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Op-Ed: Education breakthrough — Holistic education meets gaming

Sydney - Video games are scapegoats for a lot of things in media myths. Now, the tables are turning. Pioneering work by Acer and Build A World is showing exceptional promise using video gaming as a learning tool. This is the way out of Death Valley for education.

Q&A: As Colleges move classes online, is this value for money? Special

Hundreds of colleges have reversed or altered their reopening plans in recent weeks announcing both online courses and close campuses for the new school year. How good are these courses and do they represent value for money?

To be democratic, e-learning needs a common framework

E-learning continues to grow as a learning tool. At its most effective it offers new aspects in an engaging way. To be fully-universal and democratic, in terms of equal access for the world's population, a common operating framework is necessary.

How COVID-19 has upturned the e-learning market

The global coronavirus pandemic has helped to propel e-learning in new directions. For some this is an extension of what has been underway for the past few years, for others it is a completely new concept. Either way, the market is growing.

New e-book on Intent-Based Networking

A new book called 'Intent-Based Networking for Dummies' is now available. Intent-Based Networking (IBN) is now an industry buzz word. The book aims to "wave away the fog to provide you with a clear understanding of what IBN really is."

Q&A: Transforming healthcare through eLearning Special

E-learning is being applied to healthcare in various ways, from helping with trainee nurses to providing support learning to medical staff in mental health issues. Recognized expert Elaine Teale explains more.

Q&A: Better education starts with better Internet Special

There is a direct correlation between children underperforming in school and their access to reliable broadband Internet, explains Alan DiCicco, Solutions Marketing Senior Director at Calix.

New platform reflects on the needs of today’s business training

Harvard Business Publishing Corporate Learning and Degreed have announced a partnership to help organizations address their most critical talent development and skill gaps through a personalized, learner-driven solution.

Online resource helps healthcare professionals with opioid crisis

A new online program has been developed, designed to assist healthcare professionals to address the opioid crisis that is affecting many countries. The new program is designed to be used to support Canadian healthcare.

Applying e-learning to pharma and healthcare: Interview Special

E-learning carries many advantages for companies, including delivering training remotely and with minimum disruption. One area of increased take-up is pharma. To understand how such training can be delivered, Laura Guardi of Pharmig explains.

Artificial intelligence is set to change e-learning

E-learning is proving increasingly popular and offers a way for more people to access learning materials, proving popular with businesses. Now AI technology looks set to make e-learning even more accessible.

Skillsoft tackles digital skills shortage with new online courses

E-learning provider Skillsoft has announced the first series of online courses to train people in digital transformation skills. It comes as the industry faces a serious shortage of experts familiar with technologies such as AI, IoT and big data.

Voice over market is key for e-learning developments has released a new report which has found that e-learning projects make up 5.1 percent of the global voice over market. The worth of the voice over industry has been costed for the first time, at $4.4-billion.

New technology set to change Swedish education

A major contract has been awarded in Sweden to the company Arcusys for its Valamis Learning Experience Platform, which is a digital based approach to learning, training and education. The Valamis platform is used by many businesses.

Interview: The state of video in education Special

Video is being increasing used as a medium for teaching. One of the leading providers of video technology is Kaltura. We spoke with from Michal Tsur, Kaltura's Co-Founder, President, and General Manager of Enterprise & Learning, to find out more.

E-learning solutions for business success

For employees schooled on mobile devices and accessing on-line content, the use of electronic learning materials can lead to better engagement and improved learning outcomes, according to new research.

Digital tools lead to new ways to analyze training effectiveness

Most companies deliver training to employees, with the aim of seeking a more knowledgeable and capable workforce. But how effective is this training and is it value for money? Analytics can help evaluate this.

Digital transformation of learning raises business performance

As businesses grow and expand, new ways of learning are required to rapidly and effectively deliver training to employees. This requires a new approach to the subject, using digital tools and technologies.

The Chinese success as example of the future of digital education

China Online Education Group (COE) announced the unexpected success of the online e-learning program by publishing its third quarter 2016 report.

Growth in e-learning for developing world healthcare workers

In many parts of the developing world, especially areas where pathogens pose a significant risk, resources are scarce. To help with medical training, e-learning platforms provide a way forwards.

Hot Zone learning platform teaches about malaria

As part of the drive for next generation medical education, researchers have developed a computer platform to teach children about diagnosing and treating malaria.

South Africa invests in e-chalkboards for schools

South Africa is to begin implementing so-called e-chalkboards into schools, as a replacement for traditional chalkboards.

Op-Ed: What the MOOC should become

The end of the MOOC is significantly closer than more people realize or care to believe. It has been, charitably, a failed experiment, one at which some people threw a lot of money and to which were pinned far too many hopes.

Online education still popular despite decline in growth Commissioned

Despite the negative press several years ago, online education is fast becoming the go-to option for students of all ages. But what makes it so attractive, and what challenges does it face to becoming a mass-adopted tool?

Online education attracts seekers of knowledge around the world Special

Maureen Murori, a Kenyan communications officer, is one of the world's millions taking advantage of the internet to harness the benefits of online education or like others call it, e-Learning.

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Excerpt from an e-learning platform  accessed via a computer.
Excerpt from an e-learning platform, accessed via a computer.
The three parts of the Pharmig e-learning platform for cleaning and disinfection.
The three parts of the Pharmig e-learning platform for cleaning and disinfection.
Access a computer training booking form.
Access a computer training booking form.
Google s free Digital Garage offers a range of coures for individuals and businesses.
Google's free Digital Garage offers a range of coures for individuals and businesses.
Tim Sandle and a colleague turned into an animated graphic for an e-learning course.
Tim Sandle and a colleague turned into an animated graphic for an e-learning course.
An example of online education
An example of online education
Helgi Halldórsson (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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