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Bowe Bergdahl wants case dismissed because of Trump statements

Lawyers for Bowe Bergdahl have brought a motion to have charges against him dismissed. The motion alleges prejudicial statements made by Donald Trump who is now president and commander in chief deprives him of the right to a fair trial.

Op-Ed: Call Trump's 'alternative facts' what they really are — lies

Washington - The Trump administration dedicated its very first press briefing to addressing what the new president apparently felt was the most pressing issue of the day. It wasn't fighting ISIS, uplifting the American worker or even repealing Obamacare.

CDC quietly cancels climate change summit days before inaugural

Atlanta - The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention quietly and without fanfare canceled a climate change and public health summit that had been planned for February shortly after Donald Trump was sworn in as president.

Women's March may have been largest 1-day protest in U.S. history

The Women's March protests for equality and against President Donald Trump, which drew millions of people on every continent including Antarctica, may have been the largest single-day protest in U.S. history.

Op-Ed: Canadian PM Trudeau says he is open to renegotiating NAFTA

Washington - Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says that he had a brief but good phone call with president-elect Donald Trump. Trudeau said that Trump "expressed warmth" towards Canada.

New moth species named after President Trump

Having a newly discovered species named after someone is normally a great honor. This distinction has been afforded to the new U.S. president. On a closer review of the characteristics of the moth, the ex-businessman may not be so pleased.

Women and men around the world march in protest against President

From Washington, D.C., Denver, Los Angeles, and cities across the world, what started as a Facebook post to get a few thousand women to join in a march for women's rights has turned into a global march in protest of Trump's rhetoric and policies.

FEC confirms Trump hired actors to attend campaign launch

Washington - The Federal Election Commission (FEC) has dismissed a case alleging Donald Trump's presidential campaign broke the law by hiring actors to cheer the announcement of his presidential candidacy, while admitting Trump's team paid for their services.

Trump raises mortgage costs for many first-time homebuyers

Washington - Donald Trump promised to fight for working-class Americans, but one of his first acts as president was to make mortgages more expensive for many first-time homebuyers for the benefit of mortgage insurers.

Op-Ed: Some critics wrong about Trump's speech at inauguration

Washington - Several critics describe Trump's inaugural speech as having "dark tones". However these dark tones describe the past and present. Most of the speech is glowing about the future claiming that the people now have power and will make America great again.

Op-Ed: Inauguration insights — Digital Journal's new pundits chime in

Digital Journal is happy to present the first in our hard-biting series of lighthearted commentary on the politics we find ourselves gnawing on today.

Undocumented man sues San Francisco over breach of sanctuary law

San Francisco - An undocumented immigrant is suing the city of San Francisco and law enforcement agencies and officers after he was arrested by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). His arrest came after he went to a police station to recover his stolen car.

NATO general agrees with Trump in part about NATO being obsolete

While North Atlantic Treaty (NATO) supporters predictably panned Trump's recent criticism of NATO as obsolete, some agreed with Trump including a top NATO general and the leader of the German opposition,

Op-Ed: Mansanto and Bayer dangle the 'merger carrot' in front of Trump

Monsanto and Bayer are promising Donald Trump they will invest billions in the U.S. economy, retain 9,000 jobs and add 3,000 more tech jobs if their merger goes through. But it's nothing more than dangling a carrot in front of a horse to get it going.

LePage: John Lewis should 'thank white Republicans' for freedom

Augusta - Maine Gov. Paul LePage, a Republican known for making racist and other inflammatory statements, ripped Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) for criticizing President-elect Donald Trump, saying the civil rights icon should thank white Republicans for ending slavery.

Op-Ed: GM sends some sunshine before Trump's inauguration

General Motors announced Tuesday just a few days before Trump's inauguration that it would invest an additional $1 billion in U.S. factories and would move some production from Mexico to the U.S.

Op-Ed: Trump major gaffe with China gets ominous response

Sydney - If there is one thing China will never negotiate, it’s the One China policy, which says that Taiwan and China will reunify. Donald Trump’s suggestion that the policy is negotiable has caused an extraordinarily angry reaction in Beijing.

Op-Ed: Trump has succeeded in destroying our relationship with the world

With the presidential inauguration only four days away, Donald Trump has not only succeeded in creating a polarizing and violent divisiveness in this country, but he has also jeopardized out relationships with the rest of the world.

BBC partners with Facebook to take on threat of fake news stories

In an effort to fight back against the wave of fake news stories affecting the Internet and social media worldwide, the BBC is expanding its efforts to combat false stories impersonating valid journalism.

Trump lies about mocking disabled reporter after Streep call-out

Beverly Hills - After an emotional Golden Globe Awards speech in which Meryl Streep took Donald Trump to task for mocking a disabled reporter, the U.S. President-elect fired back, calling the renowned actress "overrated" and a "flunky" and denying he ever mocked the man.

Trump caught lying about intel report on alleged Russian hacking

Donald Trump has been caught apparently lying about the U.S. intelligence assessment of alleged interference in the 2016 presidential race, falsely claiming intelligence officials found Moscow's cyber-hacking had "no effect" on the election outcome.

