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Google defends its practices against Trump's charge of bias

Washington - The U.S. President is fond of attacking the media and using the phrase 'fake news'. This week he has turned his attentions to Google's Internet search engine. Google has refuted the charges.

Op-Ed: Fake news, child psychology, and fixes for fake news?

Cleveland - New research has found a few facts about fake news, and why it’s believed. It’s a scary bit of information, but very important fundamental research. There might even be ways to finally defeat fake news.

Op-Ed: The real enemy is the Trump Administration — not the press

Video footage of Trump supporters shouting at and giving the middle finger to CNN's chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta and other media personnel was striking - Sadly, it is evidence of the president's efforts to shut down our right to free speech.

Twitter undertakes audit to purge itself of 'toxicity'

Twitter, in an attempt to clean-up its services of fake accounts, bullying and spam, has enlisted experts from universities to conduct an audit of across its platform.

AI will be used to spot fake news in Mexican election

Mexico - In the post-Trump era of politics, fake news stories are hampering the democratic process and affecting voter choices. To partly address this in relation to the Mexican presidential elections, an AI-powered search tool is being used.

Fighting fake news in the era of Trump Special

Brooklyn - “Our Country's biggest enemy is the Fake News so easily promulgated by fools!" That was one of many tweets from President Trump attacking the media. But people are losing faith in practically every institution. Is there any way to reestablish trust?

Op-Ed: Fact Check — Did Democrats pass a law to separate families?

Washington - Thousands of children separated from their families at the U.S. southern border are being held in government-run facilities reminiscent of large animal cages. The Trump administration insists the law is on the books - but is it?

Decline in people using Facebook for news

The seventh annual Digital News Report has found there has been a decline in the number of people indicating they use Facebook as a news source. Instead WhatsApp gains in popularity.

Facebook hiring two staff to ferret out fake news

Facebook is looking for one English and one Spanish speaker who were originally described as a "news credibility specialist" but this was changed to "news publisher specialist". Whatever they are called they are to filter out fake news from Facebook.

Facebook set to verify identity of major page owners

As the full extent of Facebook's data misuse and increasing questions over the credibility of material that purports to be 'news', Facebook is to embark on a page verification program.

Artificial intelligence can be used to shape fake news

Washington - In a worrying extension of written examples of 'fake news', artificial intelligence can alter what a person has said on video, based on a new research study. This means consumers of news need to be even more careful when assessing the source of a story.

Interview: Journalists and public figures taking Pro-Truth Pledge Special

Columbus - To combat fake news and to promote truthfulness in public life the Pro-Truth Pledge has been established. Those who sign are asked to adopt 12 behaviors that research in behavioral science show correlation with an orientation toward truthfulness.

Facebook suspends Trump linked data firm

Cambridge - Facebook has taken the unusual step to suspend the data analytics firm associated with Donald Trump's presidential election campaign. The social media giant has blocked Cambridge Analytica and associated companies.

Encouraging students to spot fake news

London - With the high number of false news stories populating social media, and the decrying of 'experts' by certain politicians, it's even more important that younger people can critically assess articles. A new project seeks to help students with this process.

Fake news travels faster than real news

Concerning news for those wishing to uphold journalistic integrity: false news spreads substantially faster, and to far more people, according to new research into news and social media.

Op-Ed: YouTube tries to police its channels as conspiracy theories go on

YouTube was supposed to clean up its site this year, pledging to weed out "bad actors," especially after advertisers voiced concerns their advertised brands were appearing next to extremist content.

Op-Ed: Canada's PM Trudeau demands Facebook address 'fake news' problem

Ottawa - Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau warned social networking behemoth Facebook the that it must address its "fake news" problem or it would face stronger regulation by the Canadian government.

Op-Ed: Has this article been written by a robot?

London - Has this article been written by a robot? Could you tell? More importantly, does it matter? The answer, by the way, is no. The reason for posing the question is due to developments at London's Press Association.

Facebook trials new app section to spotlight local news

Facebook's launched a test of a new app section that showcases news, events and announcements in your local area. The company is using machine learning to promote content from local publishers, helping you find interesting stories relevant to your region.

Addressing 'fake news' through sound science

For any person used to a reasoned and balanced interpretation of facts, the 'fake news' era is of great concern. To combat misinformation, researchers have proposed a new international non-governmental organization.

