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Op-Ed: Georgia governor displays lack of knowledge about health issues

Brian Kemp, the Republican governor of Georgia, admitted on Wednesday that he had only just learned that asymptomatic individuals can still spread coronavirus — even though health experts had warned about the possibility as early as January.

Op-Ed: US envoy warns Palestinians not to pan Trump plan at the UN

Kelly Craft, US Ambassador to the United Nations, on Friday issued a statement warning the Palestinians against expressing any criticism of Trump's "Deal of the Century" peace plan. She said that any complaints would achieve nothing.

Taliban annoyed at US added demands prior to peace talks

President Trump has recently demanded that the Taliban unconditionally agree to a "reduction of violence" before peace talks on Afghanistan can even commence. This has frustrated the Taliban who were annoyed by additional US demands.

Op-Ed: Was Soleimani killed for saying 'bad things' about the US?

President Trump has changed his narrative as to what justified the US assassination of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani. He first stressed that Soleimani was assassinated because of an imminent threat of his attacking US interests.

Op-Ed: Esper denies seeing evidence of imminent attack on US embassies

On Friday President Trump said he believed that assassinated Iranian General Qassem Soleimani was plotting to attack four US embassies. However, Trump offered no evidence for his belief. The appended video contains Trump's remarks on the imminent attacks.

President Trump signs $738 billion defense spending bill for 2020

Washington - US President Donald Trump signed a huge defense bill on Friday that authorizes $738 billion for fiscal year 2020. The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) grants a based budget of $658.4 billion plus $71.5 billion for overseas contingency operations.

Op-Ed: South Korea rejects US demands for annual $5 billion payment

After just two days of negotiations between South Korea and the US on cost-sharing of the US military operations in the country the talks have ended in failure. No more talks have been scheduled before the existing deal expires on December 31,

Op-Ed: US officials claim US will not leave Syria any time soon

Mark Esper, US Secretary of Defenses and General Mark Milley testified to the US House Armed Services Committee that the US will continue to have troops in Syria for many years. They claimed it was hard to foresee all US forces withdrawing anytime soon.

The number one most inflammatory topic at work is Trump

New data reveals President Trump is the #1 topic most likely to cause a heated argument at work. This is especially timely now as the impeachment hearings continue taking center stage in the news.

NATO reduces percentage of budget US pays from 22 percent to 16

NATO has announced a change to its budgeting. The change will reduce the percentage of its central budget that will be paid by the US. The US contribution will be reduced from 22 percent of the budget to just 16 percent.

Review: Randy Rainbow pokes fun at impeachment inquiry with parody video Special

On November 22, acclaimed comedian and singer Randy Rainbow released his new parody video "He's Just a GURL Who'll QUID PRO QUO."

Trump condemns two Congress motions on Turkey

As Turkish president Recep Erdogan is expected to visit the White House next week, US president Donald Trump has expressed his opposition to two recent resolutions of the US Congress.

US reported to be building two bases near Syrian oil fields

Local sources in eastern Syria report that the US appears to be preparing to build two substantial military bases in the Soor area which is close to major oilfields that the Trump administration claims it will retain.

Trump notifies UN of intention to withdraw from Paris agreement

World leaders and environmental groups have reacted with a mix of anger and dismay as Donald Trump has signalled the U.S.'s intention to pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement.

Trump's claim to Syrian oil complicates US mission in Syria

President Trump in a recent speech in Chicago said that the US was staying in Syria to control the oil. However, he also said that the US was "keeping the oil" and claimed it was worth $45 million per month.

Op-Ed: Doubts surface about Trump's account of viewing Baghdadi death

Washington - Parts of Trump's narrative about Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi's death are likely made up rather than actually seen by the president. Trump makes it sound like he was watching a Hollywood film when in reality what he was watching was quite different.

Op-Ed: Trump may deal with Exxon-Mobil or others to tap Syrian oil

US President Donald Trump said yesterday that he is interested in making a deal with Exxon-Mobil or some other energy company to tap Syrian oil reserves in areas not controlled by the Syrian government.

Classified spending 11 percent of $716 billion defense budget

Washington - The proposed defense budget for 2020 is $716 billion an increase of about 5 percent from 2019 to 2020 or nearly 11 percent of the requested funds. This amounts to about $76 billion.

