken
A mix-mash up of ingredients for Middle Eastern ground chicken
A whole lot of goodness on chicken breasts.
A whole lot of goodness on chicken breasts.
Organic mustard.
Organic mustard.
A restaurant in NYC
A restaurant in NYC
Cheese wall is something to see  18 feet high with a huge kitchen right next door
Cheese wall is something to see, 18 feet high with a huge kitchen right next door
California almonds
California almonds
Numerous cultures from the South Asian region showed off their cuisine  fashionand music at Toronto ...
Numerous cultures from the South Asian region showed off their cuisine, fashionand music at Toronto's Yonge-Dundas Square on a beautiful sunny weekend afternoon.
Book cover of The Food & Cooking of Greece
Book cover of The Food & Cooking of Greece
Ground chicken mixture awaiting to transform into balls.
Ground chicken mixture awaiting to transform into balls.
Thickening sauce.
Thickening sauce.
After the official programme  Hungarians do what they love best - eating!
After the official programme, Hungarians do what they love best - eating!
Chicken Pot Pie Without the Pie getting ready for the oven.
Chicken Pot Pie Without the Pie getting ready for the oven.
One mega stuffed mussel full of onions  garlic and chourico. Oh so good.
One mega stuffed mussel full of onions, garlic and chourico. Oh so good.
Brie  Pecan & Honey Crisps
Brie, Pecan & Honey Crisps
Grilling Flank Steak
Grilling Flank Steak