Ontario judge who wore Trump hat in court no longer hearing cases

Hamilton - An Ontario judge caused an uproar when he walked into court wearing a “Make America Great Again” cap. As a result of his actions, Judge Bernd Zabel is no longer being assigned cases and may be disciplined by the Ontario Judicial Council.

Op-Ed: The surreal spectacle of Republicans embracing Julian Assange

Not too long ago, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was Public Enemy Number One to many prominent conservative figures including Donald Trump and Sarah Palin, both of whom openly called for his execution for what they considered his treasonous ways.

Op-Ed: Wall street lawyer newest denizen of Trump's renewed swamp

Washington - Far from clearing the swamp in Washington as he promised, Trump is simply appointing new Wall Street creatures to replace Democrats.

NAACP leaders arrested at Alabama protest against Jeff Sessions

The president of the nation's most prominent civil rights group was one of six activists arrested during a Tuesday sit-in at the Mobile, Alabama office of Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), President-elect Donald Trump's controversial attorney general pick.

Op-Ed: Ford Mexico plant cancellation not really what it seems

Ford Motor Company has learned to keep its mouth shut and just let President-elect Trump take the credit for stuff it was going to do anyway. Now Trump is claiming he is responsible for Ford's cancellation of a Mexico assembly plant on Tuesday. Really?

Op-Ed: Libyan commander Haftar may grow stronger under Trump regime

A recent article in MiddleEastEye suggests that Khalifa Haftar, the commander of the forces of the House of Representatives (HoR) government, and his supporters have recently gained momentum on the ground and also increased their international support.

Trump's social media director loves blocking people

Washington - Dan Scavino is Donald Trump's new social media director. However, he is known for blocking a lot of people on Twitter, including those who claim they never interacted with him.

Op-Ed: Trump appoints China hawk as trade council chief

While Donald Trump seems to be friendly with Putin and anxious to pursue better relations with Russia, with respect to China his position is one of opposition. This trend is confirmed in his naming of his trade council chief.

Obama relies on 1953 law to ban Arctic and Atlantic drilling

President Barack Obama, with an eye on protecting the Arctic from destructive oil and gas drilling ventures, announced on Tuesday what could be called a permanent ban on offshore drilling in U.S. waters in the Arctic and Atlantic Ocean.
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Donald Trump
Donald Trump
Gage Skidmore
Hillary Clinton/Twitter
Toronto Mayor Rob Ford cuts the ribbon at a ceremony to open up the Trump Tower.
Toronto Mayor Rob Ford cuts the ribbon at a ceremony to open up the Trump Tower.
Donald Trump.
Donald Trump.
Gage Skidmore
Donald and Don Trump in  The Celebrity Apprentice:  Season 3.
Donald and Don Trump in 'The Celebrity Apprentice:' Season 3.
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Donald Trump
Donald Trump
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Donald Trump tweets
Donald Trump tweets
Donald J. Trump
The Internet doesn t die. It all ends up here.
The Internet doesn't die. It all ends up here.
Arnold Gatilao, Oakland, Calif.
Neopalpa donaldtrumpi  - named due to the yellowish-white color of the scales on the top of its head...
Neopalpa donaldtrumpi - named due to the yellowish-white color of the scales on the top of its head, which reminded the scientist who discovered it of Donald Trump's hairstyle.
Dr. Vazrick Nazari
Donald Trump’s plans to build a high-end golf course near Charlottesville  Va. have been stalled d...
Donald Trump’s plans to build a high-end golf course near Charlottesville, Va. have been stalled due to a missed deadline.
Donald Trump at CPAC in 2011.
Donald Trump at CPAC in 2011.
Gage Skidmore
Donald Trump supporters rally in Hershey  PA on December 15  2016.
Donald Trump supporters rally in Hershey, PA on December 15, 2016.
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The 10 highest-polling candidates for the GOP nomination. The debate  took  place in Cleveland  Ohio...
The 10 highest-polling candidates for the GOP nomination. The debate, took place in Cleveland, Ohio, and was aired on Fox News on August 6, 2015.
Illustration by Digital Journal
Sean Morkys  20
Sean Morkys, 20
Connecticut State Police
Raff Spero  Evan Kramer  Donald Trump  George Ross  and Donald Trump Jr. in a scene from  The Celebr...
Raff Spero, Evan Kramer, Donald Trump, George Ross, and Donald Trump Jr. in a scene from 'The Celebrity Apprentice'
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Donald Trump receiving takes a photo with a Toronto Maple Leafs and Toronto Blue Jays star and both ...
Donald Trump receiving takes a photo with a Toronto Maple Leafs and Toronto Blue Jays star and both teams' uniform for the multi-billionaire real estate mogul.
This chart shows that of the total population of unauthorized immigrants  the percentage of those wh...
This chart shows that of the total population of unauthorized immigrants, the percentage of those who actually commit crimes is very small.
Congressional Research Service.

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