Trump dumps plan to host G-7 at his golf course — blames media

Two days after the White House said that President Donald Trump had directed next year's Group of Seven summit to be held at Trump National Doral Miami resort, the president tweeted late Saturday that no, actually, it will not.

Op-Ed: It didn't take long for Trump to implicate Perry in Ukraine mess

Washington - President Trump told House Republicans that he made his now-infamous phone call to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky at the urging of Energy Secretary Rick Perry — a call Trump claims he didn’t even want to make.

North Korea pessimistic about new summit with Trump and Kim

Kim Kye Gwan the North Korean Foreign Ministry adviser issued a statement last Friday indicating that North Korea is pessimistic about chances of there being another Trump-Kim summit any time in the near future with no breakthrough on talks likely.

Trump says he will continue to withhold Ukraine military aid

Trump speaking at the UN on Tuesday changed his position on why Ukrainian military aid was withheld and also confirmed that he will continue to withhold military aid funds from the Ukraine.

Trump talks to Netanyahu about a US Israel mutual defense treaty

Last Saturday, President Donald Trump reported that he had talked with the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu about creating a mutual defense treaty between Israel and the US. Trump hoped to continue talks with Netanyahu after Israeli elections.

Taliban had agreed to a ceasefire with the US in peace deal

Chief Taliban negotiator Sher Abbas Stanekzai said yesterday that the Taliban agreed to a complete ceasefire that was contingent on the US accepting the recently negotiated Afghan peace deal.

Op-Ed: After rejecting peace agreement Trump vows to hit Taliban harder

In a speech at the Pentagon on the anniversary of 9/11 US President Donald Trump focused on the Afghan war against the Taliban. He said that the US has hit them harder than they have ever been hit before.

87 percent of US companies in China have no plans to leave

As Trump's trade war with China heats up, Trump is not only adding more tariffs to Chinese goods but encouraging US companies to move out of China.

Op-Ed: Iran's President Rouhani and President Trump both open to talks

At the G7 meeting President Trump said that he was willing to meet Iranian president Hassan Rouhani for talks under the right circumstance. Trump has made similar statements before but it is not clear what the right circumstances might be.

Taliban and US said to have reached agreement on Afghanistan

Sources at the Taliban US peace talks in Doha Qatar claim that the recent talks have worked out a peace deal for Afghanistan. The plan is to announce the deal formally in a few days. This will give the US time to brief the Afghan government on the deal.

Trump is given the first watch made with recycled fishing nets

The first watch in the world made of recycled fishing nets has been developed and 100 were manufactured at the request of the French government and handed to G7 leaders to promote the idea of a sustainable planet.

Op-Ed: Trump has no consistent policy position on Afghanistan

Donald Trump has often said that the US should withdraw from Afghanistan. Although he appears to want to end the war he remains non-committal on the peace plan negotiated with the Taliban saying only that he would see what happens.
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The majority opinion on this float?  Not Funny
The majority opinion on this float? "Not Funny"
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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during the Republican Jewish Coalition Preside...
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during the Republican Jewish Coalition Presidential Candidates Forum in Washington DC, on December 3, 2015
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This chart shows that of the total population of unauthorized immigrants  the percentage of those wh...
This chart shows that of the total population of unauthorized immigrants, the percentage of those who actually commit crimes is very small.
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Writer (c est moi!) offers to donate to charity in Mitt Romney s name.
Writer (c'est moi!) offers to donate to charity in Mitt Romney's name.
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 Make America Great Again  is the theme of Donald Trump s 2016 presidential campaign.
"Make America Great Again" is the theme of Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign.
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US President Donald Trump (L) and leader of North Korea Kim Jong-Un.
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Former Florida governor Jeb Bush, right, acknowledged that the bar is likely higher for him in 2016, being the son and brother of two presidents
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Donald Trump
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Donald Trump at the 2016 RNC
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Donald Trump receiving takes a photo with a Toronto Maple Leafs and Toronto Blue Jays star and both teams' uniform for the multi-billionaire real estate mogul.
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Police block a group of over a hundred protestors from entering the Duquesne Club where Republican p...
Police block a group of over a hundred protestors from entering the Duquesne Club where Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was having lunch after addressing a group of energy executives. Stephen Pope/Digital Journal News
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The Internet doesn't die. It all ends up here.
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Trump inches closer to White House as Clinton slides: polls on Sept. 21  2016.
Trump inches closer to White House as Clinton slides: polls on Sept. 21, 2016.
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