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Death toll rises in Egypt as tensions spread to Libya

Cairo - With at least 49 dead, and hundreds injured in clashes between protesters and security forces, possibly the last thing stability in Egypt needs is tension with Libya, after five Egyptian diplomats are reportedly kidnapped in Tripoli.

Deadly explosion in Egypt kills 14 people and injures 120

Cairo - A deadly explosion in Egypt's Nile Delta has claimed the lives of at least 14 people, and has left over 120 others injured.

Op-Ed: Egypt is turning into a repressive police state

Cairo - Following the approval of Egypt’s new anti-protest law, Cairo’s riot police Tuesday violently ended a peaceful protest by human rights groups and social activists.

Op-Ed: Coptic 'Crystal Night' continues in Egypt

Coptic Kristallnacht continues in Egypt. The Coptic churches cancel all Sunday mass for the first time in generations as a Muslim Brotherhood memo blesses Coptic Christian Church burnings in Egypt. These revolutions are preparing the way for the Mahdi.

Op-Ed: Egypt begins its transformation into a terrorist State

The Muslim Brotherhood supporters return to Cairo's streets as the death toll reaches over 600. Egypt’s Brotherhood vows to bring down military takeover of its government. And analysts believe Egypt could transform into a terrorist State by years end.

Egypt’s crisis intensifies as international mediation collapse

Cairo - Egypt is reportedly heading toward one of the gravest crisis since the fall of Hosni Mubarak in 2011, as international efforts to broker a consensus between hardliners has collapsed.

Pro-Morsi supporters in Egypt in call for 'million man march'

Cairo - Tension in Egypt showed no sign of abating any time soon as supporters of ousted President Mohamed Morsi called for “a million demonstrators” to take to the streets Tuesday, July 30, to demand Morsi's reinstatement.

Egypt bombing injured twelve, a step ahead into bloody civil war

Unknown assailants threw a bomb early Wednesday from a passing car in Mansoura, the capital of Dakhalia province, after a day of clashes between opponents and Islamist supporters of Egypt's deposed president, Mohamed Mursi, killed nine people in Cairo.

Mohamed Morsi accused of killings, the US wants him freed

The US government has called on Egyptian army to free the ousted Mohamed Morsi amid the ongoing protests on the first Friday of Ramadan, while the deposed president and several Muslim Brotherhood leaders are being accused of killing protesters.

Barack Obama: United States is not involved in Egypt

US President Barack Obama said the United States is not involved with any political party or group in Egypt following the removal of Islamist leader Mohamed Morsi. White House said Obama had also condemned the ongoing violence across Egypt.

Egyptian army declared an emergency state in Suez Canal and Sinai

State-owned Ahram Online launched a breaking news Friday saying General Osama Askar has declared a state of 'high alert' in Suez and south Sinai after Islamic militants attacked army checkpoints and a police base in North Sinai, killed one soldier.

ElBaradei: Egyptian military coup is the right thing to do

Mohamed ElBaradei called the military's ousting of President Mohamed Morsi the right thing for the country. He said “We cannot afford Egypt to fail. Nobody can afford Egypt to fail," and criticized Morsi for not governing for all Egyptians.

Egypt: Adly Mansour sworn in as interim president replacing Morsi

An Egyptian military decree says Adly Mansour will serve as Egypt’s interim leader until a new president is elected, while Mohamed Morsi is now under house arrest at an undisclosed location. A date for that vote has yet to be set.

Egypt's military gives Morsi 48 hours to respond people's demands

Cairo - The protests of millions, flooding the streets of Egypt, resolute to evict Islamist President Mohamed Morsi out of power is visualized as the largest protest in human history, the biggest Egypt has seen since the 2011 revolt.

15 Americans sentenced by Egyptian court for promoting democracy

Cairo - An Egyptian court imposed jail terms yesterday to 43 accused from various countries said to be members of groups promoting democracy. Secretary of State John Kerry strongly criticized the verdicts as "incompatible with the transition to democracy."

Former activist in Egypt speaks to protesters in Turkey (video)

Mihalis Eleftheriou, former activist in the Occupy Buffer Zone movement in Cyprus who was also involved in the Egyptian Revolution in Tahrir Square, sent a message of both solidarity and warning to activists in Turkey.

Egyptian president concurs with army on torture allegations

The Egyptian president has dubbed as "insults" allegations that the armed forces were involved in the murder and torture of protesters throughout the course of the Egyptian Revolution two years ago.

Former Egyptian President Mubarak facing worsening health

The former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has been transferred from prison to an army hospital in Cairo due to his critical health.

'The World Tomorrow' Ep 4. Rajab & El-Fattah: Arab Spring (video)

London - This week's episode of the controversial talk show discusses the Arab Spring. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange interviews Nabeel Rajab, human rights leader from Bahrain and Alaa Abd El-Fattah, political activist from Egypt.

Mubarak and sons charged with premeditated murder of protesters

Cairo - Former Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak and his two sons are set to be tried over deaths of anti-government protesters of the January 25 revolution, part of the “Day of Rage” which eventually led to the president’s surrender of power on February 11.

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Two Canadians Tarek Loubani and John Greyson who have been detained for more than seven weeks withou...
Two Canadians Tarek Loubani and John Greyson who have been detained for more than seven weeks without charges have been released from Egyptian jail
Digital Journal illustration
Egyptian defense minister colonel general Abdul-fatah Al-sisi
Egyptian defense minister colonel general Abdul-fatah Al-sisi
Illustration by Digital Journal
The diplomat Mohamed ElBaradei
The diplomat Mohamed ElBaradei
Harald Dettenborn
Supreme Constitutional Court of Egypt in Cairo
Supreme Constitutional Court of Egypt in Cairo
Wikimedia Commons - Faris Knight
Egyptian riot policemen douse burning tyres during a rally to mark the first anniversary of the mili...
Egyptian riot policemen douse burning tyres during a rally to mark the first anniversary of the military ouster of president Mohamed Morsi on July 3, 2014 in Cairo
Khaled Desouki, AFP

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