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NHL & NHPLA reach tentative collective bargaining agreement

New York - Both organizations have come together on a collective bargaining agreement that will result in a shortened professional ice hockey season beginning later in the month.

Father of NHLPA, Ted Lindsay speaks out against NHL's CBA impasse

Former NHL star, Ted Lindsay played a big role in creating the NHLPA and he paid for it, he was lied about by management and traded. The Hall of Famer went on radio Friday where he spoke out against the current state of NHL affairs.

Op-Ed: NHLPAs Donald Fehr is damaging hopes of 2012-13 NHL season

He does not fully answer questions, even when doing so gives away no damaging secrets. Some of his utterings do not make sense. He likes being the boss, that is clear. He's Donald Fehr and he stands between NHL fans and an NHL season.

NHL renews hope of 2012-13 hockey season with 288 page CBA offer

A new offer from the NHL on Thur., Dec. 27 has renewed hope that the league will indeed have a 2012-13 season. The proposal, which comes after a near two weeks of virtual silence in the negotiations, was some 288 pages in length.

Day 104 of NHL lockout and no CBA but important dates on the way

If you are still bothering to read about the NHL lockout you might be interested in knowing there's nothing to report. Or is there? While the two sides haven't had meaningful contact in over a week, there are dates upcoming that mean something.

Op-Ed: NHL/NHLPA court CBA dance may end hopes of 2012-13 NHL season

The most recent news is that the NHL and the NHLPA are once again back to not talking. This is disappointing, especially at such a crucial time in the ongoing fiasco that is their current attempts at a new CBA. Not even talking? So what's up with that?

Op-Ed: Disingenous Donald Fehr blames NHL while playing spin games

Nothing like a disingenuous - you know, lying - leader to put the kibosh on an NHL season, one who wants the NHLPA to win rather than have its members ply their trade. That's Donald Fehr and again today, Dec. 19, he held court and played the blame game.

Barack Obama talks about NHL lockout, urges they do right by fans

It seems unlikely the NHLs Gary Bettman or the NHLPAs Donald Fehr are in a mood to listen to an outsider when it comes to ending their CBA dispute. But if they were they might consider heeding the words of no less a figure than the U.S. president.

NHL losing fan support as lockout drags on with no CBA in sight

As the ongoing NHL lockout continues going on and on it seems more and more NHL fans are getting off the bandwagon. Many say enough is enough, they're tired of hearing of negotiations for a new CBA going nowhere and are done with the NHL.

Op-Ed: Stunningly stupid diatribe from NHLPAs Donald Fehr and union boss

You can see why Donald Fehr did it - despite it being a bad idea - but why the president of the Canadian Auto Workers did is anyone's guess. I'm talking about the diatribe NHLPA boss Fehr and Ken Lewenza of the CAW ran in the Toronto Star Tuesday.

On-again, off-again NHL CBA talks may soon be on-again...again

Just when you might have thought it safe to go home and start watching curling or classic bowling, the NHL and NHLPA are showing signs there's hope for hockey. Again. This time word comes from the NHL that talks could resume this week.

Op-Ed: Go ahead Sidney — Go to Europe to play, and to be greedy, there

The NHL poster boy for exceptional play is also the poster boy for exceptional greed. After all, when players feel entitled to excessive millions from the fans who pay them, it's natural the best wants the most. So it is with Sidney Crosby.

Op-Ed: Is this what Ted Lindsay had in mind when he began the NHLPA?

Is this what Ted Lindsay, father of the National Hockey League Players Association, had in mind? I just can't see that he pictured players becoming millionaires and then taking their hockey sticks and going home.

NHL says NHLPA decertification may mean 'the end of the season'

There has been reports the NHLPA's Donald Fehr has spoken to players about decertification, in essence disbanding their association. On Toronto radio station, the Fan 590 on Friday, NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly said such a move would be costly.

Op-Ed: When fringe NHL players make more than franchises, time to adjust

There will be no end to the NHL's lockout if the players can't get it out of their collective heads that they should not have to make concessions. They must do so because Gary Bettman and the owners are understandably tired of losing. Losing money.

