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Food News

Social media helps drive healthy eating choices

Birmingham - Regular exposure to healthy eating and good food choices via social media drive changes to the eating habits of people, such as consuming more fruit and vegetables and eschewing fatty food. This is according to a new study.

Big Mac latest casualty of Venezuela shortages

Caracas - McDonald's said Thursday it has stopped selling Big Macs in Venezuela, making the US chain's iconic hamburger the latest casualty of severe food shortages triggered by an economic crisis.

Scientists enter into battle with Greenpeace over GM food

Few issues spark as much intensity as genetically modified foods and both sides wheel out scientists to give opinions on the safety (or otherwise) of genetically modified produce. In a new move, a consortium of scientists has gone on the offensive.

Artificial sweeteners can make you fatter — Science proves it

A new study co-led by the University of Sydney showed that artificial sweeteners may contribute to weight gain. Although they were invented for the opposite purpose, eating "sugar-free" and "diet" foods and beverages may actually make you fatter.

Food crime reaches $50 billion per year

London - There are many types of crime and most are widely reported. One area that doesn’t get much exposure is food crime. This ‘hidden’ area results losses to the food sector of up to $50 billion per year. We take a look at the issue.

Portable device detects gluten in restaurants

People worried about gluten in food, especially in restaurants where the ingredients are uncertain, now have a helping hand thanks to a new device that can provide a quick and accurate assessment.

Boko Haram's other human tragedy: Malnutrition

Maiduguri - Halima cries as her mother Yagana lifts her up to be weighed. The one-year-old girl's belly protrudes over legs that are barely more than paper-thin skin and bone.

The Dolly legacy: Are you eating cloned meat?

Paris - Two decades after Scotland's Dolly the sheep became the first cloned mammal, consumers may well wonder whether they are drinking milk or eating meat from cookie-cutter cows or their offspring.The simple answer: "probably".

Is deep fried water set to be the next big thing?

Despite fried food not being high up on the healthy eating charts, many consumers still pursue food stuff battered and fried in oil. One man has invented ‘deep fried water.’ Will it catch on?

Russia's food embargo fires up counterfeit dairy industry

Moscow - The cottage cheese crackles like popcorn, emits a greyish smoke and finally goes up in flames, burning for an impressive ten minutes, like a well-oiled torch.

Putin extends Western food embargo to end of 2017

Moscow - Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday extended to the end of 2017 Moscow's embargo on food items from the West imposed in retaliation for sanctions over Ukraine.

Change brings culinary revolution to Cuba

Havana - At 65, Ramon Alfonso has seen a lot of history in his native Cuba. But this is the first time he has eaten a vegan salad.After decades of communist rule and centuries of eating meat and beans, the island is opening up -- and so are its taste buds.

Israeli restaurants in kosher food row with Jewish authorities

Jerusalem - Jonathan Vadai just wanted a certificate confirming his Jerusalem restaurant as kosher, but he found himself fed up with the Israeli religious authorities overseeing the process.

Peru seizes 8 mn seahorses illegally bound for Asia

- Peruvian authorities seized eight million seahorses smuggled onto a Chinese-flagged ship bound for Asia, the government said.

Cornish pasties: the tastiest victims of a Brexit?

Illogan - A favourite of 19th century miners who took them down the pit and a popular lunch to this day, the Cornish pasty and other delicacies with EU protected status could be threatened if Britain leaves the bloc.

Foreign protesters' bark unleashes Chinese dog eaters' bite

Yulin - International groups and celebrities, backed by millions of foreign petitioners, have rallied against an annual dog meat festival in the Chinese city of Yulin: but the protests may have backfired, residents say, spurring more people to eat man's best f...

'Starving to death': Boko Haram displaced facing food crisis

Kano - At least 10 people are "starving to death" every day in a camp in northeast Nigeria for people displaced by Boko Haram violence, highlighting warnings about a food crisis in the Lake Chad region.

Japanese 'naked restaurant' to ban overweight diners

Toukyo - Japan's first "naked restaurant" opens in Tokyo next month with draconian rules of entry -- podgy prospective diners will be weighed and ejected if found to be too fat.

North Korea plant makes kimchi under Kim's 'loving care'

Seoul - North Korea is producing kimchi at a new plant "built under the loving care" of leader Kim Jong-Un, who praised the spicy pickle as "one of the world's five health foods", state media said Friday.

