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Beehive-eating dog wins insurance prize

An insurance company called the Veterinary Pet Insurance Co has recently announced the winner of its 2nd VPI Hambone award. People were invited to vote for the most unusual health insurance claim and this year it went to Ellie.

Mother monkey saves baby from hungry dog after it's hit by moped

A monkey and her baby were crossing a busy street in New Delhi, India when the baby was struck by a man on a moped. The helpless animal became the target for a nearby dog.

Dog fouling campaign: Offensive or effective?

Whether people like the slogans or not, they will be noticed. One council has launched a campaign against dog fouling with posters saying: “Oi! Sort your s**t out,” “Oi! Have you got s**t for brains?", and “Oi! We're not taking your s**t any more.

Dog who was giving birth thrown in river to drown

Staverton - A dog who was in the midst of giving birth to puppies was thrown in a river to drown in Wiltshire. Luckily, a man walking nearby heard yelping and splashing and was able to rescue the animal.

Skateboarder and 'flyin lion' dog gain stardom

Venice - A skateboarder and Pomeranian in California have received international attention for performing as Johnny and Austin the Flyin Lion.

Judge denies man's request to change name to Boomer the Dog

Gary Guy Mathews wants a new name but a judge has ruled that the name he chose cannot be used because it would cause confusion and have unintended consequences. Matthews wanted to become known as Boomer the Dog.

Man convicted after graphic dog fighting footage seized

London - A north London man was convicted of dog fighting offences after graphic footage of dog fighting was found in his home by the RSPCA.

£7,000 dog playground receives mixed reaction

Bishops Stortford - While some people are thrilled to be able to use a £7,000 play park in Hertfordshire, recently built for dogs and their humans, others are complaining about the expense.

Dog-eating alligator sentenced to death in Florida

Saint Petersburg - Florida state officials have authorized an alligator trapper to shoot a dog-eating alligator in Florida, but the animal has been very elusive so far.

Soldier adopts stray mutt who saved his life in Afghanistan

On the night of Feb. 22, 50 American soldiers were sleeping in a remote military base in Afghanistan. A suicide bomber crept onto the base and was attacked by three dogs.

UK's pet dogs are obese, veterinary charity warns

A veterinary charity, the People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals, has warned UK pet owners that over a third of Britain’s dogs are overweight.

Dog given communion wafer in church

Toronto - When a newcomer with a dog went up for communion at St. Peter’s Anglican Church, the animal was also given a wafer. While most people saw this as a nice, welcoming gesture, one man got upset and has since left the church.

Dog fighter in Wales sentenced to jail

A man convicted of dog fighting has been sentenced to six months in custody and banned from keeping animals for 15 years. David Brinley Braddon was convicted following a major investigation by RSPCA inspectors.

Daring Dachshund becomes world's first scuba diving K-9

Vladivostok - A Russian diving enthusiast has developed a scuba-diving dry suit complete with helmet, breathing mask and oxygen source for his K-9 companion Boniface, the daring diving dachshund. The first experimental dive was declared a success.

Deer attacks dog in graphic scene caught on video

Cranbrook - As man continues to encroach on the forest that has been both home and refuge to countless numbers of wildlife, vicious attacks are becoming common. In this extremely graphic video a female deer pummels a dog while defending her fawn on a city street.

Canadian boy, 8, beats neighbor's dog to death

A barbecue fork used for skewering and serving meat was the young boy's weapon of choice as he savagely beat Cuddles, a small dog.

Dogs dig world's first 'canine concert' at Sydney Opera House

Hundreds of dogs with owners in tow attended the first ever concert specifically designed and performed for man's best friend, the dog.

'World's ugliest dog' dies

"Miss Ellie," a seventeen-year-old Chinese Crested Hairless canine, has died after a lifetime of her uncannily odd looks entertaining crowds across the world.

Nevada considers charges in deaths of wild horses at the round-up

Reno - A Nevada district attorney is considering whether to file criminal charges against federal land managers who are accused by animal rights activists of mistreating wild horses in a roundup.

Oscar Mayer wienermobile is on ebay

Kraft foods has announced the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile is now available on ebay. The national winners will be riding "shotbun' for the day if they win the bid for the giant Wiener ride, which is currently at $1111.11 and run through June 4.

Pet dog leads Alaska State Trooper to fire

Ben Heinrichs was working in the family workshop when a heater started a fire fueled by chemicals in the shop. His pet German Shepherd was there with him.

Man falls in doggie doo doo and blames Pet Smart

Robert Holloway, was 69 in January 2009 when he innocently ventured to the Pet Smart in Newport News, Virginia to get some bird seed and dog food. Before he left he was severely and multiply injured.

Dog survives three gunshots to the head

"Been" the dog survived three gunshots to the head and is now the loving caretaker of four motherless kittens, even bathing them and putting them to bed.

Dog the Bounty Hunter's book signing tour Special

Duane "Dog" Chapman is on a book signing tour promoting his new book, Where Mercy Is Shown, Mercy Is Given. Crowds gathered in Rogers, Arkansas, to see Dog and his wife Beth.

Wounded dog takes himself to New Mexico emergency room

When the automatic doors opened at the San Juan Regional Medical Center, in walked a German Shepherd mix with blood on his nose and paw, and a small puncture wound on one of his rear legs.

Dog attempts to eat police cruiser.

Chattanooga - Dogs are known to chew on things like shoes, phone cords, stuffed animals and even furniture but have you ever heard of a dog trying chewing on a car?

US survey: Pet-owners love their dogs more than partners

According to a new survey, one third of Americans admit to missing their dog more than their partner when away from home.

Oklahoma: Baby mauled to death by dog

Perkins - According to police on Tuesday, a baby girl was mutilated and killed by a dog in a rural residence in Oklahoma on Monday morning.

Bomb Sniffing Dog Awarded Dickin Medal,

The highest award for animal bravery in military or civil defense service, the Dickin Medal, was recently bestowed upon Treo, an eight-year-old Labrador Retriever by The Queen's cousin, Princess Alexandra.

California dog surfs to raise money for charity, video goes viral Special

San Diego - If you see a dog surfing near a Southern California beach, it's not just a pet trick. Ricochet, the "SURFice dog," has been hanging ten for various fundraisers, including raising $10,000 for a paraplegic boy's medical expenses.
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