Op-Ed: Facebook vs fake news — Why it will work well

San Francisco - Facebook, not too happy about its status as Troll Heaven for fake news, has decided to stop flagging disputed news and start verifying articles with a clear indicator. That’s a lot simpler than trying to chase every fake new event worldwide.

Facebook cutting down on spam 'engagement bait'

Facebook's announced a set of measures to combat "engagement bait" in its News Feed. The company is targeting spammy posts that ask users to like, comment or share them. The measure targets ads and sponsored posts that try to game Facebook's algorithms.

Journalists using virtual reality should show moderation

Virtual reality can pull readers over to news sites to view immersive content; however, the extent of this needs to be moderated otherwise news credibility will suffer. Journalists should take note in this era of fake and misleading news.

Study: Most Reddit users vote on articles they haven't read

Most Reddit users vote on submitted stories without first reading their content, according to a new study. While the results may not be surprising, they demonstrate that blind reliance on aggregation scores isn't a good way to find newsworthy content.

UK environment secretary attacks 'corrupting' social media

UK environment secretary Michael Gove has attacked the "distorting" impact of social media after a fierce row over the UK Parliament's handling of animal welfare issues. Gove said social media is "corrupting" news reporting, leaving people misinformed.

Tim Berners-Lee thinks the web's facing a 'nasty storm' of issues

Sir Tim Berners-Lee, creator of the World Wide Web, has discussed his opinions on net neutrality, fake news and aggressive ads. He said more needs to be done to protect the web's open nature and prevent it being abused, warning "the system is failing."

Tim Cook attacks social media for helping to 'divide people'

Apple CEO Tim Cook has shared his opinions on the problems of fake news, government-sponsored ads and manipulation on social media. He said he's critical of how platforms are used to divide and influence people because of the lack of controls provided.

Facebook's new info button lets you check a page's reputation

Facebook has started a trial of a new button meant to help combat fake news. The small "more info" link lets you view information about a story's publisher, giving you context on the articles they post. The details are sourced from external sites.

Facebook reveals suspected $100k Russian misinformation campaign

Facebook says it has found evidence that Russian-funded groups spent over $100,000 on ads over the past two years. The ads posted views on controversial issues, such as immigration and equality. The activity continued into the 2016 presidential campaign.

Google News redesign brings a cleaner look and more fact checking

Google has announced a long-overdue overhaul of Google News on the web. The completely redesigned desktop site is more spacious and modern, featuring an upgraded sidebar, new personalisation options and emphasised "Fact Check" tags.
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Facebook Burnout.
Facebook Burnout.
A man walks past an advertising board reading "Trump calls media enemy of the people" on t...
A man walks past an advertising board reading "Trump calls media enemy of the people" on the sidelines of a meeting between US President and his Russian counterpart on July 16, 2018 in Helsinki, Finland
B.S. Detector fake news warning [Via TechCrunch]
B.S. Detector fake news warning [Via TechCrunch]
AI is seeing increasing use as a weapon against fake news
AI is seeing increasing use as a weapon against fake news
Markus Spiske / Pexels
The BBC will work with Facebook to fight back against fake news
The BBC will work with Facebook to fight back against fake news
Yukiko Matsuoka
No more fake news.
No more fake news.
Digital Journal
Google promoting a fake news article to the top of its news results
Google promoting a fake news article to the top of its news results
Fake news is challenging traditional views of how information is distributed online
Fake news is challenging traditional views of how information is distributed online
Pixabay / Pexels
A Facebook program to weed out fake news  launched in Brazil  has conservatives up in arms  with som...
A Facebook program to weed out fake news, launched in Brazil, has conservatives up in arms, with some saying it amounts to censorship
President Donald Trump is caught up in yet another  alternative fact -based  fake news  gaffe.
President Donald Trump is caught up in yet another "alternative fact"-based "fake news" gaffe.
Gage Skidmore/Flickr Creative Commons
Libby  7  and Sarah  5  of Seattle made up a weather news report that focused on the bad weather in ...
Libby, 7, and Sarah, 5, of Seattle made up a weather news report that focused on the bad weather in Canada
A screenshot speaks a thousand words
A screenshot speaks a thousand words
Ev Williams/Business Insider
Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg has failed to prevent the spread of bogus news.
Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg has failed to prevent the spread of bogus news.
© AFP / Illustration by DJC
Mark‏ @markantro