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Facebook bans 2.2 billion fake accounts

Facebook has taken steps in recent months to ban a series of fake accounts. With this act of housekeeping, Facebook discovered there were as many fake accounts as there were 'real' users.

Facebook's privacy issues spell hiring trouble

Given the scandals that have rocked the company in the past year, would you want to work for Facebook? The answer is seemingly 'no', or at least declining as an option among new graduates and experienced professionals, according to a new survey.

Hungary blasts Facebook for 'censorship' of pro-government media group

Budapest - Hungary's government on Thursday accused Facebook of "censorship" of a pro-government media group after it complained its advertising accounts with the social media giant had been closed down.

Op-Ed: Facebook in the firing line — Big fine, 20 years FTC oversight?

Menlo Park - Facebook’s big privacy issues have led to a pretty hardline range of options. The company could pay up to $5 billion as a fine, and be subject to 20 years of privacy oversight following charges by the FTC for the Cambridge Analytica fiasco.

Facebook tightens live-streaming in crackdown on violence

San Francisco - Facebook announced Wednesday it is tightening access to livestreaming to prevent the rampant sharing of graphic video as took place with the Christchurch massacre.

WhatsApp urges update after 'serious' security breach

San Francisco - WhatsApp on Tuesday encouraged its users to upgrade the app to plug a security breach that allowed sophisticated attackers to sneak spyware into phones, in the latest trouble for its parent Facebook.

Zuckerberg 'optimistic' on regulation after Macron meeting

Paris - Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg on Friday said he was "encouraged" and "optimistic" about the regulatory framework being suggested by France for the social media giant and other online platforms, after a meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron.

Whistleblower says Facebook generating terror content

San Francisco - Facebook is unwittingly auto-generating content for terror-linked groups that its artificial intelligence systems do not recognize as extremist, according to a complaint made public on Thursday.

Facebook chief to meet Macron as regulatory pressure mounts

Paris - Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg travels to Paris on Friday for talks with French President Emmanuel Macron, who is pressing the social media giant to honour pledges to crack down on the spread of misinformation and hate speech.

Instagram runs Canadian experiment where 'likes' become private

Instagram is running a pilot version of its platform in Canada that is more heavily focused on images and less on 'like' counts, in relation to photographs posted by private users. This is an attempt to shift the ethos towards a more private network.

Facebook bans conspiracy theorists, controversial black activist

San Francisco - Facebook on Thursday banned prominent conspiracy theorists including Infowars founder Alex Jones and the controversial black activist Louis Farrakhan in its latest push to crack down on hate content at the leading social network.

A shift in Facebook's ethos? The 'future is now private'

Facebook has spent the past decade connecting people together, partly to collect data and sell it to advertisers. Following a backlash that began in 2018, Zuckerberg now says the future of his company is all about privacy.

Facebook error leads to 1.5 million user details being uploaded

Another month and, it seems, another data privacy issue affecting the world's biggest social media site - Facebook. The company has admitted it has 'unintentionally' uploaded contact lists of users onto the Facebook site.

Facebook ordered to pay 30,000 euros in France over 'abusive' usage terms

Paris - A French court has ordered Facebook to pay 30,000 euros ($34,000) over "abusive" terms-of-use agreements that people had to accept in order to access their social media accounts, the consumer group which filed the lawsuit said Wednesday.

No plans to delay livestreams despite NZ massacre: Facebook's Zuckerberg

Washington - Facebook is working to prevent livestreams of terror attacks such as the one in New Zealand but it does not plan to introduce a delay on live feeds, CEO Mark Zuckerberg said.

Facebook's call for global internet regulation sparks debate

Washington - Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg's call for "globally harmonized" online regulation raises questions about how internet platforms can deal with concerns about misinformation and abusive content while remaining open to free speech.

Facebook considered bird-sized drones to boost Internet speeds

Facebook explored using a flock of small bird-sized drones to increase smartphone data speeds. The project, called "Catalina" was tested off the coast of California and was discontinued about a year ago.

Facebook chief wants 'more active' govt role regulating internet

Washington - Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg called Saturday for governments to play a "more active role" in regulating the internet, urging more countries to adopt versions of sweeping European rules aimed at safeguarding user privacy.

Facebook to deploy new transparency tools ahead of European elections

Paris - Facebook announced on Friday changes to the way political advertisements are handled on the social media site ahead of the upcoming European Parliament elections.

New Zealand PM says Facebook curbs not enough

Christchurch - New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern on Thursday welcomed Facebook's move to curb support for white nationalism on its platforms but said more needed to be done in the wake of the Christchurch mosque attacks.

Facebook blocks more accounts over influence campaigns

Washington - Facebook said Tuesday it shut down more than 2,600 fake accounts linked to Iran, Russia, Macedonia and Kosovo and aiming to influence political sentiment in various parts of the world.

Facebook internally exposed millions of passwords

A security researcher has discovered that the passwords of millions of Facebook users have been accessible by up to 20,000 employees of the social network, resulting in a major internal security lapse.

Facebook admits storing passwords in plain text

San Francisco - Facebook on Thursday admitted that millions of passwords were stored in plain text on its internal servers, a security slip that left them readable by the social networking platform's employees.

Facebook blames server problem for massive outage

San Francisco - Facebook blamed a "server configuration change" Thursday for a massive outage affecting its applications around the world and brought fresh attention to the embattled social networking leader.

Op-Ed: Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp down, still no info

Sydney - Three of the world's biggest social media sites are experiencing outages and not available around the world. Facebook has stated that it's not a DDOS attack, but other than that, there's not much information available.

French 'yellow vest' fake news gets 100 million Facebook hits

Paris - Fake news circulating within the French "yellow vest" protest movement has been viewed more than 100 million times on Facebook, according to a study published Wednesday.

Facebook's privacy move: major pivot or headfake?

Washington - After building the world's biggest and most powerful social network in history, Mark Zuckerberg says the future of Facebook is something else.

Op-Ed: Facebook, the future, and Zuckerberg’s new privacy moves

Menlo Park - Mark Zuckerberg is trying hard to reinvent Facebook as something that's not an instant target for regulators, privacy advocates, hackers, and the rest of the world. In a new blog, he defines ideas and initiatives to finally solve the problems.

Millions are deserting Facebook, new analysis reveals

Rocked by recent scandals and no longer the trendy platform it once was, Facebook's user base is in decline according to new analysis, with the biggest declines being among teenagers and Millennials.

Facebook blocks manipulation efforts in Britain, Romania

Washington - Facebook said it blocked online manipulation efforts in Britain and Romania from faked accounts in the latest crackdown on "inauthentic" content on the huge social network.
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