Curry house crisis hots up Brexit debate

Watford - Mixing spices in a searing hot pan, cooking naan in the tandoor oven and juggling takeaway orders, restaurant owner Saiful Alam is short-staffed and stressed -- a situation he hopes Brexit will improve.

Food technologists explore why fat is yummy

Why is fat so tasty and why, despite dietary advice, do many people crave excess amounts in their diets? Food technologists have been investigating the chemical properties of various fats.

Beware of barbecue brush risks

The start of summer means for many the dusting down of the barbecue and associated paraphernalia. Outdoor cooking carries risks, and the dangers with undercooked meat are well-publicized. Have you, however, considered the brushes?

A compound from horseradish may help to fight cancer

Scientists have identified a cancer-fighting compound in the spicy root vegetable horseradish. The compound may induce an enzymatic reaction to destroy free-radicals.

Boko Haram refugees in Niger feel 'abandoned' by the world

Niamey - "Take us away from this hell," said Boussam, a mother of seven cradling skeletal goats in Niger's Assaga camp, where thousands of desperate refugees fleeing Boko Haram Islamist insurgents are living in hunger.

'We want food!': Venezuela crisis deepens

Guarenas - It was around noon when a food truck rolled up to a Venezuelan state-subsidized supermarket in the town of Guarenas just east of the capital.But, to the fury of the long line of people waiting out front, the cargo wasn't unloaded.

Significant decline in food safety inspections

London - In the U.K. the number of food safety inspections conducted at places where food is served to the public have declined by 15 percent, due to government cuts. Is this placing consumers at greater risk?

Chile fishing crisis traps tourists, empties markets

Chile - A fishing ban sparked by mass deaths of sea creatures in Chile has left tourists stranded and markets empty on an island cut off by protest blockades.

Pakistani shopkeeper killed dozens with 'revenge' sweets

Multan - A Pakistani sweetshop owner has confessed to fatally poisoning at least 30 people by lacing his goods with pesticide in an attempt to take revenge on his older brother, police told AFP Friday.

Pakistan poisoned sweets death toll climbs to 33

Multan - Some 33 people including five children have now died in central Pakistan after eating sweets accidentally tainted with insecticide, officials said Sunday.The mass poisoning occurred in the Karor Lal Esan area of Punjab province last month.

El Nino dries up Asia as its stormy sister La Nina looms

Withering drought and sizzling temperatures from El Nino have caused food and water shortages and ravaged farming across Asia, and experts warn of a double-whammy of possible flooding from its sibling, La Nina.
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3.2 million people in Somalia require immediate food assistance. Most were internally displaced peop...
3.2 million people in Somalia require immediate food assistance. Most were internally displaced people; the rest were affected either by the conflict, by drought and an underlying livelihoods crisis, or both.
A bowl of Lucky Charm cereal
A bowl of Lucky Charm cereal
Greek Garbanzo Bean & Cucumber Salad
Greek Garbanzo Bean & Cucumber Salad
Neto s has 23 different beef  pork and chicken sausage products under this recall.
Neto's has 23 different beef, pork and chicken sausage products under this recall.
Grilling pork kabobs.
Grilling pork kabobs.
Containers like these are being used to make some neat recycled backpacks.
Containers like these are being used to make some neat recycled backpacks.
Eugene Peretz
California almonds
California almonds
Siakap merah goreng tradisi dihidang bersama sos liman kasturi  Daging kurma  Sayuran segar bersama ...
Siakap merah goreng tradisi dihidang bersama sos liman kasturi, Daging kurma, Sayuran segar bersama herba masala and Ayam merah dimasak dengan jintan
Food artworks decorate the hallways of Enderun Colleges  Culinary Arts Building
Food artworks decorate the hallways of Enderun Colleges' Culinary Arts Building
Chili-Cheese Stuffed Zucchinis!
Chili-Cheese Stuffed Zucchinis!
Cooking up some extra lean ground sirloin
Cooking up some extra lean ground sirloin
Aloo Phujia
Aloo Phujia
yummy gorgonzola being added to my creamy and bacon-y tomato sauce
yummy gorgonzola being added to my creamy and bacon-y tomato sauce
Burger King
The Han s Wurst: Dunckerstr 1  Berlin
The Han's Wurst: Dunckerstr 1, Berlin
Thickening sauce.
Thickening sauce.
Phil Campbell
The Paul Bocuse Institute  Lyon France
The Paul Bocuse Institute, Lyon France