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Pope urges world to act on causes of migration crisis

Rome - Pope Francis marked UN World Food Day on Monday with a call for world governments to act together to fight the hunger, conflicts and climate change driving mass migration from the developing to the industrialised world.

Fayre's not fair for Eastern Europeans

Bratislava - Grumbling that their western neighbours enjoy better quality fayre, from chocolate to ketchup, eastern Europeans stepped up their campaign Friday for better food standards.

Top Singapore chef gives back Michelin stars

Singapore - A Singapore chef with two Michelin stars has announced he wants to be stripped of the honour and will close his popular eatery, the latest restaurateur to walk away from the culinary distinction.

Despite strains, Turkey's wine industry refuses to wither

- On the verdant, fertile Gallipoli peninsula in northwest Turkey, headscarf-clad women in colourful clothes harvest grapes in the blistering late summer heat.

Catch a whiff of this: scientists decode durian DNA

Paris - Once described by a detractor as smelling of "turpentine and onions, garnished with a gym sock", southeast Asia's durian fruit leaves no-one unmoved -- you either adore or abhor it.

Wal-Mart says it stopped fish imports from N.Korea-linked plant

New York - Wal-Mart said Thursday it no longer imports fish from a Chinese factory that employed North Koreans after a report said the US retailer may have inadvertently subsidized the nuclear-armed state.

German man admits poisoning baby food

Frankfurt Am Main - A 53-year-old German man admitted Saturday to poisoning baby food and threatening to contaminate other products in stores across Europe, as part of a presumed blackmail plot, authorities said.

Fish finger fighting fund to aid EU food crackdown

Brussels - The EU unveiled plans Tuesday to crack down on food makers selling poor quality versions of products including Coca-Cola, Nutella and fish fingers in different parts of the bloc, particularly in eastern Europe.

Apps help to transform small food businesses

The food sector is lucrative and take-out food services are booming. Small food business, however, often struggle with cash flow. A new app aims to address this.

The waste-collecting cyclists who caught the UN's eye

Nantes - Putting an end to the unnecessary burning of biodegradable waste, one restaurant at a time, has become the forceful mission of a team of French cyclists.

No milk, sugar: Venezuelans lose prized ice cream to crisis

M - The Coromoto ice cream parlour had it all - chocolate and vanilla for sure, though also garlic, avocado and even octopus sorbets... but the things you can't find in Venezuela any more, like milk and sugar, means the landmark has had to close for good.

India complains over 'offensive' Australian lamb commercial

Sydney - India has lodged an official complaint over an Australian advertisement that features the Hindu god Ganesha and other religious icons endorsing lamb.

The siege broken, Deir Ezzor Syrians prepare for pizza

Ceylan - Haitham al-Ahmad has been busy dusting down kitchen appliances ahead of the grand reopening of his pizza place, after government troops broke a crippling jihadist siege of Syria's Deir Ezzor.

Big data analysis reveals the optimal diet

Researchers have undertaken a major review of the best diet for overall health. This review has used big data analytics to arrive at the answer, and this answer is a diet that is made up of a moderate consumption of fat and fruits and vegetables.

Scientists sniff out Thailand's first truffle species

Bangkok - Gastronomes of the world delight. Two new types of truffle have been unearthed in Thailand's far north, scientists announced Thursday in what they called a first for Southeast Asia.

KitKat bets on weird and wonderful flavours in Japan

Inashiki - Cough-medicine-flavoured KitKat anyone?It may not be to everyone's taste, but this is just one of 300 weird and wonderful flavours flying off the shelves in Japan, which has become the world's biggest market for the four-fingered snack.

China fast-food operator pilots face-recognition payments

Shanghai - The operator of KFC in China is rolling out a futuristic system of paying at a fast-food counter via facial recognition, as the country embraces the technology for everything from toilet paper to travel.

Fraud behind tainted-eggs scandal began in 2016: EU

Brussels - The fraud that caused the contamination of millions of eggs with the insecticide fipronil began in September 2016 and has now affected 34 countries, the EU said on Thursday.

Gourmet grub: Thai fine-diners explore insect cuisine

Bangkok - At a hip Bangkok diner, foodies with an adventurous palate tuck into a bug-based menu that includes watermelon salad sprinkled in bamboo worms, nachos with silkworm cherry tomato salsa and pasta made from ground crickets.

Dutch ministers quizzed over tainted egg scandal

Den Haag - Dutch MPs on Thursday grilled two ministers over the tainted-egg scandal that has swept Europe as the country sought to mend its poultry industry's battered reputation.

Egg scare shows flaws in food alert system: watchdog

Berlin - Recalls of unsafe food products often reach consumers too late or not at all, the campaign group Foodwatch said Thursday, calling for tighter oversight after a Europe-wide scare erupted over insecticide-tainted eggs.

McDonalds to limit use of antibiotics in chicken supply

New York - McDonalds says it will start globally rolling back use of antibiotics in its chicken products from 2018 as part of efforts to curb microbial resistance to drugs and the rise of superbugs.

Food production is going digital for new opportunities

Food production is undergoing its own digital transformation, with producers seeking to gain market intelligence, automate processes and interact with customers in new ways.

World's largest samosa record smashed in London

London - The world record for the largest samosa was smashed in London on Tuesday by a whopping version of the popular Asian snack weighing in at 153.1 (337.5 pounds) kilogrammes.

IBM to use tech behind bitcoin to prevent foodborne outbreaks

Some of the world's largest food companies are making a bet that blockchain technology, the digital ledger system that underlies bitcoin, can help improve food safety.

Tainted-eggs scandal reaches Italy

Rome - Italy said Monday it has found traces of fipronil in two eggs samples, making it the latest country hit by the Europe-wide insecticide scandal, while a batch of tainted frozen omelettes was also withdrawn.

Tainted egg scandal sparks political row in Germany

Berlin - A German state minister charged Wednesday that over three times more eggs contaminated with the insecticide fipronil had entered the country than the national government has admitted.While Berlin puts the total at 10.

Hungary pulls tainted egg products from shelves

Budapest - Hungary on Tuesday became the latest European country to withdraw egg products imported from Germany containing the insecticide fipronil.

Two in Dutch court over tainted-eggs scandal

Zwolle - Two Dutch men appeared in court Tuesday in connection with the tainted-eggs scandal that swept Europe this month, which saw millions of eggs destroyed and caused tens of millions of euros in damages.

Dutch count massive cost of tainted-eggs scare

Den Haag - Dutch farmers and retailers on Monday were counting the costs stemming from the tainted-eggs scandal that swept Europe, saying the total ran into tens of millions of euros as two men at the scandal's centre were due to appear in court.
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File photo: Ground beef
File photo: Ground beef
Shopping at Kensington Market
Shopping at Kensington Market
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Illustration of the smart bra and sensors
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Frozen food waste
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Chili-Cheese Stuffed Zucchini before making its way to the oven
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More than 200 food baskets wait to be delivered to families as part of the 51st Christmas basket program.
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A picture of the real thing which this Kickstarter is supposed to give you a taste of.
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A bottle of Panamonte XXV Reserva. Used with permission from Liqourature.
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The ’Mike Grassi Beyond Tomorrow Band’ provided live entertainment with a food buffet below the stage.
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