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France braces for new Covid curbs but set to avoid lockdown

Paris - The French government is expected Thursday to announce new restrictions to stave off a rise in coronavirus cases but unlike some of its neighbours a full lockdown appears off the agenda for now.

How contagious are kids with Covid? Short answer: we don't know

Paris - Are children a major source of contagion for Covid-19? Ten months into a pandemic that has claimed 1.2 million lives experts are still divided on the question, even as governments must decide whether to keep classrooms open or shut.

US university professor admits she posed as black woman

Washington - A US university has launched an investigation after a professor admitted she had lied for years about being black and is in fact white -- a stunning admission amid a tense national reckoning on race issues including cultural appropriation.

Children of Colombia's peace growing up among landmines

El Paujil - The children in the school playground are the kids of former guerrillas, born during the peace process that allowed their parents to finally lay down their arms.

Gunman in US school shooting dies as police hunt motive

Los Angeles - The teenager who gunned down classmates at a California high school before shooting himself died Friday, leaving detectives baffled over the motive of a Boy Scout with no obvious alarm bells in his background.

French government under pressure after student sets himself on fire

Lyon - The French government on Wednesday attempted to defuse the anger caused by the attempted suicide of a student who set himself alight to protest the hardships of his university life.

French government faces backlash after student sets himself on fire

Lyon - The French government on Wednesday attempted to defuse the anger caused by the attempted suicide of a student who set himself alight to protest the hardship he faced.

French teachers protest after 'exhausted' colleague's suicide

Bobigny - Thousands of French teachers took to the streets Thursday in solidarity with a principal who committed suicide in the lobby of her school last month after complaining in a letter about a work overload leaving her "exhausted".

Dr Barbie, nurse Ken: French toymakers to fight stereotypes

Paris - French toymakers signed a pact on Tuesday, three months before Christmas, to rid games and toys of gender stereotypes the government blames for keeping women out of maths and science careers.

Girls must be protected from sexual violence at school: UNICEF chief

Paris - Girls in developing countries must be protected from sexual violence in and around schools, the head of the UN's children fund has said, urging governments to make it a top priority.

Top French university scraps entrance exam to widen intake

Paris - Top French university Sciences Po is to scrap its famous entrance exam in a bid to attract students from lower income backgrounds, it said Tuesday.

Amid plague of US mass shootings, 'heroes' emerge

Washington - With no end in sight to the mass shootings that have traumatized the country in recent decades, Americans are now finding hope in the actions of "heroes" who have sacrificed their lives to save others amidst hails of bullets.

In north Cameroon, the struggle to save youngsters from Boko Haram

Maroua - "My life changed completely," said 14-year-old Ina Viche, recalling the day in 2016 when her parents were killed by Boko Haram jihadists."While our parents were alive, we went to school. It was no longer possible when they died.

Farmers devastated as Mozambique counts cost of deadly cyclone

Beira - As the sun sets on Mozambique's central village of Begaja, an incredulous Ruca Mutana walks around his field one more time, looking for that rare maize cob that might have survived last week's vicious cyclone.

Moroccan teachers stage new demo over benefits

Rabat - Thousands of teachers flooded the streets of the Moroccan capital on Sunday to demand better conditions after a nighttime protest dispersed by riot police left dozens wounded.

US woman sues Harvard over 'slave ancestor' pictures

New York - A US woman who says she is descended from slaves who were photographed in 1850 by a racist Harvard University professor on Wednesday sued the university over the "exploitation" of the images of her ancestors.

Tunisia teachers protest after months on strike

Tunis - Thousands of Tunisian teachers took to the capital's streets Wednesday to demand bonuses and improved working conditions months into a strike that has disrupted schools across the country.

Bored and stressed, US workers hit by shutdown head back to school

Washington - Hundreds of US federal workers on unpaid leave since the start of the shutdown found themselves back in college Tuesday where they signed up for a diverse range of classes ranging from "Starting a Podcast" to "Dealing with Change.

A year on, Caribbean islands bear scars of Hurricane Irma

Marigot - One year after devastating Hurricane Irma swept through the Caribbean, the holiday islands of Saint Martin and Saint Barts are still counting the costs of one of the most powerful storms in history.

French MPs back ban on mobile phones in schools

Paris - French lawmakers on Thursday approved a ban on the use of mobile phones in public schools, one of President Emmanuel Macron's campaign pledges which critics say will do little to end classroom disruptions or cyberbullying.

Leading Le Pen drops famous far-right surname

Paris - The name Le Pen, for decades associated with anti-immigration and often racist politics in France, is so out of fashion one of the leading members of the country's far-right family has abandoned it.

The Sorbonne takeover that symbolised France's May 68 unrest

Paris - The student occupation of the venerable Sorbonne university in Paris proved a beacon in the events of May 1968 when France was gripped by unprecedented social unrest.

French police clear protesting students at Sorbonne university

Paris - French police have cleared out protesting students at the Sorbonne university in Paris who were threatening to take over the famed campus as part of nation-wide demonstrations against higher education reforms.

Dean charged after clashes at French college, protests spread

Montpellier - The dean of a university in the southern French city of Montpellier has been formally charged, a prosecutor said Thursday, after being accused of abetting a violent attack on students protesting education reforms that have sparked demonstrations at cam...

Europe to extend qualifications 'passports' for refugees

Atenas - A Council of Europe project to help refugees to have their qualifications recognised abroad was extended to include more countries on Wednesday.

Opioid high: Painkiller abuse sparks fears for Gabon's young

Misuse of a powerful painkiller has spread like wildfire among schools in the west African state of Gabon, where teachers blame it for violent changes in mood among normally placid and motivated teenagers.

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