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Thousands of reptiles rescued in global police op

Den Haag - Police have rescued thousands of live snakes, lizards and geckos and stopped some 20 crocodiles and alligators from becoming high-end fashion products, Europol said Monday, after a coordinated global police operation.

Threat 'acute' as jihadist attacks double in 2017: Europol

Den Haag - Jihadist attacks on European targets more than doubled last year, Europe's police agency said Wednesday, warning the risk of more unsophisticated attacks by the so-called Islamic State group "remains acute.

EU, US police cripple Islamic State media mouthpieces

Den Haag - European and US police forces have struck at the heart of Islamic State's propaganda machine, seizing servers and "punching a hole" in its ability to spread its radical jihadist message online.

Facebook joins Europol talks to fight Islamist propaganda

Den Haag - Facebook took part this week in key talks with European police agencies on how to stop and eliminate violent and terror-related Islamic jihadist posts, in an evolving battle against such propaganda.

Europol to help probe Maltese journalist murder

Valletta - Three investigators from Europol will be travelling to Malta to help the probe into the murder of Maltese journalist and anti-corruption campaigner Daphne Caruana Galizia, police said Thursday.

Ransomware cybercrime soars globally - Has become an 'epidemic'

A Europol report warns of the increasingly professional nature of cybercrime and how the likes of WannaCry demonstrates how ransomware is eclipsing most other online crimes.

Europol warns banks ATM cyber attacks on the rise

Den Haag - Cyber criminals are increasingly accessing ATM machines through the banks' networks, with squads of money mules standing by ready to pick up the stolen cash, Europe's policing agency warned Tuesday.

Fresh cyberattack likely 'more sophisticated' than WannaCry: Europol

Den Haag - The wave of cyberattacks hitting Europe and North America is similar to last month's WannaCry ransomware havoc, but appears potentially "more sophisticated," the European police agency said Wednesday.

Jihadist arrests in Europe nearly double in two years: Europol

Den Haag - The numbers arrested in Europe on suspicion of jihadist activities nearly doubled over the last two years, Europe's policing agency said Thursday, with an alarming rise among women and young adults.

Heroin smugglers among suspects caught in global airport checks

Den Haag - An international crackdown on airline ticket fraud netted 153 people including suspected heroin smugglers, Europe's policing agency said on Tuesday.

Europol using everyday objects to trace child sex abusers

Den Haag - A particular shampoo brand, a magazine cover, a shopping bag or even a wallpaper pattern are among the clues Europol posted online Thursday, hoping they may help trace child sex abusers and their victims.

'Too early' to say who is behind cyberattacks: Europol

Den Haag - The European police agency said Tuesday it was still too early to determine who was behind a massive cyberattack which has caused global computer chaos, as researchers reported signs of a possible North Korean link.

New cyber chaos appears to have been avoided: Europol

Den Haag - European governments and companies appeared early Monday to have avoided further fallout from a crippling global cyberattack, the police agency Europol said.

Europol probing IS setting up of social network

Den Haag - European police are probing whether the Islamic State group and other extremists are setting up a social network to spread propaganda, gain funding and avoid security crackdowns, an official said Wednesday.

Police break up WhatsApp child porn image sharing network

Den Haag - Police have arrested 39 suspects in over a dozen countries across Europe and Latin America after busting an online paedophile ring that used the WhatsApp chat service to share images of child sex abuse, officials said Tuesday.

Tech is at the root of almost all serious crimes today: Europol

High-tech crimes, such as document fraud, money laundering and online trading in illegal goods, are at the root of almost all serious criminal offenses today, said Europe's police agency on Thursday.

Europol: Police must get 'tech-savvy' to catch criminals

Den Haag - Europe's police officers need to become "as tech-savvy" as the criminals they are trying to catch, its policing agency urged Thursday, saying it had identified some 5,000 gangs operating across the continent.

EU offers Denmark police data access amid terror warnings

Copenhagen - The European Commission on Thursday offered Denmark continued partial access to Europol's database even though the country voted against full membership of the police organisation, which fears new terror attacks across Europe.

Global police smash huge online crime network

Den Haag - In one of the biggest takedowns to date, police across the globe have smashed a massive criminal network providing online services including malware attacks that infected half a million computers worldwide, Europol said Thursday.

Live stream child sex abuse among rising cybercrime: Europol

Den Haag - Live streaming of child sexual abuse and so-called "revenge porn" is on the rise on the internet, Europe's police agency warned Wednesday, saying vulnerable children are increasingly falling victim to sexual predators."Live distant child abuse is...

Euro police arrest 75 in major online child abuse swoop

Den Haag - Police swooped in 28 European countries and arrested 75 suspects for sharing child sex images on the internet while investigating 207 cases across the continent, Europe's policing agency said Tuesday.

'Lone wolf' attacks rising, hard to track Europol warns

Den Haag - Europe is at major risk of so-called "lone-wolf" terror attacks, its policing agency said Wednesday, with the latest incidents showing "how difficult it is to detect and disrupt suspects".

'Brexit' could leave Britain vulnerable: Europol

Den Haag - Britain's citizens could be left more vulnerable to attacks by terror groups and organised crime gangs if they decide to leave the European Union, the continent's policing agency warned Monday.

IS planning for 'large-scale' attacks on Europe: Europol

Amsterdam - The Islamic State group has honed the ability to launch global attacks and is set to focus more on Europe following the Paris massacre, the chief of the EU police agency Europol said Monday.

Jihadism, migration in focus as Denmark votes on EU opt-out

Copenhagen - Eurosceptic Denmark goes to the polls Thursday in a referendum on stepping up its participation in EU police and judicial cooperation, with the outcome uncertain amid fears ranging from jihadist attacks to the migrant crisis.

Denmark to hold referendum on Europol in December

Copenhage - Denmark will hold a referendum December 3 on whether to keep its opt-out to the EU's justice and home affairs rules, it said Friday.

2,200 pillaged artefacts seized in European crackdown

Madrid - Over 2,200 looted artefacts, many from ancient Egypt, were seized as part of a Europe-wide crackdown that also snared 35 suspected traffickers, Europol announced Wednesday.

Europol says up to 5,000 EU nationals in jihadist ranks

London - Up to 5,000 European Union citizens have joined jihadist militant ranks, the head of European police agency Europol told British lawmakers on Tuesday.

Police need powers to tackle virtual money laundering: Europol

The head of the European Union's policing agency warned on Monday that virtual currencies such as Bitcoin were being used for money laundering and called for police to be given more powers to identify criminal suspects operating o...

Global police swoop seizes millions in fake food, drink

The Hague - A global police operation by Interpol and Europol has seized more than a thousand tonnes of fake food and drink worth millions of euros, Europol announced on Friday."More than 1,200 tonnes of fake and substandard food and nearly 430,000 litres of count...
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File photo: The FBI is the lead federal agency for investigating cyber attacks by criminals, overseas adversaries, and terrorists.

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