Op-Ed: NHL and NHLPA failing at new CBA for one reason - Donald Fehr

If you insist on blaming the NHL lockout solely on Gary Bettman, that's fine. But while you're at it go ahead and blame the sinking of the R.M.S. Titanic entirely on the tip of the iceberg. The evidence suggests someone else at work.

Op-Ed: Anyone else out there hoping the NHL lockout drags on?

Look, I'm a pretty big hockey fan and next to my son's Pee Wee league, the NHL is tops with me. It's a great league and when not dealing with their contracts, professional hockey players seem like fine humans.

Sidney Crosby talks about lockout and CBA, claims NHL won't budge

On Monday Sidney Crosby spoke to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette about the lockout and hunt for a CBA with the NHL. The Penguins captain is frustrated and suggested the reason there's been no deal is the NHL refuses to move from its demands.

NHL, NHLPA finally heading toward new CBA with productive talks

While many NHL fans seem disinterested in finding the latest new reason to hope the league is on a track toward a CBA and a 2012-13 season, nonetheless there is one. The league and the NHLPA are showing signs of finally getting it done.

NHL issues new proposal aimed at retaining 82-game schedule

The NHL has finally decided that it's time to take collective bargaining agreement negotiations seriously - and in doing so, has put the ball back in the court of the players' association.

NHL and NHLPA may get back to CBA negotiations on Tuesday

The NHL and the NHLPA they may return to the bargaining table on Tuesday in an effort to find a breakthrough that will launch them toward a new CBA. The league held talks last week on secondary issues but made little progress.

Donald Fehr threatens NHL season with talk of salary cap removal

Yes, you read that headline correctly, the salary cap has reared its polarizing head in the NHL CBA negotiations, or at least made its way into the periphery of them. This happened in Toronto on Tuesday and came courtesy NHLPA boss Donald Fehr.

NHL and NHLPA set to resume CBA talks Wednesday in New York

In the on-again, off-again world that is the NHL and NHLPA CBA talks we're back to 'on-again'. The Associated Press reported late Sunday that an email from a union insider, they did not disclose who, told them talks will resume Wednesday in New York .

Op-Ed: NHL doesn't want players to solve its problems - just take less

An arena-sized misconception is continuing to skate around the membership of the NHLPA, one that says NHL owners want them to solve the problems some franchises are having. It's getting in the way of a new CBA so here's the news, guys - they don't.

Op-Ed: NHLPA's Donald Fehr steering NHL toward another missed season

Being the leader of the rich owner guys who did the locking out, NHL boss Gary Bettman gets the bad press. NHLPA boss Donald Fehr, on the other hand, leads hockey players who just wanna play - but play for salaries that are through the arena roof.

Op-Ed: Top 10 questions to ask a member of the NHLPA

It continues to baffle this pundit that so many fans have globed onto the players side of things in the CBA dispute. For me the fact prices to see games in some NHL markets are close to highway robbery has more than a little to do with player salaries.

NHL talks resume on CBA, no word on NHLPA making new offer

The NHL and NHLPA are set to resume talks in New York on Friday, some two weeks after the two sides last sat face to face at the negotiating table, but they will discuss secondary issues only. They have scheduled talks through Sunday.

Op-Ed: Donald Fehr statements suggest NHL gone for a long, long time

It is unlikely the NHL, like the dodo bird or the skate save, is gone forever, but there are signs it is gone for a long time. Remarks by NHLPA head Donald Fehr Friday suggest just that. With the league now dormant, he continues to play games.

Do NHL players think fans are chumps - or are they the chumps?

It's getting tiresome already. It's but two days in this time an already the lockout in the NHL is tiresome. We have less patience than last time. We will not suffer fools and we won't suffer being played as fools.

Op-Ed: Blame NHL lockout on players, fans, media — and a brain virus

It's like some weird brain virus has come down from outer space to infect NHL players, fans, media and grumpy-looking Donald Fehr. It has caused them to think Gary Bettman is evil and, more implausibly, to insist NHLers are hard done by.
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The National Hockey League and the National Hockey League Players  Association reached agreement on ...
The National Hockey League and the National Hockey League Players' Association reached agreement on the framework of a new Collective Bargaining Agreement announced jointly by NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman and NHLPA Executive Director Donald Fehr
File photo: NHL Network Online