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drug discovery News

Caltech and NTT developing the world's fastest quantum computer

Researchers are developing a Coherent Ising Machine that will apply quantum computing power into the fields of drug discovery and with process logic problems.

How Coherent Ising Machines can solve real-world problems

New research aims to develop optical and superconducting devices for the study of quantum-to-classical crossover physics and critical phenomena. This is to develop Coherent Ising Machines, devices for solving computationally hard optimization problems.

World’s first digital benchtop SPR system for drug discovery

Nicoya has launched a product called Alto, which is the world’s first fully-automated, high-throughput benchtop surface plasmon resonance (SPR) system. The objective is to speed up drug discovery.

AI-powered drug discovery in days, not years

A new study has found that artificial intelligence can drastically speed up drug discovery, from years to just days. This has significant implications for the discovery of new medicines for the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare sector.

Canadian startup Deep Genomics uses AI to speed up drug discovery

One of the biggest challenges pharmaceutical companies face is with the time taken to discover new drugs, develop them and get them to market. This lengthy process is punctuated with false starts. Startup Deep Genomics uses AI to accelerate the process.

Machine learning is transforming the pharma sector

In the U.S., drug companies spend more than $50 billion on R&D, while in Europe spending surpasses €30 billion. To help lower costs and to reduce the time taken for new drugs to hit the market, the pharmaceutical sector is turning to machine learning.

AI can boost cancer drug discovery

Drug discovery is a long and often arduous process, with the typical time to market being 14 years and costs running into the billions per drug. AI offers a means to accelerate the development process and reduce costs.

Boost for U.K. drug discovery AI-led research

The use of artificial intelligence for drug discovery has received an investment boost from Innovate U.K., a funding body established by the British government to strengthen U.K. technologies.

New group to explore AI benefits for discovering new medicines

Artificial intelligence has great potential for the development of new medicines, from screening molecules to develop new drugs to pinpointing process efficiencies. A new group aims to explore these potentials more fully.

Startup uses VR for new drug and material discoveries

Bristol - New drug and material discoveries can be untangled using virtual reality, according to a new startup Interactive Scientific and Oracle Corporation, which was developed from the University of Bristol.

Using AI to speed drug discovery

Toronto - A new healthcare startup venture, formed from University of Toronto researchers, has raised sufficient capital to begin developing a program to assess existing research in order to speed up new medicinal drug discovery.

How artificial intelligence is influencing drug discovery

The drive for new medications addresses patient need and is the motor that keeps the pharmaceutical sector turning. To accelerate the drug discovery process, pharmaceutical organizations are turning to artificial intelligence.

Nanoparticles assisting with cancer drug discovery

Toronto - A new medical technology has been developed, in the form of a liquid biopsy”. This Canadian technology is designed to detect those patients who may not respond to conventional chemotherapy for prostate cancer.

Blockchain technologies could return control of data to patients

The focus of blockchain technology has been with supply chains and finance, but the applications are far wider including life science research, like new drug development and the control of patient data.

New approach to antidepressant via drug discovery

Helsinki - A new molecule has proved promising in laboratory test in relation to antidepressant therapy. This relates to a better understanding as to how the brain regulates depression and anxiety.

Pharmaceutical industry news round-up

Digital Journal delves into the key pharmaceutical sector business news. This week we bring updates from Novartis, Bayer, Boehringer and Lilly.

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