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UK sets out road map to top the global fintech league Special

London - The British government is seeking to revitalize the fintech sector. The plans include introducing a new ‘fintech scale up’ visa route and putting in place a so-called a ‘scale box’, intended to provide regulatory support and guidance.

Ant Group fiasco reflects battle for China's financial soul

Shanghai - China's last-minute abandonment of Ant Group's record-breaking IPO stems from an intensifying battle for the soul of the nation's financial system that the fintech giant and its charismatic leader Jack Ma helped to ignite.

In the cyber-vulnerable world how much do we trust the banks?

Digital banking is increasingly becoming the standard way for businesses and consumers to complete transactions and to manage money. As the check withers, does digital finance have our full support and trust?

Digital banking app Dave suffers from hacking incident Special

Hacker group ShinyHunters has claimed another victim in digital banking app Dave, this time compromising the personal information of 7.5 million users.

Where is digital insurance heading after Wirecard's collapse? Special

The digital-led insurance firm Wirecard ran into financial problems recently, following KPMG announcing it was unable to verify Wirecard’s third-party profits. What does this mean for the e-insurance sector?

Security and CX hold back digital bank account opening

A survey of businesses finds that half of all respondents rate the security of their current digital account opening application process as only somewhat or not secure. These types of findings indicate why some a reluctant to full embrace digital banking.

Report: Can insurers go digital without the cloud?

Deloitte’s 2020 Insurance Outlook focuses on technology and the digital transformation of insurance. A key message is that insurance forms need to get to grips with new technologies if they are to survive.

2020 Fintech predictions from Marqeta Special

Oakland, CA-based fintech startup Marqeta, has made some fintech predictions for 2020, made available to Digital Journal readers. Fintech extends to the new applications, processes, products, or business models in the financial services industry.

Essential Science: Improving agriculture with new AgriTech

AgriTech and associated financial solutions are revolutionizing agriculture, helping to secure the food supply and boost agricultural economics. This week’s Essential Science surveys some of the innovations.

Report: Accelerating insurance innovation

Deloitte’s Center for Financial Services has published a new report on the state of insurtech. While there are fewer insurtech startups forming than before, this year is on track to be the biggest on record in terms of new investments in the space.

How technology, data and AI will completely change insurance Special

The types of insurance and the way it is accessed are being disrupted by new technology, data and artificial intelligence. Each is capable of completely altering insurance as we experience it now, according to Christian Wiens of Getsafe.

Banking industry is the furthest ahead in digital tech adoption

A new survey assesses the digital transformation of banking and finds that when compared to healthcare, energy and utilities, plus other consumer and industrial products, banking is significantly ahead when it comes to digital maturity.

Measures to put the digital transformation of banks back on track

Banks were doing well with digital transformation in the early stage, but the deployment of digital banking transformation is slowing down as things move from IT departments to other parts of the organization, according to a new survey.

Q&A: Why cyber insurance should be mandatory Special

Using data-driven recommendations, the insurance industry has the ability to use data to show the statistical probability of exposure to different types of threats. The logical next step is to take out cyber insurance, according to expert Sharmila Ray.

Swedish fintech startup devises credit card for sustainability

Doconomy, a Swedish fintech startup, has developed the world’s first credit card with a carbon limit. The new credit card is called DO Black.

Q&A: How insurance is changing in the age of data Special

Using location data provides many opportunities for insurers. Customers are becoming more receptive to the idea of sharing their data in order to benefit from financial products and services. What does this mean for insurance companies?

Q&A: Making commercial real estate investing accessible Special

A new wave of crowdfunding platforms have popped up to make investing in commercial real estate more accessible to the people. One CEO who is leading this is Eran Roth, CEO of iintoo, who explains how technology is opening up investment.

Accenture’s APAC accelerator program opens for fintechs

Applications are open for Accenture’s annual FinTech Innovation Lab Asia-Pacific. The program runs for twelve weeks and its is designed to assist early- and growth-stage fintech companies to develop their business model and to expand.

Q&A: Top four FinTech trends driving financial inclusion Special

Financial inclusion is on the rise globally as 69 percent of adults – 3.8 billion people – now have a bank account or mobile money provider. Key to achieving this have been fintechs, according to Steve Smith of Finicity

Best and worst banks for student loans in the U.S.

Analysts LendEDU have released two reports that have assessed the CFPB's Consumer Complaint Database for 2018. This is in relation to student loans in the U.S., considering intuitions assessed as ‘best’ and ‘worst’.

Q&A: How women can get ahead in fintech Special

October is Women’s Small Business Month, a series of events dedicated to celebrating the contributions and successes of our nation’s women small business owners. To mark this, Digital Journal spoke with a leading female CEO working in fintech SaaS.

Q&A: What's driving mobile investing? Special

Mobile applications continue to touch every point of our daily lives, and a key area of growth is with financial apps especially within millennials. One example is Newchip, and the company's founder explains why this area of fintech is proving popular.

Q&A: Blockchain provides financial access to the unbanked Special

Boston based Airfox is a new service designed to provide financial access to unbanked individuals in Brazil. Digital Journal spoke with CEO and co-founder Victor Santos to discover more.

Q&A: Blockchain to cause further disruption of financial services Special

Blockchain is starting to have a huge impact on finance, with the potential of offering a more efficient, more transparent, more secure financial marketplace. The path towards this will be rocky. A leading expert — Victor Santos — provides analysis.

No deal Brexit could trigger U.K. recession

London - A no deal Brexit for the U.K. could lead to a recession, according to a leading banker. This presents a key issue as uncertainty hovers over the British government's strategy.

Digital transformation trends in insurance

Insurance companies continue to struggle when it comes to customer experience, with users complaining of poor service when making claims or because of undue waiting times. Insurance companies are redressing this with new technology.

Q&A: How digital technology is disrupting finance Special

Digital technology is disrupting finance in several ways, from blockchain to artificial intelligence. Those who embrace the technology and implement it smartly are likely to gain a competitive advantage, says analyst Scott Rottmann of Genpact.

Big investment in cryptocurrency startup

Startup, a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange located in San Diego, has announced it has secured $1 million of funding via crowdfunding service WeFunder.

Encouraging millennials to save with new tech: Q&A Special

While some millennials have poor saving records overall, many are investing their savings in the stock market. To boost investment, however, companies need increase corporate social responsibility.

How technology helps millennials to save: Q&A Special

Many people, find it hard to save. Trends suggest workers paid biweekly are 50 percent more likely to need cash between paydays than those paid weekly. David Claffey, Head of Communications at fintech company Earnin explains more.
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Curve app
Curve app
Wala and financial service providers can make banking more accessible and minimize the costs of fina...
Wala and financial service providers can make banking more accessible and minimize the costs of financial products for users.
The Revolut card pictured alongside the app in action.
The Revolut card pictured alongside the app in action.
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Bitcoin has enjoyed a stratospheric rise this year  approaching $10 000 from a 2017 low of $752 seen...
Bitcoin has enjoyed a stratospheric rise this year, approaching $10,000 from a 2017 low of $752 seen in January
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PayU Chief Commercial Officer Matthias Setzer
PayU Chief Commercial Officer Matthias Setzer
Nikolay Storonsky  CEO & Founder of Revolut.
Nikolay Storonsky, CEO & Founder of Revolut.
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